SSR 8/24-8/29 - Star Wars, Age, and Down time


DIS Veteran & DVC Owner at SSR
Nov 3, 2003
We asked our daughter what she wanted for her 16th Birthday, answer: “A trip to Disney and can I bring a friend?

Our vacation had finally arrived, the week we had been waiting and planning for months was finally here. We arrived at MCO on Saturday 8/24 around 11am and headed down to the magical express. Got chatting with some people in line, a nice way to begin vacation. The ride over always raises the excitement level, and seeing the smiles on my families faces is priceless. We got to check-in around 12:45, and our room was ready, Grandstand room 8632, we had never stayed in this section, but really enjoyed it. Best part is first on, first off the buses. The pool was never very crowded either. We hung out at the pool, and then walked to DS to the House of Blues for dinner. Everyone enjoyed their meals, and then we walked around before heading back.

Sunday 8/25 - EPCOT
Met a nice couple at the bus stop, and talked with them for most of the ride over. Hit test track immediately and walked right on. Then Mission Space, Spaceship Earth, and our fastpass for Soarin’. Got off and right back on Soarin as it was only 20 minute. Then, Living with the land, and now the world showcase was open. Hit Mexico ride, Frozen was about 35 minutes. Kids had lunch in China and did the 360 movie. We walked around a bit more, then went over to the Boardwalk for ice cream. Went back to our hotel to swim, it was hot! Hit the park again later to hear some music and see the fireworks.

Monday 8/26 - Animal Kingdom
Early magic hours (8-9), so we went right to Avatar. Waited a little over an hour, but so worth it, this is such a great ride. The other rides had very reasonable to short waits, we did Everest 3x as walk on, and once with FP. Barely any wait. Dinosaur 2x, and had FP for the Savannah ride. Bugs life movie to cool off, but the kali river rapids was down for a bit, then had a pretty long line. Everyone was hungry, so we ate at Rainforest. Around 4ish, the skies darkened, and we decided to head back. Power went out at SSR and DS for a little over an hour. We went to the main building and they were passing out waters, staff was very nice. It was sad to see a number of guests overreacting, and being rude to staff. The power issue was resolved pretty quick. The lightening was really impressive to watch.

Tuesday 8/27 - MK for the Halloween Party
It was great to have this day to kick back and relax. My wife and I walked the nature path to OKW, stopped for a swim. Walked back to the treehouse villa section and had that pool completely to ourselves. Fantastic! Took the boat to DS, and got a chicken sandwich at Guy Fieri’s Chicken Guy place,very good and a reasonably priced quick service. Along with the Earl, this is a great option. Parade and fireworks at the party were impressive, and most of the rides were walk-on waits, Space Mountain had the longest lines, but we got 4 rides in. Still loving Haunted Mansion. Closed the park.

Wednesday 8/28 - Relax
Wednesday, Down day! Wife got up for Yoga, I slept in a bit and met her for Breakfast at the Earl. Decided to explore Wilderness Lodge today, we love the resort. Took a bus to MK and then the boat over to WL. Relaxed at the pool, such a great vibe at this place. Walked around, saw the cabins for the first time, the look amazing. A fun relaxing afternoon. Went to DS and had dinner at Raglan Road, fun atmosphere. Evening was spent at the pool. The Disney tired was setting in.

Thursday 8/29 -HS /Star Wars

Yes, we decided to give it a shot on opening day. Got to the park about 6:20, so we missed the 6am opening, just running short on steam at this point. They were giving boarding passes, so you had specific time you could enter the Star Wars area. We saw wait times at 300 minutes, it was 180 while we were in. The land was impressive, but no one felt like waiting that long. The TOT, and Aerosmith Coaster had short to no waits. We were all kind of beat on this day, we took it slow and stayed until 3 or so.

It was a great trip. I will say, that for the first time I can remember in our 20 years of regular visits, I really felt it on this trip. We averaged about 12 miles a day. I must be getting old. We loved every minute, and fully enjoyed this trip. The worst part as most know was getting the tragical express at 3am for our flight home.

I wish everyone who is there now a safe vacation and trip home, and hopefully no issues with Dorian.

Until next time, as my post Disney depression (PDD) kicks in, thanks for reading, and I look forward to reading everyone’s trip reports.


DIS Veteran
Mar 8, 2017
Sounds like a wonderful trip! Thanks for posting. We are 81 days out from our next one and these really get the excitement level up.


DIS Veteran & DVC Owner at SSR
Nov 3, 2003
Thanks! I enjoy reading the posts as well, now I have to think/plan our next one, and get the vibe back. Back to work today, not easy hitting up against reality after a week in WDW


DIS Veteran
May 26, 2003
Enjoyed your trip report :) I have a question - you mentioned swimming at WL. I didn't know you could pool hop unless this is okay being a DVC member? Thanks!


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