So what is the latest on the oh so chic... fanny pack at SW?


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Oct 5, 2012
I did a search and the latest was like 2013. And it was all over the place.

Must they be put into lockers? I was going to get a fanny pack for just this reason so I didn't have to use a locker - I usually use a cross body bag but didn't want a locker if possible.

Anyone know? and if so, how much are lockers and do they take coins or cards or what?

Thanks peeps


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Sep 2, 2010
I can't figure out the dislike for a fanny pack. I like mine. It leaves my hands free. I don't have to worry about leaving it anywhere. It holds everything I need and more if needed. I was using a cross body bag for a while but I would tend to get shoulder pain after a full day of wearing it and I would have to take it off to ride most rides. I have never had any problems with my fanny pack, no matter how much I stuff in it.

I certainly don't see it as much of an eye sore as I do the tattoed bodies I see everywhere.

One guy had a yellow thing sticking up past his collar on his neck. It looked like a male part on his neck. It was only after looking at it a while thinking surely not, that I figured out it was a microphone. The whole tatto may have been beautiful, but with his clothes on, all people could see was the part that stuck up past his collar.


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