The adventures of Tiggerdad (A collection of camping locations, mishaps, reviews, alterations, food, and whatever else I can find)

  • Stratman50th

    Nov 17, 2019
    Had a great time reading this! I really enjoy other peoples stories about their rigs, places they've been, restaurants and family.
    Thanks for posting!
  • tiggerdad

    I don't always get distracted but whe...SQUIRREL!
    Jul 8, 2009
    Being from MS, I'm an avid outdoorsman and hunter. On my property I have several stands. My "wet weather" stand is this one:


    I put a few "ease of access" options on it. Mainly for my dad making it easier for him to hunt.

    CANNOT STAND how the Dis makes all vertical pictures twisted...Ed you might need to upload that dog gif.

    Anyway, I noticed back during hunting season I kept fondling fresh leaves and vines in the stand. I thought I was just tracking them in. Well, it's been about a month since end of season, but I feed the deer and other wildlife all year. Today I was filling up my feed troughs when I heard a racket in my stand. 2 squirrels ran out of it and up a tree.

    Opened the door and found this.

    One of my "boys" has moved in.


    On the left is a pile of pine comb shavings. Apparently the "dining room".

    Oh well. Its theirs until november anyway.


    I don't always get distracted but whe...SQUIRREL!
    Jul 8, 2009
    Well, today is March 1st. Around the Tiggerdad household this means one thing:

    Official beginning to camping season! At least, maintenance wise anyway. My Jayco came with lifetime warranty, for this however I need to have it serviced each year. I've been without rain for 4 days, so I could move her to the house to unload my stuff.

    I park it behind my house out by the lake. It cant be seen from the road so folks don't know when I'm camping.


    Got everything out and leaving it open today. Have a nice breeze and she needs to air out.

    That drive behind it is a road I built through the woods leading back to the lake and where I park my trailers. I gotta get some gravel on it, but rainy season kicked in before I could get it done in the fall.


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