Travel agent or book yourself?


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Sep 17, 1999
Dreams Unlimited was who recommended me to book my air independently.

Copy / pasta from email: “We highly recommend that you book your air independently as the options and pricing through these providers are not always great.“
It really isn't recommended to book your air with the cruise line. Always better to book yourself to get the best routing and pricing. Not all travel agencies book air because the airlines do not pay commission on air or they are not contracted to book air. Agencies that book air will charge an additional fee.


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Feb 7, 2019
check for their knowledge of places you want to travel to. Also be aware that just because they have a big Disney poster in their window doesn't mean they are Disney experts. And not everybody in that agency office has the same level of Disney knowledge.
I found a local one. I went to their office, and chatted with them for about an hour, and then had them start booking stuff for a trip. So far I like it. They even called RCCL, while I was there. I like the access they have to get things done for me.


Apr 11, 2005
There is some plusses and minuses.

The plus are that you can get significant monetary benefits from a travel agent. I usually find the TA price is the same or in some cases a few hundred dollars cheaper than booking directly. Additionally, they provide gratuties and OBC.

Two years ago on Black Friday, we were sailing on the RCL Anthem. We booked the same cruise in the same cabins on board and assigned it to our agent. The cruise fare was $2000 per cabin for 2 people (we had 2 connecting cabins). Total paid fare = $4000. Our TA gave us prepaid gratuities, $100 OBC, $50 OBC for loyalty and a free speciality dinner for 2 (worth around $100). That is around a $500 for EACH ROOM. That is a kick-back worth around 25% of the cruise fare. They have having the same sale this year.

I combined that with the Black Friday sale that RCL was having that provided $300 OBC for booking a balcony room. I also got $100 OBC from RCL for booking on board. By doubling up with the TA and RCL, I got a total kick-back of $900 per room or $1800 total which was about 45% of my cruise fare.

I know that my TA has the sale promotions for BF, but RCL hasn't announced theirs yet. I will take whatever it is and use them togther to book 2 cruises on this BF.

However, the big minuses is that you need to go through the TA to change or correct anything. RCL will not let you do it yourself.



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