Something About Nothing............ #14

Lynne G

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Mar 29, 2009
Yay! Another live report from Squirlz this time. Happy you are enjoying some park time.

Charade, little one also goes back on the 12th of January, and last finals are on December 17th.

Overnight snow showers, and most of the larger snow totals are just North of me. Whew. Cold as below freezing, with wind chill temps will be getting you feeling 10 degrees colder. Bundling up tomorrow.
  • Sue M

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    May 27, 2009
    Holy cow!! We’re on the third row.
    I finally got my new phone
    Got a call I could pick it up

    Now trying to set it all up and figure out what am I gonna screw up now

    I need a teenager
    yay for new phone. I think I recall you got an Apple? If there’s an Apple Store near you, you can go there to set it up. I bought mine directly at the store and they have a set up table where a staff member helps.
    So I'm sitting here trying to figure out which hotel room I click book on while my husband is asleep and I cannot make a decision. It's 11pm and I'm anxious to book. Anyone have any opinions?

    We’re doing a very quick 2 night getaway this month for our 2nd anniversary so that we can see/do all the Christmas stuff. My choices are:
    Bay or garden view king at PBH $560 or $492 respectively
    Standard king view at RPR for $414
    There are other choices but this is what I narrowed it down to. RPR is our “home” and where we go every HHN. We know we love it. I haven’t done PBH since 2016 before we had even met, but it always seems more intimate and anniversary like.
    Help be decide. What would you do and why?

    I've only done universal hotels at Christmas once and christmas decor and atomosphere matters to me. No idea who does what other than the gingerbread house at RPR.

    Also HELLO everyone from the crazy house! We've just recently moved to Jacksonville. Well, outside of. Micah got a new job and we bought a house last month. So, we've been packing, cleaning out his parents house, unpacking, and everything else that goes along with new jobs and new houses! I hope everyone is well. I think of you all often and wish I had some more free time to come hang out these days. Maybe one day I'll slow down a little. Maybe?
    i was going to suggest Bay view at Portofino but see you were able to book it. We had an amazing Bay view room in the west wing. Also got that rarity, a balcony.
    Good morning, homies! Yay for Christmas, @Lynne G! Also, @macraven if you have any questions hit me up.

    Went to see the sunrise and remembered Sunrise Sunday!

    View attachment 455822

    Also, @tinydancer09 nice to meet someone more local. I live near Flagler. Congrats on the move and finally settling in and your future trip!
    beautiful sunrise
    Good morning from a very hot and Christmassy Orlando and RP!

    Having the best time. Flight coming in was excellent......our home from home was again the most welcoming of places to us :hug: and enjoying the Christmas atmosphere very much already. Kyle is loving being back.

    Did the Macy’s Parade and Castle light show last night......both were amazing.......parks are VERY busy. But fun.

    Today is to be hot again, then 2 cold days before it warms up a little...........planning for indoor activities I think next two days.

    Park time today again.......:thumbsup2
    glad to hear flights went smoothly. Enjoy that sunshine.
    Hey all been burning the candle at both ends here
    View attachment 456144View attachment 456145View attachment 456146View attachment 456147View attachment 456148View attachment 456149View attachment 456150
    in orderSW sea fire grub, MK hat tree, trails end buffet (yum), AKV tree, and me & my 2 men at Sw
    love Trails end. Nice pics!

    My daughter and I went to the airport Sunday for our Nexus interviews! It’s been a long wait. Should recieve our cards in 3 weeks 🤞. I hope I get mine by January as I head off on the 7th for Ft. Lauderdale. Later that day youngest dd came over and we put the tree up and did the mantle.

    Today met a friend for coffee at Starbucks, then made a stop at Winners (TJ Max name in Canada) picked up some small gifts for friends, then on the way home picked up daughter at train. Driving home a car was going down the Main Street with no lights on, and it’s a dark rainy night. Ugh. How do people not know? A dark dashboard would be the first clue.

    Hope everyone has a good week.

    Lynne G

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    Mar 29, 2009
    Yeah, in pouring rain, on the highway, and was hard to see any vehicles without their lights on. So I hear ya Sue.

    Light on for those night owls. Bed time for me. May all have a good night and sleep tight.

    Lynne G

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    Mar 29, 2009
    Bad hair day, or hat hairdo, with gloves, as this very cold feeling morning. That flag was blowing straight out, and sniff, tree is no more. I guess with them knocking down the old building one of these days, the trees around it would not have survived, probably. I said an aloha as they were chopping it down, yesterday afternoon. Hope the wood chips from it becomes something else, or helps something else grow.

    And ooh, that wind. Window is not quite whistling, but brr as get close to new office windows. Whole building feels cool. Time for sweater and tea. Had a bowl of rice Chex cereal. Bland, but fine. Think bagels are arriving with the later arriving coworker, so will certainly partake of more bread stuff. I like a good water bagel, plain or with some seeds on it. Cheese ones are sometimes okay too. Like the place the bagels are coming from. If I eat that, lunch will be a less amount. The bagel place has large bagels. One is filling, at least for me.

    Finally, oh Hello homies. Wall to wall sunshine, that yes, provides not much heat. We will see 41 in the afternoon, then back into around the freezing temps by sundown. But hey, rocking those sunglasses on the lunchtime walk.

    And a homie reminder: Taco Tuesday is here. Yes, the day of the week Mac does a Taco Bell run. Hope you are in the mood for tacos, Mac.

    456272 Yep, and 456274 - go eat a taco or two.
    Oooh, and three national days for today: 456275 Thus, with your taco, drink a latte, be crafty, and heat up that oven, for that green bean casserole.

    456276 - Yay! The time of year, for Christmas shows on the screens.

    Oh my goodness, tea is what I need.

    A totally rad Tuesday to each and every homie. Be well, and good thoughts and hugs to any homie that needs such.


    "Where's the fun without a bit of risk?"
    Mar 12, 2016
    Hope you get your tea, @Lynne G and thanks for sunrise pic compliments, homies. @Squirlz absolutely love the pic. So close up! A bird was on the chair next to me at Starbucks yesterday, then leaped onto my table. It was so close! However, once I tried to take pictures, it was time for them to peace out. :laughing:

    I think I am quickly getting used to the parks already. After three weekends in a row of going once a week, as of today I woke up with my feet hurting a little, but my legs didn't feel sore, or stiff at all. Which was a surprise, especially since the first two times I stuck with one park, not going back and forth like I did yesterday. However, I might not be so lucky next time as I do not think I'll be going next week, so that might throw off my progress.

    I hope you all are staying warm and be safe! If it's 45 degrees here, then I can't imagine how cold it is up there for some of you.

    Happy Taco Tuesday, homies! Those that are in the parks have an amazing time!
  • macraven

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    Apr 21, 2003
    Of course I will be Taco Bell tonight
    It’s Tuesday !

    No latte or Starbucks for me
    Not a fan

    Will be glad when temps go back to normal
    I’ve been in the south long enough and not used to for a high today of 48 and 60 for Thursday

    Even Florida is having it cold part of this week

    But it is better than what the upper states are having with cold and snow

    As a child growing up, could never handle cold or snow
    Didn’t like any of it

    Anyone want to send me their kid for a week so I can learn how to really use the new iPhone?
    I swear this is the last time I upgrade to a new phone

    Hoping all the homies are doing good and staying warm during this crazy weather!

    Lynne G

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    Mar 29, 2009
    I'd send ya little one, if I could Mac. She went from a 7 to an Xs, without issue. I still am not used to her not having a home button. Was going to upgrade this year, but decided, maybe next Black Friday. Will be nice not having to pay for the phone I have, since 2 months ago. Paid it off, so I guess that is also why I'm not in a hurry, though I like the new phones.

    Yay, tea and coffee and bagel. Perfect morning even if office is still too cool feeling for me. Have to see if I want to bring a small space heater, at least to keep on the floor under my desk. Sigh. Sun is so bright, just no warmth from it.


    It's a bit of a roodie doodie word for lady parts
    May 15, 2007
    Quick check in.......

    Beautifully sunny day here and not as cold as we thought it would be.....definitely don’t need the warm hats we brought with us.....sunshine is quite warm. And to get warmer again from tomorrow.

    Doing the Andretti driving this morning.....lots of fun. Waiting to start the third race now.

    Had lovely meet with J’aime Paris last night in Orchids.....time passed so quickly. Orchids is beautiful.

    Jake‘s menu has changed.......not really a fan, but few old favourites are still there.......

    Off to race........:car:

    Sue M

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    May 27, 2009
    Oooo Lynne that sounds really cold! Brrrrr. Wind just makes it feel so much colder.

    Mac do you have an Apple store nearby? They have classes. Or look on the Apple web site for tutorials. UTube is another good place to look for tutorials.
    Enjoy your tacos!

    Disxuni so jealous you can go to the parks weekly.
  • Disxuni

    "Where's the fun without a bit of risk?"
    Mar 12, 2016
    Typically if I drink anything it's a frappe. I'm not a fan of anything hot whether it's coffee, hot tea, or hot chocolate. Yesterday, I stopped by for something to eat and (the tiny tiniest) cup of water.

    As for me, I still have the 6s and I'm happy with that. 3 years, will be 4 in May. Longest I've been able to keep a phone functioning. *knocks on wood* I just wish the battery was better.

    I hope the wings are at least still there. 😋

    I'll always be grateful and feel lucky. I feel as if I didn't live near there I'd probably either never been able to go, or go once in a life time. The trips you @Sue M, as well as everyone are special. You get to escape, stay at a nice place, and get to experience these attractions every now and then, which probably make them all the more exciting. For me it all started with what I thought was going to be a "once in a life time" trip, but luckily things changed in so many ways as I grew older and I got closer to the parks.
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    Sep 14, 2016
    :wave2: doing a quick stop in!!! I'm procrastinating from working on the stack of paperwork that is on my desk. It's pretty small today...finished up month end yesterday. So now I can sit back and relax a little now.

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!!!!! Only a few more weeks until Christmas is here!!!! I'm going to have to start my baking soon. Instead of giving gifts to friends, I m make trays of baked goods for many people and work colleagues. I send a big tray to the hubby's work as well, and bring one to my work here. With 18 men on is gone in no time.
    The quilt for the sister is almost done. I am trying to teach myself some of that fancy smancy needlework to make fancy designs on it. So far it looks pretty good. Could be better...but it could look a whole lot worse too lol. Need to get that gone then I can work on getting ready for Christmas.

    @Lynne G that sounds cold. Winter is just not fun. I dislike it more and more every year. And yes, I love all the Christmas movies. I know on Sunday, it was cold here around -11F :cold:, so once our grocery shopping was done, we just stayed home and had a movie day. One channel had all the old favorites - Frosty, Rudolph, National Lampoons, and we just watched all the chirstmas shows. It was an awesome day!!!! I hope your cold doesn't last long. Stay warm!!!!

    @Squirlz ...what and awesome shot of that super cute Squirrel!!! Have a great time in the parks.

    @macraven have a great taco Tuesday! I hope you get the new phone figured out! I always have trouble with that as well. I'm what I call " technically challenged " lol. I finally upgraded at Christmas last year. I do love my new phone...and will probably use it for another 3 yrs yet.

    @schumigirl Have a great time in the parks and in your travels. I hope this trip is full of amazing memories!

    @Disxuni I am green with envy at your ability to go to the parks so often!!! I think it's great that your able to do that! I know if we lived that close, we for sure would be " that " family as well.

    @Sue M I hope you get your Nexus card soon. If we do more travelling ( like we plan to ) with work and pleasure trips, we talking about doing that as well. It makes those boarder crossings just a little easier. I never seen to find anything at Winners. I give kudos to those who can find items there. But not very often will I find items. Must be just me!!!! The parking lot is ALWAYS full and the store is always busy.

    Well...I should start to tackle this stack of papers. Head office does need them this morning

    Have a great taco Tuesday everyone and stay warm!!!!!

    Sue M

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    May 27, 2009
    @Pumpkin1172 Nexus will be quite handy for us especially since we live close to the border for day trips. Love going down to the Bellingham, WA Costco for cheap gas, plus they carry different items. Trader Joes, and our fav Mexican restaurant. I rarely go because border lineups are terrible. Slow times are still a 45 min wait Going into the US.


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    Aug 14, 2009
    Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a nice Thangsgiving and transitioning to winter okay. Our temps were great till the last week or so. We are now buried in about 6 iches of snow, it was a weird two day storm. I was only able to read the last two pages to do a little catching up. I hope to get to read how everyone is doing.

    The past few months have been stressful and a lot going on so I took a break from things. I am not sure how the next few months go but would like to try and get on more, I enjoyed talking with everyone and missed you. I have thought about all of you and hoped things were good.

    Brian has been working on the house and the outside is done, we are moving to the inside now. Our goal is to have the house on the market by March 1st. At that point Brian will start looking at jobs. We are hoping to time everything out by the summer but it might be hard. If we can't find a house to buy right away we may have to rent a few months. It will be hard with the cats though. I have family and friends trying to talk us out of moving to Florida. They use the weather the most, but really don't understand we like it. I know there will be a few things to adjust too, but overall I think it will be good.

    Liv is finishing up her first semester on line this week. She managed to get all A's and is doing well with it. She has been sick so the best decision we made was on line. She can rest in between work and school. She is sad though her best girlfriend,(really only one of 2) is moving to Maryland next weekend. We told her if she doesn't like it she can come with us here then to Florida. Charlie is doing good in school this year. He has 5 AP classes and enjoying senior year.

    We could not do our usual fall trip to Ohio this year, to much going on so we are heading to NJ this Saturday and Sunday for Six Flags Holiday in the Park. We will be taking the teens and two of their friends. The three boys are going to do a polar coaster challange. They are going to ride Nirto in shorts and tank tops. They are allowed gloves. It is just a bragging right thing and early entry into the park. The girls will be watching!!!

    Schumi Glad that you are having a great start to your family vacation. I hope you continue with great weather and great memories.:)

    Keisha I hope you are enjoying your trip as well. It sounds like you are and very busy.:)

    Mac I hope everyday you feel better. I think of you often espcially on Taco Tuesday.:goodvibes

    Lynne and Charade I hope your daughter's are doing good their first semester and that everyone is adjusting.:thumbsup2:thumbsup2

    Pumpkin Baking is a wonderful gift idea for friends and family. Brian and I did it many years ago when we were saving for our wedding. The quilit sounds lovely!:-)

    Dixsuni Glad that you are getting use to the parks and enjoying them. We can't wait to be doing that in the fall (hopefully). :-)

    SueM I hope you get your paper work in time for your trip. I am sure you could use the warm weather. We started putting up our decorations outside, now moving to the tree this week.:-)

    Squirlz Enjoy your trip!:thumbsup2
    tinydancer :wave: nice to meet you.

    I would like to say :wave: to Patty, Robo and Tink and all the other SANS family.

    Lynne G

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    Mar 29, 2009
    Bobbie, so good to see you back here. Glad to read the update, and yeah, that snow. Icky. Have fun doing SF's in NJ this week-end. Think they are saying rain on Sunday, but maybe not the whole Tri-State area. Hope your house sale and hunting for a new one in FLA goes quick, and you are settled in the Summer. Yep, my little one is so happy at school, and is doing very well too. Already talking of rooming with her roommate next year. Yeah, my math kid gets along so well with an artist major, but I think it's because they have the same personality. And she so enjoys all the hall kids as well.

    Time for my see ya later, soon. Hope all are having a great afternoon! And yeah, the lunchtime walk was cool feeling.

    Sue M

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    May 27, 2009
    Hi Bobbie! Glad to hear the kids are doing well. It’s a big job relocating! I hope you find a house to buy before you move.
    Snow for you! Guess it’s feeling a lot like Christmas! None here, but it’s been grey and rain for a couple of weeks now. Seems forever since I’ve seen the sun.

    On the 1st my daughters helped me get the tree up and the mantle decorated. Husband says he’s putting up the outside lights this weekend, hopefully when the rain stops.

    All the Christmas get togethers are starting. Two this week. Meeting one of my office friends tomorrow, then Saturday we’re going out with a family friend and my brother-in-law for dinner at the golf club. It‘s always beautifully decorated for the holidays.
    Next weekend I’m really looking forward to getting together with more ex work friends, we’re going for brunch then we have tickets to go on a Christmas house tour out in the valley. The proceeds go to charity. It sounds like it will be very nice.


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    Mar 28, 2011
    Knew I could count on you so I would not stub my toe tonight

    I can remember some years back when it was just you and me posting on the sans in the early morning hours...
    Are you still a night owl TinyD?
    TinyD since you are married now, guess you don’t keep the same late hours like we used to do
    Its a shame that our buddy that left
    Being another night owl is not round anymore
    5ire there were some ups and downs but he was a nice man
    I think you will enjoy Flager area
    l lost my parental units 4 years back and buried them in the Bushnel military cemetery

    hope you meet dix
    She is fun loving and wise
    You would like her as she is kind and smart

    I hope to be able to see you sometime in the future if you have any free time
    Take care
    Yep, still a night owl. Hoot hoot! Being married has changed not a whole lot about me other than I now manage two peoples budget rather than one and I have this nifty trick for reaching the top shelves. "Hey Micah can you come here?" Yep, that's my trick.
    Husband gets up for work at 3 AM. I go to bed at sometime before that.. sometimes. :) Tonight I got a text after he went to bed that said "if you come to bed after 2 please wake me up." So... yeah it's pretty normal for me to still be awake I guess.
    I think PC used to stay up with us right? I wonder whatever happened to him and the fam. I know he moved out of the PC area. I'm sure he's very thankful these days... Geez Panama City got WRECKED. It's awful and very sad.

    The little green cove springs area that I’ve seen is beautiful, @tinydancer09! I’d say where I live specifically is roughly an estimate of a half hour away from the exit to I-4. I do not technically live on the beach side, actually live closer to 95. But we go to the beach for the sunrise about every other weekend. I’d be cool if we saw each other someday. I’m very happy about the good news regarding your deal and your friend helped. That is absolutely amazing!
    Green Cove Springs is not very big to begin with! I had to go to the post office there the other day and realized how close we are to the st johns. When you leave our neighborhood middleburg is accross the street so honesttly I live in MiddleGreenCoveBurg I think! haha. I hope now that I live just a quick drive down I95 to visit the parks Monthly. That may not start until March as Jan/Feb is my "OMG" work time, but after that I hope to start some frequent trips. Maybe we'll catch up in the parks one day :) I can't say that I've ever caught an entire sunrise unless I was going to bed when it was coming up..... haha


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    Mar 28, 2011
    We arrived to RPR yesterday afternoon, saw @schumigirl and Tom as soon as we passed by the Club lounge. Had a great 1st day in IOA. Hagrids was showing a 1 hour wait so we went in optimistically. It took about 50 minutes. We saw a squirrel.

    .View attachment 456228
    Aww look at that cutie! Is that your first time on Hagrid? How did you like it?
    We got lucky in September and did the single rider line. Took about 45 minutes I think? Not bad. We loved the coaster.

    i was going to suggest Bay view at Portofino but see you were able to book it. We had an amazing Bay view room in the west wing. Also got that rarity, a balcony.
    Yes, I'm half tempted to call and request the west wing, but I also don't want to be too picky since I've already scored an amazing deal thanks to friends. Love the west wing though! So close to the boat.

    As for me, I still have the 6s and I'm happy with that. 3 years, will be 4 in May. Longest I've been able to keep a phone functioning. *knocks on wood* I just wish the battery was better.
    My work phone is still a 6. I battled that battery out of box. Last year I heard of a promo and went and got my battery replaced for super cheap. It' still under $100 if I remember correctly. Best decision I have ever made. My phone now stays charged FOR DAYS in the off season. When I'm on it all day during busy season it usually lasts all day. I did mine at best buy. Made an appointment and went back in a few hours. Better than new!
    Make sure you back up your phone right before you take it in JUST in case and then turn off "find my iphone". They'll walk you through all of it when you get there if you haven't already. Just make sure you know your itunes id.
    I hope you do this and find the love for your phone again!

    I upgraded my personal one to an 8 when I made my 6 my work phone. (shreeeek I was still using a 5 for my work phone. it was so DUMB and would hang up on people!) I honestly prefer my 6. It's so much lighter because it has a metal back instead of class. I also reallllly miss my headphone jack. Call me old school, but i'm only 29 and still love my corded head phones.

    @bobbie68 Nice to meet you as well! I'm not sure what part of Florida you are thinking about moving to, but I've lived down here my entire life and have come face to face with a cat 5. I would still recommend people to move here. It's hot, it rains, there are moquitos... but I've never shoved snow and when the power goes out we don't freeze. We fire up the grill and have a party. Pn and our winter blues only happen a week at a time before it's warm enough for shorts again! Hope to see you in FL soon! Let us know if we can help you with any "newbie" florida info :) I've lived in Punta Gorda, Tallahassee, and Port St Joe so far. Just moved to Green Cove springs outside of Jax. Only part I haven't lived in is south central florida I guess. It's all wonderful. Okay.. maybe not all, mostly wonderful though!

    Off to start putting lights on my tree. We've had it over a week now and still no lights..... guess it's time.


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