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Jan 23, 2011
Traveling with Virgin from LGW to MCO next weekend. the youngest in our party is Autistic - he is 9.
I find it impossible to get a hold of VA special assistance - I did speak to them months ago at the time of booking but since then I can't get hold of them via email or phone.
I have the lanyard from Gatwick itself and the bookmark from Virgin plus the blue card from TSA in Orlando.

I just need a bullet point guide for arrival at LGW and where to go as far as security and screening etc. I also need to figure out the assistance we need in MCO - no way our son will tolerate the lines at immigration. I am concerned about this part - a meltdown after 9 hrs of flying is high......

Also has anyone experienced the DAS service at Disney - just trying to figure out the procedure and how it actually worked for people.



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Jan 6, 1999
You need to speak to Virgin atlantic special assistance- if you can't get through then just phone virgin as if your going to book a flight, then tell them your trying to speak to special assistance they will then put you through to them.
they will put it on your booking that you need SA all the crew will be informed on your flight
we flew from Manchester but im guessing it will be the same at lgw we walked towards the va check in desks and spoke to virgin staff who directed us to premium check in as it was quiet.
after check in we were told to go to the airports special assistance desks
a walk through immigration was arranged, with one of their team who accompanied my son to airside
on the plane the senior crew member introduced himself and asked if my son needed anything to let them know. as the plane was about to land, the announcement comes up -anyone requiring assistance please stay in your seat until everyone has left the plane - a crew member asked my son what help he needed and he said help going through immigration as he doesn't cope too well in crowded areas, a member of MCO staff was called to the plane, took him the back way through immigration and accompanied him through the airport, even staying with him until he boarded the disney express!
to clarify, my daughter took my son to Manchester airport and stayed with him until he went off through immigration, he has aspergers syndrome and it was his first time flying on his own! we were already in Orlando.
I hope this helps you, the first thing is to get hold of VA special assistance by phone, they will email you all the details as well


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Jul 11, 2005
Is this the email address you are trying? Special_Assistance@fly.virgin.com

If not give that a try. They also gave me number 0344 481 4455 which may be a different number to the one you have.

In terms of DAS, it works as a virtual queuing system in effect. You go to the ride you want to go on and ask for a return time. They then sort this out for the party (only one of you needs to be there to get the whole parties as long as they are all linked onto the DAS). Then you return at the time stated and usually pass through the fastpass queue area with little actual queuing. To get this you need to discuss it at guest services and the CM will then decide if you are eligible. They can link up to 6 people onto one DAS. The person with the DAS has to ride in order for the party to use the return time. Also you still have the regular Fast Pass system so its worth booking fastpasses too.


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