Sunny Halloween at the Cheyenne Day 2

Ms Poppins

I'm sure I'm very affected by all this Disney talk
Mar 14, 2009
Day 1

The Cast:

Me – Julie 43
DH – John 47
DS1 – Mark 24
DS1 GF – Macie 21
DS2 – Lewis 14

Day 2
Tuesday 16 October

I didn’t sleep well….I never do anywhere we stay, and for some reason I just could not drop off so I was quite happy when it got to 7am and I felt it was acceptable to get up.

Mark knocked the connecting door around 8am and took our Starbucks orders. Lewis went with him but Mark was soon back when he was told that they didn’t accept the Hotel Magic Pass that he’d set up to pay for things during the stay. So I gave him my Revolut card for payment. Very handy having a Starbucks at the hotel and also good that our building was quite close to everything.

Latte’s in hand, we headed off round the river to the parks and reached the entrance just before 8:30.

P1010339 (800x600).jpg

It was already looking like a nice warm day ahead, the sun was starting to shine and I was comfortable without a jacket.

We showed our Magic Passes and headed through the turnstyles. Macie was through first with her ticket but the rest of us were stopped with our Annual Passes and asked for additional photo ID as it was our first time using them. I don’t recall being told this during the application process or having to do this the last time we had AP’s. I’d left our passports in the hotel. The CM was a bit nippy but he was then called away to another gate and his colleague that took over didn’t see a problem and let us through fine. I’ve since checked when I came home through all the emails/website and cannot see anything about this…..

Anyway, we were in :cheer2: Fantastic decoration on Main St Station as usual.

P1010341 (800x600).jpg

Loved the Cup Cakes everywhere to celebrate Mickey’s 90th Birthday.

P1010342 (600x800).jpg

What a shame they need to rope them off though...

Town Square was vibrant and gorgeous with the Halloween decorations. I love the ghosts and the noises they make, it’s such fun :rotfl:

P1010344 (800x600).jpg

P1010345 (800x600).jpg

P1010346 (800x600).jpg

P1010347 (800x600).jpg

P1010349 (800x600).jpg

We took our time savouring Main St and letting Macie take it all in. It was busy already and the sun was starting to come out. It was going to be a beautiful day. Pluto was meeting at the boarding house and Donald was in his Maleficent outfit at Casey’s Corner.

We strolled on to the Castle.

P1010350 (800x600).jpg

Into Fantasyland and Maleficent's Bramble was looking fabulous.

P1010351 (800x600).jpg

Ms Poppins

I'm sure I'm very affected by all this Disney talk
Mar 14, 2009
Into Fantasyland we headed to Peter Pan first. It wasn’t open yet, technical difficulties but we waited a few minutes and managed to get on with just a few minutes wait.

P1010352 (800x600).jpg

By the time we came off the queue was right round the whole area, showing a 30 minute wait. It was only about 15 minutes into EMH. The golden days of a quiet Fantasyland and empty Main St seem to be gone now…..

Fantasyland Cupcake near Meet Mickey

P1010354 (600x800).jpg

Dumbos was next with only a 10 minute wait.

P1010357 (800x600).jpg

P1010358 (800x600).jpg

I adore the view from Dumbo, Fantasyland looks beautiful. But my photos never seem to do it justice. I still take them though :laughing:

P1010361 (800x600).jpg

Keeping with tradition, the Teacups were next which was a walk on.

P1010362 (800x600).jpg

P1010628 (800x450).jpg

Off now to Discoveryland and the Castle Stage looking beautiful in the sun

P1010368 (800x600).jpg

Discoveryland Cup Cake

P1010369 (600x800).jpg

Buzz already had a 30 minute wait and we didn’t want to queue just yet. Mark and Macie went off to Hyperspace Mountain and the rest of us took a stroll around Discoveryland and then had a seat in Videopolis. They were only about 15 minutes and loved the new Star Wars overlay.


Ms Poppins

I'm sure I'm very affected by all this Disney talk
Mar 14, 2009
Hungry for food we exited the park and Macie knocked on the secret door for Salon Mickey.

We were told to take two food items each and enjoy some drinks. I took a croissant and the Halloween muffin which was delicious. Where else do you get to have cakes and hot chocolate for breakfast :hyper:

P1010370 (800x600).jpg

I love relaxing in here and enjoying being so close to the park, but away from the bustle.

P1010371 (800x600).jpg

P1010372 (800x600).jpg

I asked the CM in here if we could make restaurant reservations. We had hoped for Plaza Gardens or Remy’s tonight/tomorrow but both were fully booked. We made a reservation for the buffet at our hotel as I’d hoped to try and book the Paris evening tour for this evening.

It was after 10 now so the park was filling up. We left Salon Mickey through the special door and wandered over to City Hall with the intention of going in to try and book the Paris tour but there was a queue right back to the train station so we didn’t bother.

Off through Liberty Arcade and over to Frontierland so we could get some fast passes for Big Thunder Mountain.

They always do such a great job of decorating Frontierland :thumbsup2

P1010374 (800x600).jpg

Frontierland Cup Cake

P1010375 (600x800).jpg

P1010376 (800x600).jpg

The Coco theming is absolutely stunning and so suited to Frontierland. It’s so lovely. I could spend all day here.

Get ready for some photo overload....

P1010378 (600x800).jpg

P1010379 (800x600).jpg

P1010380 (600x800).jpg

P1010381 (800x600).jpg
  • Ms Poppins

    I'm sure I'm very affected by all this Disney talk
    Mar 14, 2009
    Fast passes got for later we headed to Adventureland for Pirates.

    P1010392 (800x600).jpg

    As we approached the ride we could see it was closed, again technical problems. But we hung around for a short while and I took some photos of Skull Rock.

    P1010394 (800x600).jpg

    Captain Hook was meeting nearby. Within a few minutes the ride opened and we ended up being in the second boat out. I always feel like I’m ‘there’ when I’m sitting on Pirates – love it. The blinkin’ pirate wasn’t swinging again though….

    P1010395 (600x800).jpg

    Macie loved it and was surprised by the bigger drop

    P1010396 (600x800).jpg

    P1010397 (800x600).jpg

    P1010398 (800x600).jpg

    We spent some time exploring Adventure Isle and had fun on the suspension bridge. Lovely to see Russel and Carl back where they belong

    P1010399 (800x600).jpg

    P1010400 (800x600).jpg

    Ms Poppins

    I'm sure I'm very affected by all this Disney talk
    Mar 14, 2009
    P1010401 (800x600).jpg

    Adventureland Cup Cake

    P1010402 (600x800).jpg

    P1010403 (600x800).jpg

    More strolling around Adventureland and some shops. Some hat trying on by Lewis – he can’t resist them…

    P1010405 (800x600).jpg

    Into the Aladdin walk through

    P1010407 (800x600).jpg

    The sun was really shining now, so we couldn't resist another castle photo

    P1010408 (600x800).jpg

    Traditional Coca Cola truck photo

    P1010409 (800x600).jpg

    And Main St poses

    P1010411 (800x600).jpg

    P1010412 (800x600).jpg

    The windows were looking beautiful as always

    P1010413 (600x800).jpg

    Ms Poppins

    I'm sure I'm very affected by all this Disney talk
    Mar 14, 2009
    P1010414 (600x800).jpg

    P1010415 (800x600).jpg

    We checked for City Hall again but there was still a massive queue so again left it. I don't think I've ever seen such long queues to get into City Hall...

    We were almost in time for our BTM passes so spent some time in Frontierland again looking around Boot Hill. Phantom Manor is still closed for refurb but the outside is finished. It’s looking good.

    P1010419 (600x800).jpg

    P1010420 (800x600).jpg

    More photos of the Coco theming – stunning. It goes all the way round to Cowboy Cookout

    P1010421 (800x600).jpg

    P1010422 (600x800).jpg

    P1010423 (600x800).jpg

    P1010424 (600x800).jpg

    P1010425 (600x800).jpg

    P1010429 (800x600).jpg
  • Ms Poppins

    I'm sure I'm very affected by all this Disney talk
    Mar 14, 2009
    I'm sure this frame used to be in the Village, but maybe a different colour?

    P1010430 (600x800).jpg

    P1010431 (600x800).jpg

    P1010432 (600x800).jpg

    Then it was time for BTM. Lewis asked for the back seats and we were lucky to get them. DH sat this one out as he was feeling a bit dizzy and didn’t want to make it worse. We all loved this – it seems to get faster every time we go on it!

    P1010433 (800x600).jpg

    As we left here we saw a band marching through Frontierland. They sounded great!

    P1010627 (800x450).jpg

    We headed through Adventureland and saw King Louie as we went

    P1010437 (800x600).jpg

    Stopped off to show Macie the Coca Cola can and thankfully the sound effects were working great!

    P1010438 (600x800).jpg

    We popped over to Fantasyland for a wee ride on the Story Boats. It was a perfect day for it and even better it was a walk on.

    P1010439 (800x600).jpg

    P1010440 (800x600).jpg

    P1010445 (800x600).jpg

    Ms Poppins

    I'm sure I'm very affected by all this Disney talk
    Mar 14, 2009
    P1010450 (800x600).jpg

    No dancing!

    P1010444 (800x600).jpg

    Next up was into Discoveryland and we grabbed some fast passes for Buzz. The kids all went onto Star Tours with a 15 minute wait and DH and I enjoyed a rest in the shade. It was getting really hot now.

    P1010453 (800x600).jpg

    The Halloween parade was due to start so we got a decent spot near the Castle Stage and enjoyed this so much. I didn’t realise there was short dance on the 4 stages they’ve got set up in the hub. So glad they didn’t put that big old stage they had before back. Honestly there’s not that much to see so I wouldn’t spend ages trying to get a spot in the hub, but the parade itself is fantastic, in particular I loved the new Phantom Manor float.

    P1010612 (800x450).jpg

    P1010613 (800x450).jpg

    P1010614 (800x450).jpg

    P1010615 (800x450).jpg

    P1010616 (800x450).jpg

    P1010617 (800x450).jpg

    P1010618 (800x450).jpg

    Ms Poppins

    I'm sure I'm very affected by all this Disney talk
    Mar 14, 2009
    P1010619 (800x450).jpg

    P1010620 (800x450).jpg

    P1010621 (800x450).jpg

    P1010622 (800x450).jpg

    P1010623 (800x450).jpg

    P1010625 (800x450).jpg

    P1010626 (800x450).jpg

    When this finished it was time for our Buzz Fast Passes. I won with a great score and DH was not happy at all, lol

    P1010460 (800x600).jpg

    P1010461 (800x600).jpg

    P1010462 (800x600).jpg

    Ms Poppins

    I'm sure I'm very affected by all this Disney talk
    Mar 14, 2009
    Hungry again we headed over to Hakuna Matata. Mark was dressed for the occasion.

    P1010470 (800x600).jpg

    Love the chicken strip and waffle fries in here.

    P1010464 (800x600).jpg

    Then we visited the dragon under the castle

    P1010471 (600x800).jpg

    And explored upstairs

    P1010472 (800x600).jpg

    Maleficent was meeting beside her scary bramble

    P1010473 (800x600).jpg

    P1010474 (800x600).jpg

    P1010478 (800x600).jpg

    DH fancied some Ice Cream but the queue in Gibson Girl was massive. We decided to head over to the Studios and said we’d grab some Ice Cream later.

    On the way we popped into City Hall, no queue, but unfortunately the Paris tour was fully booked. Oh well, we knew we were taking a chance, but as we’d booked the entire trip last minute it didn’t really matter. It would mean we could spend more time in the parks :cool1:

    Lovely Harringtons window display

    P1010479 (800x600).jpg

    Off we went on the short stroll to the Studios

    P1010480 (800x600).jpg

    P1010481 (800x600).jpg
  • Ms Poppins

    I'm sure I'm very affected by all this Disney talk
    Mar 14, 2009
    The kids had a screaming match with the monsters….

    P1010483 (800x600).jpg

    P1010485 (800x600).jpg

    P1010486 (800x600).jpg

    And Lewis couldn’t resist Guido and Luigi as usual…

    P1010487 (800x600).jpg

    Off now and into La Place de Remy – so beautiful here, I love it

    P1010488 (800x600).jpg

    P1010490 (800x600).jpg

    We joined the single rider line for Ratatoullie, with a 15 minute wait. Some folks must have heard about the secret queue, lol

    The ride was great again :thumbsup2

    We wandered Toy Story Playland as the kids wanted to do RC, but it had a 50 minute wait.

    P1010491 (800x600).jpg

    Everyone was feeling a bit tired, so we decided to leave the park for now and head back to the hotel for a rest.

    Off through the Village

    Ms Poppins

    I'm sure I'm very affected by all this Disney talk
    Mar 14, 2009
    P1010492 (800x600).jpg

    We grabbed some Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream at the end of the village and enjoyed this as we strolled back to the hotel.

    P1010497 (800x600).jpg

    Into the hotel shop we grabbed some juice and few bits before heading back to our rooms for a bit of a rest. I think it must have been about 6pm now. Nobody was particularly hungry so we decided not to go for dinner and get something later after we’d been back to the park. I called housekeeping and asked for some more pillows in the hope I might get a better sleep tonight. They were delivered within about 10 minutes which was great.

    After a bit of a rest we headed back to the park again and were in Main St just in time for Illuminations.

    P1010504 (800x600).jpg

    We watched it from the bottom on Main St but honestly I’m just not interested in it. I think it’s because I loved Dreams so much. It’s good, the kids loved the Star Wars and Pirates sections and I suppose if you've never seen Dreams you'd enjoy it for what it is. But I really miss the story that Dreams told and the emotion it evoked. So DH and I popped into the sweet shop instead and got some of the strawberry fudge that I love :goodvibes

    As soon as the show finished, we darted into the shops to miss the stampede of people heading out of the park. We took our time and eventually braved the exit.

    More hat trying on…

    P1010507 (600x800).jpg

    P1010508 (800x600).jpg

    P1010509 (800x600).jpg

    Looking for somewhere to eat we agreed on Annette’s but knew it would be busy. So we walked the length of the Village before turning back and deciding to just wait for Annette’s as we can’t have a visit to Disney without eating in Annette’s, can we? DH and I stood in the queue whilst the kids went off for a drink and watched the football. It turned out that France were playing at home tonight so if we’d gone on the Paris Tour we might have got caught up in traffic anyway. And Mark and Macie had really enjoyed Illuminations so everyone was happy.

    P1010331 (800x600).jpg

    We waited about 35 minutes and finally got a table around 9:30pm

    P1010510 (800x600).jpg

    P1010514 (800x600).jpg

    Food was lovely and service quick. Really enjoy eating here, just wish they would have the music on like they used to.

    We strolled back through the village in and out of some shops. I got a new Coco themed t-shirt which I love.

    P1010518 (600x800).jpg

    Mark and Macie went for a drink in the New York bar and DH, Lewis and I headed back to the hotel. I popped into Starbucks just before closing and picked up the Disneyland Park mug that I knew our DD had tried to find on her last visit. We’d tried the Village Starbucks but they’d only had the Studios mug in there, so I was happy I’d found it.

    We popped into the bar and DH got some ice for our drinks.

    Back to our room we settled down and Mark and Macie were back before too long. They said they definitely wanted to do Pure Magic Hours again tomorrow to try for Crush, so alarm was set again for 7am. Sleep was not long coming….


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