~The Trip That Changed a Million Times~ An Adults Only Sept 2019 TR NEW 12/4

Gina Starr

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Mar 29, 2015
Hello and welcome to my second TR! You can find my first TR here. I guess I will start where all good TRs start- the intro. I’m never really good at these because I don’t know what people want to know about me plus I’m super boring but here goes!

I’m Gina and I enjoy finding yummy gluten free foods, watching YouTube pretty much all the time, being indecisive about my hair color, and overusing exclamation points!


My husband is Donnie and he enjoys collecting Funko Pop figures, playing video games, watching Disney vlogs, and “just looking” at the store.


We are #childlessmillennials who are high school sweethearts and this was our 9th trip to Disney together in the last 5 years! This trip was both planned for a long time and thrown together at the last minute. That isn’t a riddle- we were planning a September trip for a while but changed the dates no less than 87,657 times and finally made final plans (including hotel reservations) about 12 hours before we left. If you want to find out more, keep reading!


*Sorry this is kind of a lame intro but I wanna get right into the report since I’m starting this a good two months later than I wanted to!

Gina Starr

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Mar 29, 2015
Wowwwwwww. I’ve been gone for a minute. I’m so sorry! I’m going to blame it partially on just life stuff but mostly laziness. We have a new trip coming up in 38 days and I really wanna get this TR done before we go so hopefully people like speed reports. It was a shorter trip and I don’t have tons of photos so it should go quick. I started editing my photos but only got through day one so you may or may not see a difference in the rest of the trip’s photos. Also, I wrote this all on the way home (gotta love long car rides) so hopefully it all makes sense

Day 0- September 23rd Travel Day/The Day Everything Changed

So we woke up and went to work this day like normal thinking we had to make it to Friday before our trip started. Then something happened (the details of which I won’t bore you with) and we were looking for new reservations the next day (September 24th) and texting my mom to make sure she could watch our dog and that Donnie’s MNSSHP costume would be done. Our original trip dates were Sept. 27- Oct. 2 now it was Sept. 23-29. Unfortunately POFQ, aka home, wasn’t available for the whole trip so we had a triple split stay for only 5 nights which I wouldn’t recommend but oh well. The first three nights were at All Star Movies which was a new resort for us. The 4th night was at POFQ in a river view room and the 5th night was at PORS in a royal room (these were really the only options other than the Poly for like $1000/night)

So we worked til 7:30 this day and since our tickets for MNSSHP were for the next day we had to leave this night. This whole thing really only worked because we drive. Obviously if we flew this wouldn’t work. We got home at 7:45 and we hadn’t packed yet. We had clothes set out and since it was a shorter trip than normal I was trying to pack light anyways. We got home at 7:45, I grabbed something to eat (I am gluten free and it’s a little harder to find something to eat on the road so it was easier to do that) and we packed/got everything ready for Pepper. We were leaving by 9:13 pm.

We got to my parents’ house which is luckily on the way and dropped Pepper off and picked up Donnie’s costume that my mom hurriedly finished just an hour or two before. Donnie grabbed some fast food to eat and we were officially on the road at 10:00pm. We were both really excited and he said he never wants to plan Disney in advance again! I always like to see what our ETA is with no stops or traffic and see how close we can get to that. Currently it was 12pm so how close were we?
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Gina Starr

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Mar 29, 2015
Day 1 Part 1 September 24 Arrival Day/ MNSSHP

I tried to stay awake as long as I could to keep Donnie company. We like to listen to audiobooks on the way and chose to start the Harry Potter books again. I fell asleep around 1 am and woke up just 45 minutes later when Donnie stopped for a bathroom break which was probably just a get out and walk around so I don’t fall asleep break. I decided to make some random fast passes at this point (and, spoiler) I think we kept maybe one of them. I fell asleep again on and off for a few hours until we stopped for gas/bathroom break again around 7:30. Donnie admitted defeat and asked me to drive. This might not seem like a big deal but every trip so far, he has driven the whole way. We only have one car since we work together and he drives everywhere. When he got his wisdom teeth removed last month and I had to drive him home he was so worried. He admitted I was a good driver when he was still loopy from the medicine so I have been teasing him that I can drive more. I am a good driver but he just likes to drive and be in control while driving. Anyways! Since he asked me to drive that really meant he was tired.

I only drove for two and a half hours before he woke up and claimed he was good to take over again. Since we had packed so quickly we knew we would forget something and we did so we stopped at Walmart and to get gas and got back on the road. I had packed a sandwich in our cooler from home knowing I wouldn’t have many options so I ate that now. We made more stops than normal so our eta was a good bit later than I wanted. I kept checking the MDE app to see if we got our room assigned yet and we hadn’t even at about 2:30.


We got to All Stars Movies right at 3:00 and had to go to the check in desk. I requested the Toy Story section during online check in but I checked the box that I would prefer having my room ready early over that. So this is where Donnie and I really started missing POFQ. Let me preface this by saying: we are totally not snobby in any way, we just really love FQ for many reasons. Before this trip I didn’t feel strongly one way or the other about Value resorts. At one point our whole trip was going to be at All Stars Movies. We will never be able to afford to stay at a deluxe resort unless we rent DVC points. I’m saying all this because I don’t want to come across like I feel like I’m too good because that’s not it at all, I’m just used to a different experience.

Anyways, we go up to the check in desk and we weren’t greeted at all, pretty much just a “what do you want” She told us our room wasn’t ready and I said I don’t care where our room is I just want a room (nicely) because we were already running late for MNSSHP. During our drive I had made a tentative party plan and that meant getting there at 4 or earlier which obviously wasn’t going to happen and I know that’s not their fault. She didn’t really reply, just walked away. About 10 minutes later I got a text that our room was ready and she still was somewhere doing something with our magic bands. She did come back shortly after and said our room was ready and gave us a map with our room number on it but again no other pleasantries. We stopped to get our mugs that we overpay for since we never do the dining plan but still like to have. Donnie got the Halloween one and I got a cute Mickey one.


We walked to the room first to check it out and my magic band didn’t work. First it flashed green quickly then it went to red. When we got in (luckily Donnie’s magic band worked) it was so hot in there! The thermostat was set to 68 and wouldn’t go any lower. I tried to call from the room phone to let them know about our magic bands and the phone said in use and there was no dial tone. Donnie went to move the car and bring in the luggage and we ran around getting ready. While I was walking around in my bare feet (which I don’t usually do in hotel rooms because I’m a weird germaphobe) little crumbs were sticking to my feet. I try to ignore all this and just try to have fun.





Coming up: Our evening at MNSSHP

  • missangelalexis

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    Apr 27, 2012
    Hi Gina! Glad to see you back and looking forward to reading about this ever changing trip!

    I'm sorry your hotel experience wasn't off to a good start :( But glad you got a room to start getting ready for the party!


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    Aug 14, 2006
    Following along . Looking forward to reading more. Hope the room situation improves


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    Aug 27, 2010

    Your room looks very nice, despite the drama beforehand. Looking forward to reading more


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    Nov 24, 2012
    Joining in!

    It sucks when the check-in experience isn't great and sets the trip off on a bad foot.

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