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    The purpose of this thread is to track rumors that are posted on this board and other various places on the Disney interwebs. My hope is this thread will help us look where rumors came from and when and if they became true. This first post will be updated to reflect rumors. I am also open to suggestions on how to improve this thread.

    This thread will be color coded.

    Some dates come from

    Green- Rumor that became true

    Red- Dead rumor

    Blue- New rumor or Rumor updated


    Magic Kingdom

    Wreck it Ralph attraction in Stitch's Great Escape? -
    August 1st, 2016
    Stitch will change to a new Wreck it Ralph based attraction. Magic Feather (WDWMagic), and Martin Smith (WDWMagic).
    Update- Theme is still up in the air. Possibly Wreck it Ralph but might be something else unnamed at this time.
    Update October 2017 - Ride queue is now a meet and greet for Stitch
    Update January 2018 - Ride is in seasonal mode for the time being
    Update March 2018 - Still in flux

    Tomorrowland rename
    CarouselOf on Twitter is reporting Tomorrowland will be renamed to Discoveryland.

    Tomorrowland renovation/expansion?
    Martin Smith and Magicfeather on WDWMagic have stated that plans are in place for Tomorrowland renovations and a possible expansion. However the full plan has not been approved yet.
    a. Stitch to be replaced
    b. Tomorrowland Speedway- updates, reduction, and replacements are on the table
    c. Carousel of Progress final scene update
    March 2017 - from MagicFeather and Martin and others - Tomorrowland is getting some love, TRON will be in TL in some form, prior to 50th. One rumor is Tron Coaster in Speedway(Jim Hill), but that has been shot down by Martin and MagicFeather. More likely is some other revamp for the Speedway. It could be a new ride.
    Update July 2017 - Speedway will be saved and updated in time for the 50th anniversary

    Update September 2017 - Carousel of Progress' finale scene will get an update
    Update January 2017 - Possible overhaul to People Mover
    Update February 2017 - Tron Construction has begun.
    Update March 2018 - Land clearing is well underway for Tron which is set to open Spring 2021. Other parts of Tomorrowland will get updates.
    Update April 2018 - Paint renovations of Tomorrowland have started to have been revealed. New purple wall and other areas have debuted as well as the removal of the Toy Story merchandise kiosk.
    Update May 2018 - Per Martin on WDWMagic, Carousel of Progress, Peoplemover, and Speedway will get updates for the 50th.

    Update June 2018 - Per Martin on WDWMagic, Peoplemover could see several IPs sprinkled throughout.

    50th anniversary plans
    March 2017- Spirit(WDW1974) and others have noted that WDW will get 50 enhancements for the 50th anniversary, includes refurbs, plussing, new attractions and more. Unclear if it includes things like Star Wars land, and resort changes.

    May 2017- Spirit(WDW1974) at WDWMagic says the 50th budget needs to be approved by this fall in order for the bigger items to have time to get done.

    Happily Ever After replacement for the 50th

    April 2018 - According to MansionButler84 The WDW 50th celebrations will run from Summer 2021 to the end of 2022.

    Enchanted Tiki Room to Close? WDW1974 (WDWMagic) April 15th, 2017
    Due to guest satisfaction and low foot traffic Disney is apparently looking to close the Enchanted Tiki Room for either something new or an overlay such as the Stitch version in Tokyo.
    Update November 2017 - Moana could join the birds from WDWMagic posters

    Moana in Adventureland?
    April 18th, 2017 - Jim Hill is reporting due to a recent height balloon test in Adventureland that Disney is considering an old concept Fire Mountain with a Moana theme.

    Magic Kingdom Nighttime Parade
    A new nighttime parade will be created for MK for the 50th anniversary in 2021
    April 2018 - Still very much on pace for the WDW 50th according to WDWMagic sources.
    May 2018 - The earliest we could see a new nighttime parade is for the 50th anniversary according to former MK VP Dan Cockerell in an interview with Big Fat Panda. They were exploring options for guest flow at night while he was leaving.

    Jungle Cruise Refresh?
    Spring 2017
    - Dwayne Johnson posted that he was working with Disney on a new Jungle Cruise film as well as an update for the attraction.

    Haunted Mansion Restaurant
    July 2017
    - WDW1974 on WDWmagic is reporting that a Haunted Mansion dining experience is still in the works.

    Magic Kingdom Theater
    July 2017 - Announced at D23
    Update - October 2017 Construction is set to begin in November, and the theater is rumored to have all the "bells and whistles" according to DCharacterNews on Twitter.
    Update December 2017 - Theater will be similar in size to Hyperion in DCA and open May 2020.

    Update January 2018 - Project cancelled... Money to be allocated elsewhere.
    April 2018 - WDWNT is reporting that this money is going towards new monorails however several other sources indicate otherwise.
    May 2018 - Dan Cockerell in an interview with Big Fat Panda said the money from this project will be going to other Magic Kingdom projects and the theater may be revisited at some point.

    Mickey's Philharmagic Changes?
    October 2017 - Martin from WDWMagic is reporting the content of the film will be updated.
    May 2018 - Philharmagic is going to Disneyland Paris in the Discoveryland Theater

    New Halloween Projection Firework show?
    October 2017 - Jim Hill is reporting Disney is working on a new Halloween fireworks show for either 2018 or 2019.

    Possible new songs for the Country Bears?
    December 2017 - Martin at WDWMagic says the Country Bears could get an update with new songs

    Possible People Mover overhaul
    January 2018 - Martin at WDWMagic says an overhaul for the people mover is in the works likely as part of the Tomorrowland refresh for the 50th anniversary.
    May 2018 - Martin says the Peoplemover will get updated for the 50th and include new scenes.

    June 2018 - Martin says the Peoplemover could see several IPs sprinkled throughout.


    New Illuminations at Epcot going away from Millennium theme -
    August 29th, 2016
    Martin Smith (WDWMagic). Drones possibly part of the new show.
    January 2018 - Likely for 2019
    March 2018 - WDWNT and WDWMagic sources indicate a new show is in the works. WDWNT says a new song is being recorded however WDWMagic sources say they aren't that far along yet.
    May 2018 - A new Illuminations with rumored Windows of the World name is said to come in 2019 according to several sources.

    June 2018 - Illuminations replacement could be in place for 2019 but a temporary show could show up as early as this fall according to posters on WDWMagic.

    Future World to be renamed
    June 2017
    - According to Martin at WDWMagic Future World will be renamed.
    July 2017 - Bob Chapek would not use the name Future World at the D23 Expo

    Guardians of the Galaxy at Epcot (Started as Guardians at ToT in DHS) - March 19th, 2016
    WDWNT and "Disneyhead'71" (WDWMagic) "WDW1974" (WDWMagic), Martin Smith (WDWMagic).
    Ride would go where Universe of Energy is. Building gutted but reused.
    March 20, 2017- ride construction timeline has been pushed back
    May 2017- Martin at - the delays are both technical as well as competing choices. Evidently UoE has a couple of scenarios for change - one being the GotG roller coaster.
    May 2017 -
    UoE is getting replaced - with a roller coaster, current building will be used for fully themed queue, while new attached building will house the roller coaster. Original IP was GotG, but that may have changed, but the roller coaster seems a go.
    June 2017 - UoE still changing to Guardians and this will be the majority of Marvel at WDW but we will see Marvel at other Disney parks. Permits for work surrounding UoE has begun.
    September 2017 - Martin at says this will open in Spring 2021
    October 2017 - Ride queue will use up the existing building of UoE and coaster will be in a 10 story building built behind the UoE building.
    January 2018 - It is a vekoma coaster with no inversions and but will have launches.
    March 2018 - Foundations are well underway and Universe of Energy building has already seen modifications to its backside. The attraction could open by the end of 2020.
    April 2018 - Massive concrete foundation pours took place at the end of April for the gravity building for the coaster.
    May 2018 - Steel is now vertical for the show building.
    June 2018 - First roof truss has been installed.

    Ratatouille in Epcot by the WDW 50th anniversary
    Jim Hill, Martin Smith (wdwmagic), "Magic feather" (wdwmagic)
    October 17th, 2016
    UPDATE: Jan. 2017- Martin says Beauty and the Beast is also on the table.
    UPDATE: Feb. 2017- Ratatouille is going in
    UPDATE: March 2017- Done in 2019/20 range- per Martin and MagicFeather at due to Bob Iger and Chapek wanting this - BatB is still an option, but timeline is driver now.
    UPDATE: Per three posters at - Ratatouille in France by 2020. Pushed up due to delay on GoTG in UoE.
    May 2017 - Spirit(WDW1974) says this will happen.
    July 2017 - Officially announced at D23
    Update - September 2017 will open in 2020
    March 2018 - Foundations have been started
    April 2018 - The ride building is vertical with steel peeking into World Showcase.

    Imagination Pavilion
    July 2017 - The DIS is reporting that Inside Out will be coming to the Imagination pavilion in a new attraction to replace Journey into Imagination. No timeline given.

    Epcot to see major changes to the park, in the next 5-8 years.
    a. Leave a Legacy stones to be removed
    b. Total aesthetic re-do and replacement for Innoventions. MouseGear to change into a new store.

    "Expect new names, severe internal modelling and new cosmetic exteriors. New store in the Mousegear space. Room for Starbucks to get bigger.

    A modest expansion to the north west and possibly one to the north east. North west to gain an "expo" feel (not Stark) and Electric Umbrella space consolidated although the kitchen should stay the same, albeit remodeled."

    c. Something in Universe of Energy, likely Guardians.
    d. Wonders of Life possibly getting something but not immediate.
    e. Mission: Space to get updated or enhancements
    f. Updates to The Seas pavilion
    g. Refreshes and changes to The Land Pavilion
    h. No changes for now to Imagination
    i. More attractions (IP based) in World Showcase
    j. New version of Illuminations/new nighttime spectacular
    k. New Country in World Showcase -
    New country to WD by 50th celebration - Spain is the option credit to Jim Hill. Others such as MagicFeather and Martin on WDWMagic say Spain is not the front runner.
    Martin Smith (wdwmagic)

    UPDATE: April 2017
    Coco in Mexico is in planning stages and could be ready by 2020 as well - not fully green lit pending movie release

    Update July 2017
    Disney released a concept image at D23 Expo 2017 which showed a completely redesigned spine/front of Epcot.

    Update October 2017
    Jim Hill and Martin from WDWMagic say the budget for Epcot renovations is $2 Billion
    MagicFeather from says Coco for Gran Fiesta is all but Green lit

    Update December 2017
    The Land pavilion update to include a dining refresh.
    Brazil pavilion paperwork being finalized.
    New film to replace current one in France.

    Update January 2017
    Brazil set for 2022 according to Martin at WDWMagic
    Spine remodel pushed to 2022 according to Martin at WDWMagic
    China seamless film update will come in 2019

    Update March 2018
    Innoventions to remain similar with a new look, expanded meet and greets, dining, and shopping according to Martin at WDWMagic. Coco redo of Gran Fiesta Tour is still possible but not certain.

    New Space Themed Restaurant
    July 2017 - Announced at D23 this new concept will be coming to Future World. No details were given on when. Martin at WDWMagic says this will be attached to Mission: Space on the Test Track side.
    January 2017 - will open in 2019 according to Martin at WDWMagic
    May 2018 - Disney confirmed the location will be between Test Track and Mission: Space

    UK Pavillion Attraction

    March 2017 - MagicFeather and Martin at WDWMagic say there is an attraction coming to the UK pavilion in World Showcase, but theme is still TBD, and development and plan no where near as far as France.
    April 17th, 2017 - "Marni1971" (WDWMagic), is reporting that one of the themes of the possible UK attraction is Mary Poppins.
    May 2017 - Spirit(WDW1974) from WDWMagic, this is in the works with Ratatouille.
    June 2017 - Martin says Mary Poppins is one of the UK attraction options.
    August 2017 - An IP has been selected and it is not Poppins
    October 2017 - IP very possibly could be Brave, MagicFeather from WDWMagic says the ride is greenlit
    December 2017 - IP might not be Brave any longer according to WDWMagic sources
    January 2017 - Mary Poppins is the IP selected and plans are moving forward.
    March 2018 - Mary Poppins is the IP and a C-Ticket level dark ride is likely

    New resort coming to Epcot area?
    February 2017
    - WDW1974 from WDWMagic says a resort will be added near the Epcot entrance
    July 2017 - Martin of WDWMagic says Disney is considering 4 possible resort options for the area
    October 2017 - WDWMagic reports of new exploratory borings reveal possible large scale projects Northwest of Epcot
    Jim Hill says Disney is looking at two locations for a hotel at the front of Epcot
    November 2017 - Magic Feather from WDWMagic says the Epcot resort is happening but could happen in one of three locations all within the Future World area. The front of the park, and near The Land pavilion are two of the three locations.
    April 2018 - Still very much a possibility for the front of the park.
    May 2018 - Clearing work has begun in the area where exploratory permits were filed last year for a storm water retention pond.

    June 2018 - According to Martin, the retention pond work isn't necessarily for the rumored Epcot hotel.

    The Odyssey
    March 2018 - Disney announced this space would become a "flex" venue which means it will have several different uses throughout the year and new windows will be installed.

    Wonders of Life
    March 2018 - No major plans have come to fruition for this old pavilion yet according to WDWMagic sources however the pavilion was not used as the Festival Center for Flower and Garden in 2018 and the roof is being refurbished.
    April 2018 - No announcements regarding the space and roof work continues on the building.

    May 2018 - Roof work continues on Wonders of Life.
    June 2018 - Wonders of Life is going to be used as Festival Center for Food and Wine

    Hollywood Studios

    Great Movie Ride changes into Mickey Mouse attraction come 2018 using trackless ride system- Aug. 2nd, 2016
    Martin recently said that this ride is still happening but don't expect an announcement soon.
    "TheVisionarySoul" (WDWMagic), "Lee" (WDWMagic), Martin Smith (WDWMagic)
    March 2017, plans are on hold
    March 27th, 2017 - "Marni1971" (WDWMagic), is reporting GMR will close early fall and then the Mickey ride will open fall 2019.
    April 19th, 2017 - "MansionButler84" (WDWMagic) is reporting GMR will close between August 14th and September 5th, 2017.
    May 2017 - Spirit(WDW1974) says this is still happening and moving forward.
    Update - September 2017 Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway to open in Fall 2019
    April 2018 - Ride budget for this ride is upwards of 300 million according to WDWMagic sources MansionButler84 and Marni1971

    Park name change
    Disney's Hollywood Studios will change names to something that better fits the new theme. Possibly Hollywood Adventure. "WDW1974" (WDWMagic), and various other sources.
    January 2018 - Name change will happen in 2019 according to various WDWMagic sources
    March 2018 - Disney announces the name will remain for the foreseeable future.

    March 29th, 2017 - "TheVisionarySoul" is reporting the following names as possibilities for DHS.
    - Disney Hollywood
    - Disney's Hollywood
    - Disney Hollywoodland
    - Disney's Hollywoodland
    - Disney Hollywood Adventure
    - Disney's Hollywood Adventure

    Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge
    March 2018 - Per Martin at WDWMagic there will be restrooms in the cantina, and on each end of the marketplace.
    April 2018 - Theming is starting to show through in the Disneyland version which is well ahead of Hollywood Studios.
    May 2018 - Disney confirmed the village name will be Black Spire Outpost and there will be a creature stall with "living" Loth-cats.
    Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge to use "Magic Power"?

    RUMOR: Disney Parks Will Launch “Magic Power” Wireless Device (Interactive Lightsaber, Autonomous Droid) Charging in Star Wars – Galaxy’s Edge
    RUMOR: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to Have Realistic Blasters Used by Characters

    Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway
    July 2018 - According to MansionButler84 on WDWMagic we are roughly 12 months out from opening.

    Indiana Jones boat ride?
    A few WDWMagic sources have indicated that a boat ride using the technology from the Shanghai Pirates of the Caribbean could be coming to Hollywood Studios in the not too distant future.
    May 2018 - Still a possibility but maybe not as likely according to WDWMagic Sources

    Animal Kingdom

    Rivers of Light ending? - March 2017 - Jim Hill said that come Summer 2020 Rivers of Light will go away for a new show using Disney character (specifically the new CG Lion King).

    Animal Kingdom Expansion
    May 2017- Martin at has hinted at another addition happening to AK within the next decade. This potentially could be an expansion of a new ride, or a redo of the Dinoland area. Nothing has been locked.
    June 2017 - Zootopia is being looked at as a possible expansion according to Jim Hill

    Possible Pandora Expansion?
    I have heard that a possible Pandora expansion is already being looking at with another attraction and sit down restaurant.

    Indiana Jones replacing Dinosaur/Dinoland USA?
    Visionary Soul at WDWMagic is reporting that Disney Execs want Indiana Jones in the parks for the next film to come out. The simplest option is to redo Dinosaur and that area into Indiana Jones.
    March 2018 - Several plans are in flux for the Dinoland area according to WDWMagic sources. A Dino themed refresh of the land is a front runner.
    May 2018 - VisionarySoul on WDWMagic is reporting this is going forward and Dinosaur could close as early as next year to become Indiana Jones Adventure.

    Flights of Wonder to be replaced?
    October 2017 - is reporting the show will close at the end of the year
    Kenny the Pirate is reporting a new show will come to the venue.
    December 2017 - Confirmed: new UP themed show including the birds will take its place.
    February 2018 - Explorers Meet UP! A Great Bird Adventure
    March 2018 - The new show will have FP+ according to kennythepirate
    April 2018 - The new Up A Great Bird Adventure show has opened!

    Other (Resorts, DVC, MISC.)

    DVC at Caribbean Beach (new resort Disney's Riviera Resort) - August 23rd, 2014
    4-5 floor tower with DVC lounge on top with views of illuminations at night. The boat connection to Epcot for this has been canned according to Martin Smith (wdwmagic)
    Jim Hill, "WDW1974” (wdwmagic)
    August 23rd, 2014
    UPDATE: Jan. 18th, 2017 - Permits filed for an expansion of the resort
    UPDATE: Disney confirms new dining, retail, and services (Feb. 16 2017)
    UPDATE: July 2017 - Disney's Riviera Resort
    Update - September 2017 Resort will open in 2019

    Gondola from Epcot, CBR, Pop/AoA, and DHS - Feb. 2017
    Permits discovered by @DanBoris and others at WDWMagic lead us to believe that a new Gondola style transportation system is in the works that will be complete in 2019. Martin Smith, and WDW1974 from WDWMagic have also said this is the case.

    April 18th, 2017 - Sandra Pedicini from the Orlando Sentinel had an email exchange with the Reedy Creek Improvement district confirming the Gondola project. Stations linking DHS, Epcot, AoA/Pop, and CBR. Each gondola will hold 10 guests.

    July 2017 - Disney Skyliner servicing DHS, Epcot, AoA/Pop, Riviera Resort, and CBR

    Update - September 2017 Disney Skyliner will open in 2019

    January 2018 - Various concept art images are posted at the construction sites

    May 2018 - Work continues and gondola mechanisms are being installed.

    June 2018 - Station theming has begun at Hollywood Studios

    Potential transportation between Animal Kingdom and Animal Kingdom Lodge - Feb. 2017
    Martin Smith says plans are in the works for additional transportation between this resort and park. What exactly it is, is unknown however it is not a Gondola.

    Star Wars boutique resort
    WDWMagic user WDW1974 mentions Disney is building a Star Wars boutique resort.
    WDWNT is surveying guests about this potential, (4/18/17)

    BREAKING: Disney Creating Star Wars “Starshi...
    Confirmed: D23 Expo announcement July 2017
    Update December 2017 - Could open in 2019
    May 2018 - will be in DHS area likely outside Galaxy's Edge near the new parking lot entrance to DHS. Site clearing has begun.

    Potential tower at the Contemporary
    April 18th, 2017 - Len Testa said a rumor is floating around that Disney will construct a suite only tower where current convention space is.

    Club 33 at Walt Disney World
    April 13th, 2017 - Walt Disney World has set up an email service for a Club 33 at the resort in each of the 4 parks. Possible locations are Adventureland, American Adventure pavilion, and Dinoland right now.

    Update - October 2017 Adventureland Veranda is undergoing major renovations for possible Club 33

    April 2018 - Clubs at Hollywood Studios and Epcot are now open. Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom coming soon.

    May 2018 - Animal Kingdom will be in Africa not Dinoland as previously thought according to members.

    Swan and Dolphin Expansion
    October 2017 - Coastal Construction says they are going to be building a 350 room boutique resort for the Swan and Dolphin that will go onto the Tennis courts next to the mini golf course. Tishman will not confirm this development.
    November 2017 - survey markers were placed in the area
    2018 - Concept art was found by WDWNT

    New Monorail Trains
    January 2018 - Disney is meeting with companies to potential build new monorail trains in time for the 50th anniversary.
    April 2018 - Disney has not confirmed new monorails are coming at this point but several sources indicate a deal is close with the possible manufacturer Bombardier who built the previous trains. Bob Gurr at an event in Orlando said Disney is indeed close to a deal and that new trains will be coming soon as the current ones are over their expected life span.
    May 2018 - A deal is very much in the works with Bombardier the Canadian company who built the previous monorails. The plan is to have at least some monorails done by the 50th anniversary.

    New DVC/Resort at the River Country site
    March 2018 - Disney has filed exploratory permits for this location to check if the land is suitable for building. Martin at WDWMagic says a resort is in the works similar to the one long rumored for the site.
    May 2018 - New permits for a site prep area linked to Project 89 (the exploratory permits) have been filed.

    Whispering Canyon and other Wilderness Lodge dining changing?
    May 2018 - Several sources are indicating that the antics from Whispering Canyon are no longer happening. A theme change is rumored for the dining experience and characters are rumored to be coming to the Artist Point.

    Wreck it Ralph VR experience joining Star Wars at The Void?
    July 2018 - According to WDWNT, Disney and The Void are looking to create a Wreck it Ralph VR experience similar to the Star Wars one currently at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. This would take over two current rooms for the Star Wars experience and have both running concurrently but of course the guest chooses which one they want to do.
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    I see the current rumors are from wdwmagic - is it legal to link to the posts where the rumor was made? or, alternatively, link to a thread on disboards to discuss the rumor to keep specific discussions off of this thread?
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