Sunny Halloween at the Cheyenne Day 1

Ms Poppins

I'm sure I'm very affected by all this Disney talk
Mar 14, 2009

The Cast:

Me – Julie 43
DH – John 47
DS1 – Mark 24
DS1 GF – Macie 21
DS2 – Lewis 14

Day 1

Monday 15 October 2018

We were on the road for 10am and reached Liverpool around 2pm, following a short stop for some lunch at services. It was a nice clear day and an easy journey.

Having flown from Liverpool a few times now we know the area around the airport so headed to the retail park for a spot of shopping and food at Pizza Hut.

Then we were off to the airport and soon through security and onto our flight which took off on time at 18:10. We arrived slightly early, as we often do in Paris, and with only hand luggage we were soon through passport control and met our driver from Ezyshuttle.

Traffic was light at this time of the evening, around 20:40 by now and excitement built as we soon spied Space Mountain from the road :banana:

We checked into Hotel Cheyenne for the first time in 20 years…. Our rooms were Wyoming, 2 double beds in each room and near the river. We were in block 21, Jesse James, on the ground floor.

All huge Toy Story fans, we adored the theming in these rooms – really lovely. I’ll do a full hotel review for the page later, but in short we found nothing that bothered us here and enjoyed the stay.

P1010312 (800x600).jpg

We dropped our stuff and made our way to the Village via the walkway by the river. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly we reached the lake and the familiar Hotel New York was soon in view.

P1010318 (800x600).jpg

It was a beautiful night, and we walked the length of the Village to show Macie around. The park had closed at 8pm so we took our time wandering around. As we walked past the Walt Disney Studios the moon cast a sinister light over Tower of Terror and we stopped for some pictures.

P1010322 (800x600).jpg

Then we wandered to the Disneyland Hotel to show Macie how gorgeous it is in the evening :love:

P1010323 (800x600).jpg

P1010324 (800x600).jpg

P1010325 (800x600).jpg

P1010327 (800x600).jpg

We spent some time in World of Disney. Macie got a couple of pairs of ears and we all got some bits and pieces we liked.

New statues??

P1010330 (800x600).jpg

Starting to feel hungry we made our way to Earl of Sandwich and enjoyed a sit down. It was about 10:30.

P1010332 (800x600).jpg

Ear modelling.....

P1010334 (800x600).jpg
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Ms Poppins

I'm sure I'm very affected by all this Disney talk
Mar 14, 2009
After strolling back to the Cheyenne we popped into the Red Garter Saloon for a drink. It's nice and cosy in here and the staff were lovely, having a joke with Lewis too.

P1010336 (800x600).jpg

P1010337 (800x600).jpg

P1010338 (800x600).jpg

Soon we headed back to our rooms and collapsed around midnight.

We said we’d make the most of our short 2 days here so alarms were set and we agreed to be up and ready for 8am to make the most of EMH or as we had started calling it for Macie ‘Pure Magic Hours’ (we were teaching her Glaswegian :laughing:)


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