Should Disney reboot Song of the South?


DIS Veteran
Mar 15, 2006
In our hyper-sensitive climate I don't think Disney will ever reboot or release the film as it was originally made. I do think they could take the content of the Uncle Remus stories, that are told in the ride. That could be acceptable and embraced


Earning My Ears
Mar 18, 2019
People around my age (24) would likely lose their minds over this film being re-released. I've never seen it, but we could argue that there's a number of things that Disney and other companies that are racist, or at the end of it have aged poorly and err on the side of "that could be a problem one day" because all it is going to take is it landing in the hands of the wrong person. If Disney wants to discuss why it's a controversial film and also release it for viewing and discussion, I think that would be great, but I do not think the company will want to do any anytime soon.


Earning My Ears
Jun 18, 2019
If anyone actually wants to see this it’s available. Perhaps google the name of the film and put dot org after it. I’ve seen a copy obtained this way and it was excellent. As for offensive nature, coming strictly from a background of getting a degree in history with a concentration in civil war, reconstruction era, and “Indian wars” (in and of itself a potentially offensive term) in Texas and on the border; I don’t see it. I find the portrayal of those of the asian decent much more offensive in the films; animated or not, which came after this film. Actually myself and my HS aged daughter make a game of finding the offensive asian stereotypes in Disney films of that era when we are on Disney+ catching up on films we haven’t seen. THERE ARE A LOT.


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