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    So, here it is! I guess there are quite a few of you who already know us and are aware of the fact that we usually take longer trips, well, this time we really took a long trip – the trip of a lifetime.


    And here we go again ….. another one of my TRs. But this one is extra special.

    First off, it was a loooooooong trip.

    It was a trip that combined DL, WDW and DCL, something we had not done before.

    And, it was a trip that was pixie-dusted by the presence of some awesome, awesome DISfriends.

    Who is going on the trip:


    Well, two 50 somethings, who refuse to grow up.

    Tom has just retired from his job as a postman with the Austrian PO. This trip was kind of a celebration of that even.

    He loves all things Disney and is very crafty when it comes to the computer and designing logos and magnets for our travels.

    Well, myself, Karin, I am still working as a teacher in a small village near where we live. We did not grow up immersed in all things Disney, but we did read the Mickey Mouse comics. Only later in live, while visiting California we decided to spend a day at the “kiddy park” that is Disneyland and discovering that it was NOT a park for just kids we head over heals fell in love with it and instead of spending just one day, we cancelled a hotel stay and just added two more Disney days. Ever since most of our travels have been Disney themed.

    And you will come across some WONDERFUL DISfriends who we had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with this trip.

    How this trip came to be:

    We usually take one or two Walt Disney World trips a year. Well, that might not be so uncommon but given that we travel from Europe it is pretty special to us.

    In 2014 we only took one week long trip to WDW and during the summer we took the “cruise from hell” on the Disney Magic to save some vacation money for the next year. Well, what a foolish idea! That cruise was the most expensive thing ever.

    For 2015 we had planned a 10 day trip for Tom’s 50th birthday and a back to back Fantasy cruise and some WDW days for the summer. We did take the 10 day trip, but Tom had to go on sick leave for most of the year because of his back pain, so we had to cancel the other trip.

    Therefore we were planning a nice long trip for 2016. We wanted to stay at WDW, then a back to back Dream cruise and one on the Fantasy with a few WDW days at the end. I added days here and there and we ended up with 5 ½ weeks of travel time – 40 days in all.

    Then shortly after the new DCL itineraries were released I got an email from a very good friend, letting me know that there might be a chance for us to go on the Disney Wonder’s Panama Canal crossing. We checked the dates and cancelled our Dream cruises and changed the Fantasy one to the PC cruise on the Wonder. The problem now – we needed to get to the West Coast. And you cannot go to California without visiting Disneyland, can you? So we juggled days around and ended up this:

    The trip of a lifetime:


    This was one of our longest trips and the only one that was all Disney (even though we had 2 nights in Las Vegas, but we went to a Disney store – so I guess that counts as well).

    August 3 – 18 WDW
    (Bay Lake Tower, Yacht Club, Kidani, Old Key West and back to Bay Lake Tower)


    August 18 – 20 Las Vegas
    (With a Disney connection as one needs to visit the Disney Store)


    August 20 – 26 Disneyland


    August 26 – September 9 Panama Canal crossing on the Disney Wonder


    September 9 – 10 one more night at the Yacht Club before going home.


    40 days in all – the trip of a lifetime.

    But it was not the trip or the destinations that made it so special. It was the people we met and were able to spend time with while on vacation. So, thank you,

    Michelle and family

    Jen and family

    Alisha, Dan and little Quentin

    Alison and Fran

    Pamela and Jeanette

    Jeff and family

    Stefy and Dave

    and all those friends who were nice enough to follow us around and comment on the trip on another social media site during our trip and shared our excitement.

    Thank you all for making our trip the best one EVER!!!!

    Trip report chapters:
    Day 1, August 3:
    Here we go again - Part 1
    Here we go again - Part 2
    Here we go again - Part 3

    Day 2, August 4:
    An early morning and an early night - Part 1
    An early morning and an early night - Part 2

    Day 3, August 5:
    So good to see you again! - Part 1
    So good to see you again! - Part 2

    Day 4, August 6:
    Two for the price of one! - Part 1
    Two for the price of one! - Part 2
    Two for the price of one! - Part 3

    Two for the price of one! - Part 4

    Day 5, August 7:
    Even Sundays are busy at Disney - Part 1
    Even Sundays are busy at Disney - Part 2

    Day 6, August 8:
    Welcome to Kidani - Part 1
    Welcome to Kidani - Part 2
    Welcome to Kidani - Part 3

    Welcome to Kidani - Part 4

    Day 7, August 9:

    Lazy day gone busy - Part 1
    Lazy day gone busy - Part 2
    Lazy day gone busy - Part 3

    Day 8, August 10:

    High Score!! - Part 1
    High Score!! - Part 2

    High Score!! - Part 3

    Day 9, August 11:

    An A for effort - Part 1
    An A for effort - Part 2
    An A for effort - Part 3

    Day 10, August 12:
    Home away from home - Part 1
    Home away from home - Part 2

    Day 11, August 13:
    That’s what we call fireworks - Part 1
    That’s what we call fireworks - Part 2
    That’s what we call fireworks - Part 3

    Day 12, August 14:
    More food and fireworks - Part 1
    More food and fireworks - Part 2
    More food and fireworks - Part 3

    Day 13, August 15:

    Goodbye Main Street Electrical Parade - Part 1
    Goodbye Main Street Electrical Parade - Part 2
    Goodbye Main Street Electrical Parade - Part 3

    Day 14, August 16:

    Perfect hospitality - Part 1

    Day 15, August 17:

    I can’t believe this is a standard view - Part 1
    I can’t believe this is a standard view - Part 2
    I can’t believe this is a standard view - Part 3

    Day 16, August 18:

    A really long day …… - Part 1
    A really long day …… - Part 2

    Day 17, August 19:

    So much to do, so little time! - Part 1
    So much to do, so little time! - Part 2
    So much to do, so little time! - Part 3

    Day 18, August 20:
    Disneyland, here we come! - Part 1
    Disneyland, here we come! - Part 2

    Disneyland, here we come! - Part 3

    Day 19, August 21:
    What a day, what a day, what a day! - Part 1

    What a day, what a day, what a day! - Part 2
    What a day, what a day, what a day! - Part 3
    What a day, what a day, what a day! - Part 4

    Day 20, August 22:
    Taking it ALL in - Part 1
    Taking it ALL in - Part 2
    Taking it ALL in - Part 3

    Day 21, August 23:
    Day 22, August 24:
    Day 23, August 25:
    Day 24, August 26:
    Day 25, August 27:
    Day 26, August 28:
    Day 27, August 29:
    Day 28, August 30:
    Day 29, August 31:
    Day 30, September 1:

    Day 31, September 2:
    Day 32, September 3:
    Day 33, September 4:
    Day 34, September 5:
    Day 35, September 6:
    Day 36, September 7:
    Day 37, September 8:
    Day 38, September 9:
    Day 39, September 10:
    Day 40, September 11:

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    Sep 8, 2006
    I was getting worried since you seemed to have disappeared after the cruise! But I guess a long trip like this has a long recovery phase, too! I am so excited to read about everything, but mostly about the cruise!
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    Jan 8, 2008

    Just. WOW!

    I cannot wait to hear about your travels. I love that you stayed at multiple Deluxes!!
  5. dizneeat

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    Apr 9, 2006

    It was REALLY hard getting back into the swing of things. Going back to work 20 hours after we returned was NO fun. I still need to catch up on everyones TRs, but at least I am back here. And ready with 2 days all done and ready to be posted. So please stay tuned.
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  6. dizneeat

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    Apr 9, 2006

    We had such a great trip! I am glad you will be along for revisiting all those memories. :thumbsup2
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    I'm here! I was wondering when you guys would be back! I can't wait to hear about this epic, amazing trip!
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    Signing on! I'm looking forward to hearing all about this one!
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    What an amazing itinerary!! You are living my dream :cloud9: Can't wait to read all about your journey and also curious to see if we were at Disneyland when you were there (we live locally so would have been cool to know you were visiting the same time we were!)
  10. kittymamma

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    Sep 18, 2012
    YAY !!! I've been waiting for this one. Y'all's adventures are always so much fun to read.
  11. Buzzfanmom

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    We are so excited to hear about all of your adventures Karin and Tom! looking forward to another great report! :yay:
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    Yay! I have been waiting for this.

    BTW, this is my first time posting to a trip report.
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    Subbing in to your new trip report. LOVE the title!!
  14. dizneeat

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    Apr 9, 2006
    We have already been back for three weeks, but after that long of a vacation it was hard going back to work the very next day. And there were quite some changes at work as well, so things got crazy. But back to the trip - it was AMAZING!! Lots of fun experiences and magical memories. :goodvibes

    There is lots to tell, Alison! We had the time of our lives while on dry land and a blast with Pamela and Jeanette while on the cruise. I am sure you're gonna love it. :cloud9:

    It came together so nicely and it was an absolutely wonderful trip, full of surprises, new experiences and wonderful friends. We were at Disneyland August 20 - 25 and had the best times ever. It would have been awesome to meet even more DISfriends.

    Thanks for the PM! I was already working for it, but your mail made me "work" a little faster. Great to have you here.
  15. dizneeat

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    Apr 9, 2006
    Yeah, another familiar face. ;) Great to have you here.

    I hope my TR can live up to your expectations, but I feel very honoured that you chose my TR for your first time posting on one. :goodvibes

    Thank you, and great to have you on board!
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    Let's get this show on the road .........


    Day 1, August 03

    Here we go again! - Part 1

    Day one of this summer trip started like any other.

    We ended up frantically finishing cleaning everything around the house, as everything on our list the day before had taken a little longer than we had anticipated and we were a bit behind. So around midnight we finally fell into bed with the alarm set for 6.30 to be able to have breakfast and clean up afterwards.
    So, at 6am I woke up remembering that I still needed to print out some things. And after doing so it actually was 6.35 and time to get up anyway. We had breakfast with soft boilded eggs to finish those off and freshly baked rolls. After that it was time for the usual repacking and then headed for the shower. While Tom took his I called for a taxi and then finally at 9am we hauled our luggage down to garden gate,


    locked up behind us and waited for the taxi. It was supposed to arrive at 9.15 and we waited and waited some more. At 9.25 I called them again and they told me that a taxi had waited outside for four minutes and then left again.


    When were we supposed to be outside if I booked it for 9.15 and we had been in and out from at least 9am on.
    Guess the lady on the phone then realized that something was not working out, apologized and told us that another one would be around in about 5 minutes. At 9.35 a taxi finally pulled up and just a minute or two later we sat in the taxi and were driving towards the airport. Thankfully traffic was light and half an hour later we pulled up in front of the airport.
    We had checked in online and downloaded the ticket, so all we had to do was checking in the luggage. A few minutes later we found ourselves walking through security and then through the duty free shop. Nothing really to buy there, so we found seats, checked our phones and waited for the flight to leave.
    Our airport is tiny and the plane was waiting right in front of the gate,


    so we finally just walked over, found our seats and settled in. We rolled out on time


    and were up and leaving our little world behind a few minutes later.


    Once we had reached cruising altitude we were quickly handed a snack,


    Walker shortbread biscuits, and some drinks. We both opted for water and nibbled our biscuits and before we knew it the plane was descending again



    and we arrived in Frankfurt. There was a bus picking us up from the plane and since the plane had not been half full, there was plenty of room to stand. Once in the terminal we needed to look for a special gate.
    You see, Tom has taken up geocaching when he started his road to retirement and there was a cache to be found.
    We had about an hour and a half, so off we went. As we had feared the gate we needed to go to for his mission was at the other end of the airport, but it was good exercise and he was successful.
    Mission accomplished we headed back to the area we needed to get too, went through passport control and then over to the gate where we had to wait for quite some time before we were allowed to board.


    We were delayed already while there were still people boarding but we still left only about half an hour late. And while waiting we were served some really delicious


    guava and orange juice. Soon after we were finally on our way. It took about 20 minutes until we had reached cruising altitude again and the flight attendants were handing out snacks,


    little pretzel clouds and airplane crackers. Drinks were served with it and Tom had a


    beer, while I stuck with Coke. We sat and chatted for a while, then started the onboard entertainment. There was not much that really interested me, so I went with a rerun of season 6 of Downton Abbey.

    To be continued ....
    (sorry, the boards are going down for maintenance in a few minutes and I don't want this to be lost)

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    Welcome back! I have missed you here. :hug: I'm excited to start reading about your LOOONG trip, especially your Disneyland leg! It looked on FB like you really enjoyed our "original" happiest place. So many DIS meets makes it extra special, I'm sure.
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    Wow! This sounds like an amazing trip. I definitely want to hear all about it.
  19. HomeSweetDisney

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    Wow, it sounds like it was an AMAZING trip!! Definitely a dream come true :)

    Can't wait to read more!!! :goodvibes
  20. bellesBFF

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    wow! reading this will definitely hold me over until i go back to florida NEXT november! can't wait to hear about it all :yay:
  21. vicki's mom

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    May 16, 2010
    Following along.

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