Something About Nothing............ #14


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Sep 14, 2016
:wave2: Doing a quick stop in

Things are busy but not busy here. I'm on day 2 of shredding paper at the day job. I'm trying to stretch it out as much as I can. I have a feeling it will be a slow month I will need to find things to keep me busy. But I'll take the our busy days...can be very hectic.

Weather is back to cold again. It could be I will be happy with what we have now. I just hate bundling up to go from building to vehicle and then vehicle to building lol. I don't do much more than that :rotfl:Oh's winter...gotta stop complaining.

Hoping to start xmas shopping this weekend. I need some ideas for the youngest ds. He never gives us many ideas...and rarely asks for things. The other 2 kiddos...well their lists are always miles long lol. I'm looking forward to just being here for xmas, and not have to travel anywhere this year. We have some family coming to visit, so it won't be a quiet xmas...but at least no long trips in the truck to get to our destination.

I wonder if we will get our tree up this weekend. We usually get a real tree...I hope that we don't run out of time. Lots to do this weekend. Working the second job Saturday, xmas party saturday night, maybe some shopping sunday...the dh is playing Santa at his works children's party. So that will take a chunk of time out of our day on Sunday. So decorating will have to happen Sunday night. But...I did get my car - Izzy turned into a reindeer!!!! I finally was able to find these at a I snapped them up...and I giggle now each time I'm driving her around the city lol. My kids are like Oh MY DOG mom...seriously :rotfl:I love it!!!!!

Have a great evening everyone!!!! Maybe I'll pop into after my shift at the second job tonight.


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May 15, 2007
Good to see you travels!

Kyle finally made it on Hagrid’s today........we arrived as they had a brief delay, so we joined the fairly short line waiting and they let us in around 2pm and we were out by 2.30.......he loved it!! It is an amazing ride.....

Weather was glorious hot this afternoon, but lovely...saw the rocket launch from IOA so we plan to do KSC tomorrow.......early rise for breakfast!

Visited Celebration tonight to see the snow falling .....very beautiful.
  • macraven

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    Apr 21, 2003
    Schumi, tomorrow will be a fantastic day for all of you...KSC

    Better to have the heat than the cold
    (Or it is for me)
    Hope temps tomorrow are decent for you

    You have been busy!
    Hope you can get your tree up this weekend
    It will seem more like Christmas when you have those decorations up
    The light will be on here when your second shift is over
    I’ll check back here later tonight to see if you are here

    Always such a delight to see you here!
    I think about you and when I don't see you in the sans, know you are busy
    We do miss you when that happens

    Take care and have a great vacation in Orlando!

    To all the other homies, check in when you can

    I miss all my kids here when I don't see them around ..


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    Sep 14, 2016
    Doing a quick stop in :wave2:

    Work was a little busier tonight, seems the Christmas shoppers are finally out shopping. So it made the night go by fast, which is good.

    Hubby was out curling tonight and finished around the same time I was done we grabbed a quick bite together before heading home. It was a cute little bistro with yummy sandwiches.

    Found out today, a co-worker at the second job, her husband is pretty sick and was flown out to the big city to the hospital out there. We were going to do a gift exchange,but now all the money we would have spent on those gifts, we are giving to her to help cover some of the costs for her to go with him, and the loss of their wages. The DH and I always pick one family a year ( out of people we work with ) that we know are having a hard time, and give them a hand up for the holidays. So I was able to give our hand up to her. When I came with my donation to give to our manger ( who is collecting all the money ) she was shocked and didn't think people did that any more. I know this lady will out the money to good use 😁. I'm just glad we found the family to help this year.

    Well, I think the blankets and pillows are calling my name. Hopefully I'll stop in tomorrow.

    I forgot to add the picture of my Izzy all dressed up for Christmas. It just makes me giggle to see her all dressed up :rotfl2:



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    Apr 21, 2003
    Pumpkin you are doing a real good thing by giving all the money to the couple who has the needs

    a good heart you have!
    I’m sure it makes you feel good In helping others that are not able to do this on their own

    you are so kind to do this to help another family, God will bless you for this
    So you need anyone to join you or more help or do you have it all covered?

    if you are short for giving, talk to me by private message

    I would be glad to help
    the family you selected out

    I will send you a pm

    This is what Christmas is all about

    For the day we will just count our blessings and prefer to help someone
    Pm Me on what I can do to help you for this family

    you have a gold heart
    I enjoy Christmas and would like to spread hope and joy to someone that needs it

    this is what Christmas is about
    Sharing love


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    May 8, 2015
    Morning Sans family :wave2:

    Woke up far to early so decided to stop in and chat. Then will try to go back to sleep again.

    Been busy with things around here. Christmas shopping almost done and a trip planned to go up to visit family near Chicago In a week. I need to figure out some dates for Universal in May and September. I always look forward to my visits to my happy place. Grandson said he was looking forward to a vacation there in May. So will look at calendar and try to come up with some dates that work.

    Going to spend day with granddaughter today. Shopping and visiting. She is graduating with her MBA Saturday. We are so proud of her.

    Mac hope you got your new IPhone figured out. We do enjoy our Apple products around here.

    Great to hear from you tinyd :wave:. Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary. Glad to hear you got everything sorted at PBH. The lovely folks at Universal have a way of making stays there very special.

    Bobbie68 hope your weather gets better sending lots of mummy dust for Liv. Sound like she and Charlie are doing great school. Hope you all had a great time at Six Flags.

    The DH and I always pick one family a year ( out of people we work with ) that we know are having a hard time, and give them a hand up for the holidays. So I was able to give our hand up to her. When I came with my donation to give to our manger ( who is collecting all the money ) she was shocked and didn't think people did that any more. I know this lady will out the money to good use 😁. I'm just glad we found the family to help this year.
    Pumpkin what a wonderful gift you all are giving your friend in need.

    Great pics of your vacation Keisha looks you and Mr Keisha are having a great time. Love the pic with you and the abominable snowman.

    Schumi glad to hear you and the family are having a wonderful vacation. Have a great time KSC.

    Christmas is in the air. Have to admit not a fan of cold weather, but do enjoy this wonderful cheerful time of year.

    Sending Christmas cheer and happiness to all the Sans family.



  • macraven

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    Apr 21, 2003
    Beautiful pictures
    Really sets the mood for the special
    holiday Robbie !

    you will have a grand time with your family!

    it’s only just after 4 now and might be back in bed now

    some nights I sit up and think
    Now I’m thinking I should try to sleep a bit as my cats will be up by 6:30 for food

    I should teach them what a can opener is....

    hope all the homies are still sawing logs

    Soon it will be good morning time

    Lynne G

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    Mar 29, 2009
    Nothing like a day off, and I was up by 5am. Good thing a hot shower felt so good. That wind was whipping through the house last night. Very bad hair day it was yesterday.

    Pumpkin, so nice to help others during this holiday time. And ha ha, enjoy seeing the cars decorated.

    Buckeev has a countdown! Woot!

    Keisha totally enjoying those pictures.

    Schumi how nice to be enjoying time with Kyle, riding Hagrids, and have fun in the Cape today. Glad to hear the weather is back to being warm.

    Robo, so nice to hear of your family and their trips and visits. Enjoy shopping with your GD today, and very right to be proud of her MBA degree. Yep, always good to plan trips to the Dark Side. Happy place indeed.

    So, light still on, it is at least an hour or so before sunrise.

    While older one is at school, I will be doing some bill paying and picking up purchases I had ordered, that, yay, came in. Three stores to visit. And yay, one I can drive up to, and quick, worker coming out to hand package in my car window. So convenient.

    Well, I am on my second cup of tea. House feels a bit cool, so under a blanket.

    Have one totally terrific Friday!

    And how fitting, it is

    Will be checking out lists, getting the missing ingredients, and hey, our great baking weekend is here.

    Mmuch better than the food of December 6,


    Not a big fan of that Southern dish.


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    Apr 21, 2003
    You are the busiest person I know !

    You shop, cook, work, clean, and keep the same wake up schedule daily
    Even on weekends or a day off work
    Sleeping in us foreign to you

    and it’s your day off work and still on a work schedule

    don’t you ever get tired?


    "Where's the fun without a bit of risk?"
    Mar 12, 2016
    Dropping by quickly to say good morning and happy Friday! It’s nice to see a lot more updates. A lot of givers this holiday season I see. Just dropping in since currently out and about helping my father since his car went out so had to call out work. Have a good day, everyone. Peace, homies! ✌
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    Oct 2, 2016
    Good morning everyone. I was going to come back and post last night, but after the students left I helped dh clean up and then sat down in my recliner and was asleep in minutes. I think we had about 13 or 14 students come over last night. Dh cooked spaghetti. He told them that they could bring something if they wanted, but it was not necessary. Most brought a dessert. We had so much food. One student, who is from India, brought samosas. I had never eaten a samosa before. Yum!
    Another one of his students is from China and was experiencing her very first American Christmas. She was fascinated by all of the houses that had lights outside and loved our Christmas tree. I saw her taking pictures of our tree and even some specific ornaments. She also fell in love with Caspian and played with him all night. She took pictures of him too. One of the other students said that she missed her pests back home.

    Yay, Charade getting gifts in. Yep, we are baking this weekend, will be gifts to offices, family and friends. We only keep a small bag for us to snack on. I won’t bake the rest of the season. We do some candy making and chocolate covered pretzels too. Thinking I will do fudge this year too. My dad used to make a great peanut butter fudge, so thinking of trying the recipe he had, and of course chocolate.
    Ooh, I'm coming to your house next week.

    Holiday stuff is beautiful........
    Thanks for the pictures.

    I would like to start putting up the tree. Now that we have an artificial one it is a little easier and I leave the bottom cat friendly from ornamnets.
    Surprisingly, our cat has left our tree alone so far.

    Hoping to start xmas shopping this weekend. I need some ideas for the youngest ds.
    I have had the same problem with B. She has only asked for 2 things. She's getting some things I think she needs.

    Howdy SAN'rs!
    MIA here too much...sorry...crazy bizzie! We're in the home stretch now for the Orlando trip...So gotta keep truckin' along here!
    Hope y'all are all doing OK!
    Have a great trip.

    we plan to do KSC tomorrow.
    I haven't been there since B was about 2 years old. I really should take her there the next time we go to FL.

    Going to spend day with granddaughter today. Shopping and visiting. She is graduating with her MBA Saturday. We are so proud of her.
    Congratulations to her.

    Don't know what I am going to do the rest of the day. The house is clean. I guess I will wrap some of the gifts that are starting to arrive.


    Proud Redhead...yes, I have some bananas!
    Dec 30, 2004
    Posted before I meant to......

    it is gorgeous today, sun is already hot and it is just so beautiful here. No jacket and shorts back on.......there is a little breeze which would have been so welcome in September.

    Holiday stuff is beautiful........

    Hope all are good :wave2:
    I wore a sweat shirt over tshirt and long pants all day lol. Long one that started pre rope drop at mgm. Got 138th boarding g group for RotR. At 9:40 pm were told no bueno. Wound up with a FP for the ride that we just used. Two complimentary one day PHs for our inconvenience a very nice & automatic gesture woot. Will use for family in future

    loved the ride. Totally blown away :)



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    Sep 14, 2016
    :wave2: doing a quick stop in again!!!

    I'm trying to stay busy and shred, watching youtube videos and look at warm beach destinations :rotfl:I'm toasty warm with the heater under my desk making it feel glorious!!!! The sun is shinning bright ( which usually means cold ) and it was chilly when i ran out at lunch.

    I made the mistake of showing my boys the video of the Rise of the Resistance Oh I have a feeling we might be heading to Disney and Universal in 2021. We discussed as a family that we thought this would be a good grad gift for our youndest ds for his graduation. He has definitely earned it. So I better get planning and saving now lol.

    Schumi and Keisha...I'm green with envy...I wish I could fit in your pocket and ride along with you!!!! Enjoy all the magic all the parks offer.

    Charade...your party sounds like it was a hit! This is probably the only time of the year I eat desserts! I'm a carb girl and will sniff out a bag of chips at 500 feet :rotfl2:

    Lynne...I'm tired just reading what you did!!! I hope you get to enjoy another cup of tea!!! I'll join you with an earl grey one!

    Bobbie...I'm glad your back!!!! I forgot to post that earlier. Moving is never easy and sooo much work. I haven't moved in 20 years...thank goodness. But we have helped others move, the dd move a few times...and I'm sure we will be helping our ds move in the near future. I can't wait to hear more from you.

    Robo...You sounds busy. And planning more trips...YAY!!!!!

    Well...I should probably eat a little something now. Picked up an extra shift tonight, to help out the friend who with her sick hubby.

    Have a great evening everyone!!!!


    Oct 31, 2000
    We got to do the Mummy Production Tour yesterday and we also stuck around to see the Macy's Parade and the Cinematic Celebration. It' like we are night owls now! So different from our usual routine.


    It's a bit of a roodie doodie word for lady parts
    May 15, 2007
    Like so many, quick drive by again today.......

    Had an amazing day at KSC was a little busier than last year, few school trips there, but they spread out quickly.

    So impressed with that place, can’t quite put into words. We arrived there at 9am and left at 5.30. Never spent so long in one place before here in Florida. And that was with no add ons.......just the basics.

    Weather is so beautiful........I do love this time of year in Florida......we are loving our time here again...met a family we met two years ago in the Club lounge too, they remembered us immediately and it is so lovely to see them again, they are from Australia and it’s always a lot of fun chatting to them every day.

    No idea yet what we’re doing today. But it’s to be warm and sunny......can’t ask for more.........

    Have a great Saturday..........

    Lynne G

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    Mar 29, 2009
    And it is a Saturday. Yay!

    Oven is on, and the smell of chocolate chip cookies is in the air. Time for another batch.

    Later homies. And a cup of coffee for me. Yep, Dsis is not a tea drinker, so coffee it is. And good thing too, while a pretty sunrise greeted us, oh 30 degrees out, so yeah, a bit cooler.

    Double Woot! Mummy fun for Squirlz, and outer space impressive visit for Schumi. Great the weather has been perfect for the visits from those in FLA.

    Mac, I enjoy being busy, and have been an early bird most of my life. I have had that wake up time for almost 30 years for work, so my head just says, wake up most of the time right around the time the alarm goes off, even when I am not working that day. Difference is, on a not work day, I am not moving as fast. And sometimes, when on vacation, or when I am exhausted, or not feeling well, I have been known to wake up after 10 am.

    Ack, oven timer says cookies are done.

    Have that super sized wonderful Saturday homies.


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    Apr 21, 2003
    Off to do a few errands
    Cats woke me up at feeding time

    They need to be retrained as 6:15-30 is too early to eat food when they live with an night owl like me

    This is supposed to be Mr Mac’s morning job

    A delight to hear from Schumi this morning
    So nice all 3 are together for this vacation
    Our kids may grow up but it is always special to spend trip time with them in their adult stage

    A hey to Lynne for being our official early bird
    Always the first to rise here and greets us to start our day

    Homies, enjoy your weekend!


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    Oct 2, 2016
    It's been a mostly lazy Saturday today. Dh is watching college football, and I'm reading a book. I did spend a couple of hours today trying to track a missing package. I had ordered a Vera Bradley ID holder from the Shop Disney site for B for Christmas. I got an email with a UPS tracking number that stated it had been shipped from Baltimore, MD on 11/29. There was no estimated delivery date, and no tracking updates since. I called UPS, but couldn't get any more than "It's in transit." I called Shop Disney and the CM I talked to was wonderful. She called UPS and was on hold for a while, so she offered to call me back as soon as she spoke to someone. When she called back she said that they had decided that the package must have been lost in transit. She said that they would ship out a new one, give me 2 day shipping, and credit me back for the shipping charge I had previously paid. Great customer service for something that wasn't even Disney's fault.

    Hope everyone is having a good Saturday. I'm going to get back to my book.

    Lynne G

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    Mar 29, 2009
    That was great service, and nice for you, Charade. Hope B likes the present.

    Taking a rest. Making up dough that can stay for hours in the frig.

    Way too many chocolate pretzels, three kinds of fudge, muffins and bread, after lots of chocolate chip and sugar cookies.

    Ah, great day so far.


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