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    Hello. I am looking for some info on the 5k race. This is the first time we have done a runDisney event and the website is not very informative so looking for some help.

    Where is the 5k run?

    The website mentions that transportation is provided from event host resorts. We are staying at the Beach Club - will we get transportation from there?

    Thanks so much for any info!
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    Dec 15, 2014

    Basically on Thursday you will need to hop on the bus and go to the expo to pick up your bib - open 10am to 7p. There are buses - usually grouped by resorts. Last year i was staying at the BW and the bus i needed stopped at S&D, BW and YC/BC. they start 1/2 hour before and go 1/2 hr after. My experience is that they don't run as often as say the park buses. I missed the first expo bus and was waiting quite awhile for it. I am actually considering taking a Minnie van to get there this year. There are very clear runDisney signs where those specific buses will pick you up. You will notice them Thursday morning. It is only from the resort to the expo and back to the resort - so if you have any plans to go right to a park you might want to think of the Minnie van or something else.

    Friday morning for the event you will need to catch a bus by no later than 4:30 am -(Id' say be out there no later than 4:15am- it makes for a rough day, but it is quite an experience, so it is worth it. You will arrive at the Epcot parking lot where there will be character meets/photos. They have some entertainment and roughly 5:30 they will send the herd of people to all the corrals.

    It says the race starts at 6:00, but i would guess i didn't get started until after 6:30 _ I was in C. Along the route there will be many photo pass photographers - so make sure your bib number is clearly visible -- this is how they will link it to your account. There will also be many character meets on the course. There will also be country representatives along the route.

    You can google the race course , but basically the first mile is the parking lot and access road bringing you to enter Epcot by mexico. It was amazing being there so early with no one in the countries -- i stopped to take many pictures just of the countries all closed up, topiaries and got a great shot of the monorail traveling by during sunrise. They even honked their horn for us!

    There will be many people who are walking most of the course - they do try to emphasize running edict, but you will encounter the family stretched across the course.

    At the end of the course -- again multiple photopass photographers as you approach the finish. Once you finish you will be handed a metal and then there are spots to take a finisher picture. You can pick up your gEar bag (given to you at the expo - basically just a clear shopping bag) if needed to store anything while you run. You will grab some snacks and drinks and hop on a bus to head back to your resort. I believe i was back at my resort by 7:45 (because i had to be showed and ready for an 8:45 conference at the S&D). They had a fleet of buses all lined up ready to get everyone back to their resorts. They are very efficient because they need to get everything cleared out to open the park.

    I didn't last long that day simply because i was run ragged from my conference all week (up at 5 am and going until late in the evening). To make any use of Friday make sure you get to bed early Thursday night because that 3:30am alarm comes quick. Of course the Disney adrenaline will likely help you keep going. But plan to take a nap when you are done or at least a good afternoon rest if you have any evening plans

    Everything is pretty easy to figure our. Last year was my first one so i was a little worried about knowing where to be and when. Buses are all very clearly labled so you should have no trou

    Here is the digital event guide from this past years event.
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    All onsite resorts are host resorts nowadays. So yes you’ll have expo and race transportation.
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    RunDisney contracts outside bus services to transport runners to the expo and running events. These buses pick up in a different location from the regular Disney bus system. All Disney resorts as well as Swan/Dolphin and Shades of Green are on the contracted bus loops. There have been signs as well as a runDisney representative at all resorts to answer questions. Some are more knowledgeable than others...:rotfl:

    I also think it’s important to note theses are not regular Disney property drivers so they tend to not know the fastest routes. I would take the first available bus to running events in the off chance they get lost!

    The 5k has been in EPCOT in the past. It starts before park opening so you will still need to take some form of transportation to the parking lot for the start of the race.

    Hope this helps!

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