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Mama to a Princess - But I'm A Scrap Princess!
Sep 26, 2004
Good morning!

Still snowing! Pretty sure I have close to a foot. School cancelled again, guess it’s pretty icy out. Going to have a sucky pay check. Megan doesn’t have classes until after noon.

Becky continued prayers for your dad
Char hope you’re staying warm
Hi Nan hope you get to scrap today

Run/empty dishwasher
Load of towels
Get snow off my back deck later
Get my things packed up for the craft fair Saturday.
Clean up desk

Have a wonderful day!


Scrapbook Mom
Dec 28, 2005
Good morning...

Becky -- continued prayers from our home to yours.
Chae -- hope all is well.
Lisa -- sorry about the snow..


once over house
finish bonus rooms tree lights/ kids will decorate tonight
small list of to-dos

Have a wonderful day!


DIS Veteran
Mar 17, 2014

m2mrb - we have lots of snow too - it’s beautiful!
PN96 - Christmas is such a festive time!
P2000 - continuing to pray -

Clean out fridge
Christmas cards
Supper - turkey enchiladas (that should be the end of this year’s turkey)

Have a great day!


Life is out there waiting so go and get it!
Nov 26, 2006

Well much to all of our surprise, Dad was released from the hospital around 5pm yesterday! He lost 27lbs of fluid and the cardioversion got his heart back into a regular rhythm. He's wiped out, having slept in a chair during his hosptial stay, so we are resting here for the next next couple of days before I drive him back, in his car, to Atlanta. We'll head out Thursday and I'll catch a flight home on Saturday (my sister can take me to the airport - she lives 2 miles from Dad).

Thank you for all the prayers and good thoughts - they most certainly helped!

So today I'm working on laundry and packing as I have a hair and dr appt myself tomorrow!

Enjoy your day!


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