Starbucks vs Joffrey's: Choose Your Side


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Nov 30, 2013
City Brew
Mountain Mudd although since they got rid of their granita mixes (an oreo year round and strawberry in the summer I haven't stopped at one when out and about. That and they got rid of their punch cards and stopped doing the reduced price kids hot chocolate which was half filled with hot cocolate made with milk with cold chocolate milk added to cool it down so little ones could drink it in a short cup with the straw cut in half
Folger's individual bags medium roast add additional water and Hill's Brothers Caramel Capachino Mix with water from the tea kettle perfered microwave if I am despirate (I will just bring this when I travel and use water in my hotel room at least for my morning cup. During the day I am adding a stick of electro fuel to my water that I rotate and sometimes mix with my other hydration sticks.
Everything else especially if they have anything equivelent to my favorite drinks which roate through
Huckleberry Green Tea Frappe with whip (sadly only a seasonal drink the rest of the year it is just the green tea frappe)
Iced skinny campfire mocha (chocolate with toasted marshmallow)
Grizzly Granita (Chocolate with peanutbutter topped with whip and then drizzled with chocolate sauce)
Montana Lemonaid (been changed to sparkling lemonaid with choice of huckleberry or peach but those of us who have been going to City Brew when it was just local-they are now in MT, WY, and ND Huckleberry is Montana Lemonaid and Peach is Cowboy Lemonaid so ordering it that way is letting them know that you have been a loyal customer for years-yes I am one of their perks members).
The only drink I really like at Starbucks is their caramel apple cider but since that is seasonal I don't get to have it that often, I have not had joffrey's since on our so far only trip to WDW my youngest was still young enough to be sleeping in a crib still and thus mama could put the child with sleep issues (we have found that the cause may be genetic still waiting to see if DH or I have this same gene varient) in the crib, shut the bedroom door and not have to worry about said child getting into any trouble-usually child got bored and just went to sleep so I got sleep back then and didn't need to exist on coffee)


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