Thinking of buying DVC again but is resale a better option


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Oct 29, 2016
We used to own DVC but had to sell due to losing my partner at the time. My current partner of 8 years has suggested we buy as we always stay onsite and will be for 12-14 days every 18 months or so.
after looking at prices to book for this year for 4 of us just accommodation and our plans to go more regularly we are really considering it.
Now. Would u recommend resale or direct with DVC? We would have to have on finanace initially but would then aim
To pay off ASAP.
We are happy with studios and love all resorts for the 11 month window except SSR which I would not stay at again.
Any advice would be appreciated and resale stores to look at please.
I know there are annual Dues as well and need enough points for 2 weeks a year.


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Feb 5, 2004
You might want to repost your question over on the DVC boards ... specifically the board discussing Purchasing:

Perhaps a Site Admin could move your post to an appropriate location?

Resale is a better financial option ($$$ savings!) but you will want to research the Resale Restrictions introduced over the recent years (starting in 2006) to see if they hit any of your hot buttons, coming from a prior-owner perspective. You would need a minimum of 100 points Direct to reach "fully qualified Blue Card membership" with access to all the current DVC Member Perks. Keep in mind that these perks change over time and are not a core component of the DVC Ownership: Annual Pass discounts, Dining/Merchandise discounts, access to the Epcot Member Lounge (which may soon disappear in the Epcot renovation?), Event invitations, using points for ABD/DCL or Disney Hotels, etc.

Know that Resale from the "Legacy 14' locations (all current resorts excluding Riviera, expected to open in Dec 2019) can be used to book stays at the Legacy 14 locations but not future locations. That is, resale from any existing property cannot book the future properties of Riviera and beyond. Resale of Riviera can only book Riviera.

Many owners feel that booking studios is getting increasingly difficult as the membership grows. The problem may come from skyrocketing buy-in costs limiting the number of points a new buyer can afford or from the curious mix of high end units (Poly Bungalows, Copper Creek Cabins) creating imbalances in the system. Copper Creek has very few studios compared to the total number of points being sold for that location. Do not buy too few points! Budget a safety margin for going up to 1BR every now and again, if dictated by availability.

Best wishes in your research!


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Jun 17, 2008
Coming from the UK and visiting once every 18 months I'd definitely choose resale as your option especially if you would be financing which is what I've done. You wouldn't really get many of the good benefits such as annual pass discounts that would be worth the direct sale if visiting less than twice a year.

I used the Timeshare Store for my Animal Kingdom Villas contract that gives me 135 points a year and was $112 a point. A lot cheaper than what it would have cost me direct.


May 29, 2015
I bought resale BWV points before the restrictions & would still buy resale now, being from the UK we buy the UK tickets as they are better value to us than the annual pass. It is getting hard to change resorts at 7 months at certain times of year so buy where you want to stay. Regarding where to buy from, shop around to find the best contract for you.


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Aug 30, 1999
If you're unlikely to want to use points elsewhere, won't be able to have 2 trips from 1 annual pass, then resale is the way to go. Unlike people who bought direct, you won't get the blue card that gets you all the additional benefits, you'll get a white card instead which means that you are a member but at a more basic level, so just able to use your points to rent at the 14 oldest resorts (Not the 2 new ones or any further ones)


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Dec 22, 2015
I have 4 contracts, 3 resale and 1 direct. Resale is the way to go, particularly if you are borrowing to buy- why get even more debt?
SSR they are renovating and it’s pretty great the new rooms, some of the best of the lot now.


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