Solo Trip & SWGE = Birthday Trip #3 PTR

Canadian Harmony

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Jan 23, 2015
This year I'm coming back to celebrate my birthday sans kids to cry when I see the Falcon. I do have someone joining me from Montreal. She's never been to DLR before so this is a recce trip for her before she brings the family.

I'm pretty excited, tbh. So far I have:

Day 1 - Oogie Boogie Party. I have a reservation at WCT which I'm going to upgrade to the parade seating upon arrival.
Day 2 - Breakfast with Donald at Paradise Pier. Then I'm going to head to DLR and try for my SWGE day. I'm debating on adding the Happiest Haunts Tour or wait til next year to do it.
Day 3 - Skyline Dessert is booked. I need to wait a few more days before I book my Walk in Walt's Footsteps Tour for that morning.
Day 4 - Belated birthday lunch at Carthay. I'm hoping to get a dinner, but lunch'll do until I can flip it.
Day 5 - Before I leave I'm going to have breakfast with Mickey at Storyteller's! I get picked up at noon from my hotel, so I won't have scads of time after breakfast but maybe enough to shop or ride BTMRR one last time before I have to leave.

I'm going to trade in my 5 day PH for a FlexPass and as I'm only planning on going the once this year, I'm going to add MaxPass on a daily basis rather than the $100 upgrade.

I want my costume for the party to be a Sanderson sister - still working on it.

I will DisneyBound at least one day as Merida and perhaps another day as Malificent. Which opens during the time I'm there so perhaps I'll watch it at DTD while I'm there.

So far, that's it. I'm a little nervous about using FlexPass but with luck I'll get my reservations without a hassle and save myself a bit on the renewal of my AP without any hiccups.

Canadian Harmony

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Jan 23, 2015
Slight change of plans: I really wanted DINNER at Carthay rather than lunch, so now I have:

Day 1:Oogie Boogie and dinner at WCT.
Day 2: WIDE OPEN so that I can make reservations at Oga's. Perhaps my favourite breakfast at Jolly Holliday. But, my Walk in Walt's Footsteps tour will be this morning at 9:30.
Day 3: Breakfast with Donald and dinner at Carthay.
Day 4: Skyline Dessert
Day 5: Breakfast with Mickey at Storyteller's.

I've taken photos of all the food and the places they're sold. I think I need a liquid diet the week before. I'm excited to see all the things to buy too, especially at SWGE. I love the robes - too bad we can't wear them in the parks.

Canadian Harmony

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Jan 23, 2015
After reading the crowd updates for the weekend I'm there, I'm concerned about getting the reservation for the Parks using the Flex Pass. I think I'll be okay, and I really hope I am. The only reason I can afford the pass is because I use my 5 Day Park Hopper I got through Airmiles to go toward the price of the Pass. This knocks a little over half off the price for me, and as MP went up, it's cheaper for me to purchase as I go per day this time around.

I did make my booking for WIWF, so that's exciting!

Now I just need to pray I'm allowed in the park! I guess I'll be making a reservation for the Friday and Saturday once I upgrade (I'll be fine for the Thursday), and then on Friday I reserve for Sunday. I'm not sure if I'll go into a park on Monday before I leave - I have that breakfast at GCH first anyway, so... maybe? I have to leave around 1130 so it really depends on time. Maybe I'll reserve on Saturday for Monday just in case I want to get one last ride on Incredicoaster or BTMRR before I go.

I have ordered my awesome costume pieces - SO excited! - and got another piece for my DisneyBounding I'll do as well.

I"m getting so excited to go. I miss it so much!


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