Shoes for the parks?


Earning My Ears
May 10, 2013
What shoes would you guys recommend for the parks for someone who has plantar fasciitis? I’m a nurse and am on my feet a lot. I tried brooks after everyone suggested the ghost 11’s and within a couple of shifts I wanted to chunk them out the window. I currently use Skechers delites with special foot sleeves for plantar fasciitis. I’ve heard Skechers go walks are a popular option but I have fat feet especially where my ankle and foot meet 😂 I plan on taking frequent breaks throughout our time in the parks and be wearing my foot sleeves as well. Any recommendations are welcome! Thanks so much in advance!


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Nov 3, 2011
I have it as well. If you have shoes that work well for you every day, I wouldn't recommend switching. Definitely learn the stretches and stretch out every night and when you take breaks.

I saw a foot and ankle orthopedist and he recommended that I find athletic shoes built for stability. I wear New Balance because that's what works best for me but everyone is different. You could try going to a running store to see if they can recommend a good shoe for your foot and specific pain. I also sometimes use the Dr. Scholl's inserts that you buy with the little machine. Wearing these and stretching daily really helped me get my feet "normal" again.


Earning My Ears
Dec 1, 2018
I would use whatever athletic shoes are currently comfortable for you and then add insoles. I'd also recommend giving yourself, or having someone, give you a foot massage before and after visiting the park. The brand I always end up wearing is Time and Tru flip flops which are actually rather comfortable! I also used to wear Sanuk a looooooooooot because the flip flops were super cushiony. If you have a store near you I'd look into it.

I never could personally stand tennis shoes...or anything that covers my toes really -so for that I can't really help with. But Sanuk for sandals and flip flops!


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Feb 21, 2005
As a previous poster suggested, go to a running store. It's ok if you aren't a runner. I have many foot problems and my local running store is always helpful in finding the perfect sneakers for me. They check the wear pattern on your current shoes and watch you walk barefoot to see how your feet move. New Balance is best for me.

I take the insole out and replace it with an orthodic from The Walking Company. They can help you decide which orthodic insert is best for you.


May 8, 2008
Two years ago I died with Plantar Fasciitis at the parks. I was on like 12 Advil a day. (Please don't judge me.) Then I switched to New Balance shoes (look for best styles for Plantar Fasciitis) and Protalus insoles. Wow! I had just a small amount of pain! I went in June and had minimal pain. I am going next week and just bought a new set of insoles from Protalus. I stretched often and never wore sandals. I kept to the tennis shoes. It saved my life. BTW, I teach 2nd grade.
Good luck! This is a pain that no one can understand unless they have it!


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