"Single" Grandma HELP!!


Aug 20, 2013
Hey everyone!

I got an annual pass this year, so I decided that I wanted to take my grandson for his first trip before he turns 3. My daughter gave me the green light and my hubby can't go, so it'll just be my grandson and me this December (11/30-12/5). I'm very excited and super nervous as well.

Stroller- I have a cheap walmart stroller. Will that do or should I buy or rent a good one?

Meals- I have a few ADRs scheduled that I think he will like, but haven't done too many as I'm unsure how they will go. Any recommendations?

Breakfast- I will most likely do grocery delivery for fruit, yogurt, cereal. Anything that you have gotten delivered that has been a hit?

Touring- He is not the best napper, but I still am planning on going back to the room to rest/swim, etc. Should I plan on staying in the parks until like 2-3 and then just having a swim/quiet dinner/bed, or going back around 12 and heading back to the parks in the evening? What have you found works best for your littles?

Any advice, tips, tricks you can give me would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks in advance!!

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Apr 4, 2017
How exciting! I took my parents and son to WDW for his 3rd birthday and they had a great time, I'm sure you will too!

Stroller - I recommend having a decent one, you'll use it a lot. Whether you rent or buy is up to you, but either way you want one that is easy to collapse and that lays down for naps. If you plan on using Disney transportation, you'll be navigating stroller and child on the bus regularly. Other people are great and will likely help you onto and off of the bus as needed, but if he falls asleep it can be a lot of handle.

My son loved characters at that age (still does) so he loved the 2 character meals that we did. I recommend exposing him to costumed characters before your trip so you know how he will do (with Halloween coming up, this should be fairly easy). If he likes characters, 1-2 character meals is not a bad idea. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother with ADRs and a 2/3 year old. He probably won't eat much at mealtimes, more snacking throughout the day. Buffets can be tough to manage alone, so I found Garden Grill at Epcot to be an easier character meal than Crystal Palace at MK (we loved both though).

For breakfast, just check with his mom and get what he loves. I will be ordering bananas, grapes, oranges, yogurt, milk and juice. I'll also pack snack foods from home (cheaper) like cereal bars, dry cereal in baggies, and cookies/crackers/chips for throughout the day.

My son is an early riser, so we do rope drop every day, stay through lunch, then head back to the room around 1pm. We head back to the park around 4-5pm and stay until close. That works well for us, and we get to enjoy the evening shows that way.

My main advice is to follow his lead (don't push to follow your pre-planned schedule, if he wants to play in a fountain for 30 minutes then go for it), pack lots of snacks, use FP+, and take lots of pictures! Also, whether he's potty trained or not, take an extra set of clothes with you every day. Pack at least 2 pair of tennis shoes so you can switch if one gets wet. And I recommend having a rain cover for your stroller, just in case.


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