Throw Up on the Lap Bars Please- A June 2019 TR! new 1/25 X 2!


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Nov 24, 2012
ove all your you have to ask for the special pics...last year we did not get many special ones...and I was so disappointed.
Thank you! Some times the photographers offer them but this day, there was a whole bunch that i knew I wanted so we asked for them. Most of the photographers were happy to do them for us and excited we asked so I definitely recommend asking!

I would love to do a desert party....but my son said that they won't compare to the one we had for his rehearsal dinner in Epoct
I love a good dessert party but your son is probably right! That sounds amazing!!

as much as I love going to Disney with the family....I have never gone without children....first mine all the grands....Would love to be able to wander about and eat and drink...just reading your report
It's definitely a different trip without kids. If you can manage an adults only trip some times, I highly recommend it!


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Nov 24, 2012


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Nov 24, 2012
Rivers of Light Dessert Party

Happy weekend everyone! I'm happy to be off this weekend and have some time for fun and relaxing.

Last night, I went out to celebrate my friend's birthday. She has Celiac's disease that is so severe, she gets sick even just from cross-contamination. So most of the time, she's not able to eat out at all. One of our friends found a restaurant in NYC that is completely gluten free and made a reservation for us and I have to say- I'm so glad places like this exist! It was so nice for her to be able to go out and enjoy herself and not have to worry at all. She was so overwhelmed by being able to just look at a menu and choose anything she wanted on it. The food was delicious and our waiter was amazing. We ate so much and had many bottles of wine- they brought all 12 of us a free round of drinks at the end! If any of you find yourselves in the city, I recommend going! Unfortunately, I only took one food picture- of dessert lol.


Back to June!

Everest had finally opened up for the day and we finished our ride. Once we got off, we were in the window to use our next Flight of Passage FP. We headed up through Discovery Island to make our way into Pandora again.

When we got off the ride, we decided to try to hustle over to try to make the 5 pm Festival of the Lion King show. We got there pretty much as the show was about to start so our seats were all the way in the back but I was honestly just happy to sit lol. It was hot and we had been doing a lot of criss crossing around the park. 5:01 was the next "drop" time I had seen for FOP FPs and so I was refreshing the app as the show started and managed to grab one from 5:55-6:55!

Pleased with my FP luck, I settled in to enjoy my favorite show on Disney property!

After the show, we stopped at the snack stand because I saw a souvenir cup I needed!

We already had the Sully popcorn bucket and the bases of them fit together so it was only natural that we needed both. Right? :rolleyes1

Cup acquired, we made our way BACK to Pandora yet again to use our FPs and really make our feet angry.

We used our time in the painful preshow to get Mike ready for the ride. (Mike Wazowski that is- not Mike the human).

After our flight, we took some pictures in Pandora.

While we were in line for FOP, I made a FP for Dinosaur so we walked ALL the way over to Dinoland afterwards.

The standby line was only posted at 15 minutes but with FP we made it through in 7.

Both Mikes enjoyed their ride.

I really wanted to ride Everest again but since it was down basically all day, the line was nuts and there were no FPs to be found. We still had time and had done basically everything we wanted to do otherwise so we decided to check out the single rider line.

We rarely ever use single rider lines and when we got there the line was pretty long and we weren't sure whether or not it was worth it. in the end, we decided to stick it out. It took us about 20 minutes to get through.

Only Mike's picture showed up in our account for whatever reason.

It was 7:40 when we got off Everest so it was time to find out where to check in for our Rivers of Light dessert party. I asked a CM because I wasn't sure where to go but when we got there, it was clearly marked lol.

As a background, I had been wanting to do the Rivers of Light dessert party since it was announced because it looked so cool. However, it was only offered on certain nights and we'd always been able to pull a Rivers of Light FP later in the day so it didn't make a ton of sense to do it. However, shortly before our trip they announced a new version of Rivers of Light, We are One debuting so it seemed like the perfect time to do it.

Rivers of Light was started at 9 pm that night and the dessert party reservation was listed for 8 pm. They let us in to the party area at 7:45.

There were standing tables available or you could go sit on the benches in the seating area for Rivers of Light. We opted for a table because it seemed annoying to try to balance everything without a table. Plus, it seemed like a lot to keep walking up and down the stairs lol.

We were the first or second group in the area so the tables of desserts weren't crowded yet so I took the opportunity to take pictures of the offerings.

There was a table set up with water and the nonalcoholic drink options.

There was also a bar which was really just one man at a table with some alcohol selections. There were 2 premixed cocktails, 2 wine choices and 2 beers.

For some reason, this is the only thing I didn't photograph so here's a picture of the choices from the internet.
rol dessert party drinks.jpg

I stuck with the Tiger Lily cocktail and it was delicious. I drank as many as possible in the interest of getting our money's worth.

One thing I noticed about this dessert party that was different from the others that we've done is that there was no soda available. We asked one of the CMs in case we just missed it and he confirmed that soda wasn't one of the offerings for the dessert party but he said if we wanted soda, he'd go get us some. We said we'd be fine without it but he insisted and ended up going somewhere and bringing us each back a large fountain soda which was really nice.

There was also a CM walking around hanging out Mickey bars.

Around 8:30, we got tired of standing so we took a plate of desserts and a drink with us to grab seats in the first row.

The nice thing about this dessert party was that it was held in the same area as the seating so the desserts and drinks were accessible through the end of the show. They actually let us stop back at the bar on our way out of the show at the end to take a drink with us as we walked out of the park.

Our overall thoughts on the dessert party: We enjoyed it and we're glad we did it once but it's not something we're likely to repeat. The desserts were very pretty and they were good but none of them were great. Plus, I felt like the selections were very limited compared to other dessert parties. I missed the savory options that we've had at HS and MK because I can only eat so much sugar before feeling nauseous lol. It was nice to have the reserved seating because it never got very full and we had plenty of space. But, I think the cost was $79 per adult so a meal at Tusker House or Tiffin's with the reserved seating is probably cheaper or similarly priced and you'd still get that seating.
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Nov 24, 2012
Rivers of Light and Tree of Life: Awakenings

Soon enough it was time for the show to start. It started and after maybe 7 minutes, everything stopped and apparently there was some kind of technical issue. Of course, this meant another opportunity to go up to the bar for a drink. :drinking1

After a few minutes, they announced the show would be restarting so it started back over from the beginning lol. I have no idea what happened but it was definitely strange.

Our thoughts on the new version of Rivers of Light: meh. We're in the minority who like Rivers of Light. It's certainly not our favorite nighttime show but I always thought it was pretty and the message was nice. Removing the live actors from the show was dumb in my opinion and this new version including some scenes/characters from Disney movies didn't really do anything for it. It didn't really go together well or make a lot of sense so I wish they had just left it alone or changed it completely. We'll see the show probably once every few trips but it's not on our list of must-dos.

We made our way out of the arena, grabbed our last drink and headed to the front of the park. The park was closed now at this point but the Tree of Life: Awakenings were still going on. I think I've said before the Animal Kingdom at night is my absolute favorite and the Tree of Life lit up is a big part of that. One of my favorite Disney memories is from our July trip after Pandora opened and Animal Kingdom was open for night EMH every night and we sat on the ground in front of the Tree of Life just watching all the projection shows.

As you can imagine, this means I have a ton of photos and videos of these and I tried to just share a few but here's some more photo spam!

Our last stop before leaving the park was for a photopass picture and it's one of my favorites from the whole trip!


We took the bus back to Caribbean Beach and crashed so that we could wake up nice and early the next morning to enjoy our last hours in Disney before our flight home. :sad1:
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May 10, 2018
So many rides on FoP, that's awesome! Your feet must have been dying by the end of the day :rotfl2: Those desserts were beautiful but I totally understand not having enough options and I completely agree about the new RoL show being odd.


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