Shanghai, Hong Kong and Tokyo

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    Oct 7, 2013
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    Absolutely awesome info! I am heading to Vietnam for 2 weeks in October/Nov to celebrate my 40th bday and being the Disney nerd I am, want to hit one of the Asian parks before heading home. I know this is pretty subjective, but for the people who have been to two or three of the parks, which would you choose and why? My plan is to be at the parks on a Monday and Tuesday and fly home on Wednesday. What city I fly home from doesn't matter and I am pretty points/miles flush at the moment.
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    You need to show confirmation that you have flights and hotel booked at your next destination. When you arrive in Shanghai, there will be a separate line for the 144-hour travel without visa, and you show that information there.
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    [QUOTE="chicagodisneyguy, post: 58680581, member: 218372]I know this is pretty subjective, but for the people who have been to two or three of the parks, which would you choose and why?[/QUOTE]

    I personally don’t think you could go wrong with any of them. They are all unique and have their own feel. If you are up for something that feels the most different I would say either Shanghai Disney or Tokyo Disney Sea. Tokyo Disneyland felt like almost a carbon copy of Magic Kingdom. The Pirates ride in Shanghai is amazing, and it doesn’t look like it’s coming to the USA anytime soon. The park is huge in Shanghai and feels massive, the castle is also very nice. The only bad thing about Shanghai is the other guests, so if you are prone to rage when people cut in lines or throw trash on the ground skip Shanghai in favor of HK or Tokyo.
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    Not arguing with your experience there, just wanted to add our experience at Shanghai.

    We only had one time where someone 'cut' in front of us. We were in line for Peter Pan and were looking around and the line in front of us had moved about 10 feet. The group behind us walked past us and filled in that gap. It never felt 'rude', never felt like they were trying to 'get away' with something, it just felt like what they were used to doing.

    There were other times where, if we stood in single file, as apposed to standing right next to each other, someone would come up beside us and fill in that gap. When the line moved, they would let us back in front of them. They weren't trying to gain an advantage, just filling in gaps.

    Lastly, when I was in line by myself for the Challenge Trails, there was a family behind me - a small boy, his mother, and what I would assume was his grandmother. The boy kept creeping up in line and would get in front of me while the rest of the family stayed behind me. They could have gotten in front of me too, if they wanted, but they stayed back. The mother would call the boy back and several times, she apologized to me in the best way she could with the language barrier.

    As far as trash on the ground, we saw it for sure, but didn't think it was anything that we wouldn't have expected at another park. We went to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas at MK last month and saw just as much, if not more, trash on the ground. Especially in the darker queues: Pirates, Splash, 7 Dwarves, etc.

    Interestingly, we spent 3 days at Universal after that and saw very little trash on the ground anywhere.

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