Sugar Rush: Extra Racer on track, possibly a glitch!

Courtesy Arlabon

Earning My Ears
Nov 26, 2012
I've been playing the web game "Sugar Rush" from the "Wreck-it Ralph" movie, and noticed a racer just hanging around the finish line with a grayed out icon of candle-head on the mini-map At first I just assumed it was the last racer on the list, until she started showing up on the early tracks which are supposed to have only four racers. She showed up as a fifth racer, and wasn't listed when the scores were given out. I on occasion managed to get a look at the back of her cart and she wears a green hoody "like Vanellope" pulled up over her head, and her cart looks a little like the one vanellope built herself. She throws sweet seekers at me too.

She stopped just hanging around the finish line and started racing the other drivers, and even won once(she stayed ahead of me the entire race, and I was credited as the winner.), but she still doesn't show up on the scoreboard! I hope she got an upgraded cart before she beat me. Is this Vanellope's only role in the web-game?

Spoiler Alert!

She crossed the finish line a number of times when just hanging around; occasionally the drivers drive backwards; and definitely crossed it when she should have won. Shouldn't she be considered a real racer and show up on the scoreboard by the movie's rules? I would like to race as her instead of just getting sweet seekers from her.


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