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  1. Ohhlookitsnic

    Ohhlookitsnic Earning My Ears

    Mar 17, 2017
    OMG- I was stuck on the old thread....someone missed the post about this new one till I decided to reread the last 5 pages ! Time to get caught up !
  2. Chrystmasangel

    Chrystmasangel Mouseketeer

    Mar 17, 2014
    Hope everything is ok with you and your family. Just popping in to wish you a Merry Christmas!
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  4. Blissikins

    Blissikins Mouseketeer

    Jan 4, 2012
    I hope you have had a lovely family Christmas Mo! :grouphug:
  5. Chicago Mo

    Chicago Mo DIS Veteran

    Aug 22, 2010
    Hello all remember me?

    I cannot tell you how happy i am that 2017 is over. What an awful year!
    Lets run through the last 4 months:
    Our trip was canceled.
    My nephew was shot-
    my sister -well lets just leave it at she had to be hospitalized for a few days. The parasite who shot my nephew decided to try to get out of jail on bond and trial start the Thursday before Christmas. still have to get through the murder trial
    Needless to say Christmas was just OK. My sister didn't come she canceled Christmas all together. the rest of us still went by my Mom's but nothing was the same..
    I know you all know i have three jobs- I don't know if you knew what that one job was- I was a CM at our beloved Disney store in Orland- which we found out right before Christmas is closing- the last day of business is this coming Monday.. It was like another death. I mourned for a couple of days i couldn't even walk into the mall without breaking down. I have now come to terms i will MISS this job more then you can even imagine. I just loved that job. My last day is this coming Sunday and i may chain myself to a pole in there.. just sayin.
    i will try to apply for another store- right now it's not in the cards. availability isn't meshing with my normal crazy schedule.
    Gained a crap load of weight
    Oh and i started smoking again...
    the kids teacher - who lives on my block 12 year old child passed away- cardiac arrest from not taking his asthma meds correctly
    Which all just coincides with ME MOVING OUT OF THIS CITY!
    This was just the past 4 months!

    On to the good news shall we of 2017?
    Matt and Zack were invited by another football team to play with them in a thanksgiving bowl in Gaitlandburg Tenn over Thanksgiving, They left on Tuesday and came home on Sunday following thanksgiving. Tom wasn't able to get off of work. And me working retail was not looking good. But I asked anyway and i was able to get thanksgiving and black friday off!! THAT IS UNHEARD OF! I did have to work that wednesday so after i picked up my mom and Peanut and we were off about 730pm?!
    I was DEAD tired once we finally got there since my mom has phobias and cannot do this drive unless it's on flat ground. Lets just say our hotel was butted up against the mountain she wasn't driving. It was AMAZING! solidified our move to Tenn. I am HOOKED. football was crazy as the boys played against full grown men with beards. I will post pictures at some point.
    that was about the highlight of 2017.

    So with all this NASTY ick - i have decided it's time for a reboot on life.
    My 2018 is a total overhaul on life.
    Back on my diet.
    Back taking my quit smoking drugs
    THINK before i speak-- Still working on this one.
    Change my diet-- another work in progress
    Back to working out -- taking the 3 with me since they want to stay in shape for sports- nothing crazy
    I cannot control certain things which happen in my life-- BUT I can change HOW I react to them. Like the close of my BELOVED Disney store- i cannot tell you how depressed i was about this- i think this may have been the last straw on all the junk going on and i hit depression
    So i started looking at all the positive Yes believe it or not there is- I will be able to go straight home after the city job. Be able to cook dinner, clean the house (which is in desperate need). I won't be killing myself anymore. Working almost 60 hours a week was taking a toll on me, granted it was the holiday season, yet it was tough on this fat old body of mine. I won't be missing any of my kids events- like yesterday was their science fair, i couldn't go as i was working (and i was asked to stay to get the store ready for the close.) I will get to spend a lot more time with my family! I can have weekends off HOLIDAYS off and i can go to Disney whenever i want! Just pay a LOT more for our trips!! a lot more freedom. See told ya there was positive.

    2018 is also the year in which i need to get my house back- if i were to put it up on the market right now someone would think it's a run down haunted shack, not on my watch.. starting with the 2nd floor and moving down.

    Then my car decided it was time for a new tie rod. so that broke while driving on the worst expressway in the city - I55 going 65mph. that was the scariest driving experience- worst then the accidents i have been involved in! Cars detest me. Looking for someone to fix it now.
    staying in line with my POSITIVE 2018 it's ONLY a tie rod and could have been worse, i'll get it fixed and trade it in someday.

    Since i woke up at 4:30 yesterday morning came to the city job then straight over to the Disney store got home about 11pm back up this morning at 4:30. I think i may leave her early today - grab some ORIGINAL Home run inn pizza for lunch and hang with the kids who are off today for that crazy teacher in school thing. This sounds amazing. i can nap before volleyball practice and dog training tonight! I LIKE THE SOUND OF THIS ONE!!

    I ask you all to remember to be kind to everyone you meet you never know what is going on in their lives behind the scenes!
    ALWAYS dream big- if you dream it you can DO IT!

    Have a zippadee do dah day!
  6. missjackiemcg

    missjackiemcg DIS Veteran

    Sep 2, 2013
    Hi, MO!!!!! :wave2:
    I've missed you!! 2017...what a year :( But, I love your attitude moving forward!!!party:

    So sad to hear about your store closing :( I hadn't realized your other job was so magical!! :wizard: I imagine you were an amazing CM!! I hope you are able to find a transfer at some point that fits perfectly into your life (maybe your new TN life!) and in the meantime, enjoy just going home after work!! ::yes::

    Happy 2018! Happy Friday!! :cheer2::banana::dancer:

    PS I'm very into emojis today apparently!! :):rotfl:
  7. Raeven

    Raeven DIS Veteran

    Sep 15, 2015
    I'm glad you're back! So sorry about the things that happened last year, and that you're store is closing. I worked in several stores that we thought would close soon when I worked in the mall, and I would've been devastated if any of them closed. I hope you have a great 2018 to make up for everything! It'll be nice to have some more free time too.
  8. Iamthequeen

    Iamthequeen DIS Veteran

    Aug 7, 2011
    So glad you are back. I missed you. Hopefully this year will be better.

    I'm looking forward to your move to TH too. I may get to see you more.

    I'm still in a sling and will be for another 5 weeks. It's already gotten old. Charlie has been a sweetheart though. He was happy to hear about September!
  9. Wood Nymph

    Wood Nymph DIS Veteran

    Sep 19, 2012
    Hi Mo,

    I'm glad to see you back on the Dis again. I hope 2018 is a much better year for you. I'm sorry to hear about the store closing but, as you said, your life will become a little less complicated without the third job.

    Are you still going to WDW in May?
  10. Blissikins

    Blissikins Mouseketeer

    Jan 4, 2012
    :cheer2: Mo!!!! I'm so glad you're back. :hug: What an end to the year. I love your outlook for 2018 and I hope you and your family have a much better year with more family time (even though it sucks that your Disney store closed).
  11. Chrystmasangel

    Chrystmasangel Mouseketeer

    Mar 17, 2014
    I was worried about you and glad to see you came to let us know you are surviving. I know it's rough, but I have been where you were and I actually did the exact same thing with "always finding the posative in everything". It really works. I was at my lowest about 9 years ago and was ready to just throw in the towel. I started annalizing everything that happened with this mentality and it finally became habbit and things started not looking so horrendis and unmanagable. It takes a while to get there, but keep plugging on. You have ALOT of things you want to accomplish...try prioritizing them. Don't throw your body into shock because it will be counter productive. If you prioratize the things you want to change, then other things will fall in line and you won't even realize it. Example: You are focusing on losing weight and changing the food you eat. Rather than focusing on both, prioratize the "food choices" because if you do that, the results from it will directly affect the losing weight, and the nice thing, it will be without even trying. You will also feel more energetic because you won't be slugged down from heavy foods. So one main focus affects 3 things that you want to accomplish and you will feel less overwhelmed.
  12. MissMaryQC

    MissMaryQC DIS Veteran

    Sep 6, 2013
    Mo, you are a strong woman. I’m so glad that even after the blows you were dealt last year you’re staying so positive. Your family is lucky to have you. :flower3:
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  13. jchurch0409

    jchurch0409 Mouseketeer

    Jul 26, 2014
    Joining in! I have been following your reports since 2014! I just love your reports! Our first trip was in May and we LOVED it! We are doing September this time. Still on the first page and can't wait to read more!
  14. CaseFace5

    CaseFace5 DIS Veteran

    Mar 16, 2011
    Mo!! So glad you're back!! I'm so sorry that 2017 was such a rough year for you, but damn do I love your 2018 attitude! :hug:
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  15. Elevationist

    Elevationist Princess No-Pants

    Oct 17, 2004
    I love you, Mo. :hug: 2018 is going to be an AMAZING year, you'll see!

    Sooooo when are we going to Disney? :D
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  16. Texan

    Texan <font color=red>No extra charge for the Tag Fairy

    Sep 29, 2002
    I knew you had a lot going on Mo. Take care of yourself; breathe; take it one day at a time. You have new goals for 2018. Write them down, it helps. Heck, keep a journal if you can. One of the best things ever. Even write down things when you are mad as hell. Cherish your kiddos. Time flies. And the most important thing, are you going to Disney?!?

    Still here and following along!!!
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  17. Blissikins

    Blissikins Mouseketeer

    Jan 4, 2012
    I hope things are going well for you Mo. Wow 2018 is flying by! Thinking of you and hoping things are on the up for you after last year.

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