Trip Report Index ***2010 onwards ***

Ware Bears

Bring me that horizon
Jan 23, 2003

January 2010 - magical birthday trip

February 2010

Fwapp - Our Second Trip, 15-17 Feb

IsobelJackmummy - The mission to find Belle

grizbuzz - February Break Trip at Sequoia

hollymattbenmilo - Bens early birthday reward trip!

March 2010

Caz30 - Back from our first trip!!

wickesy - Another Park Visited

mommy2ash - St Patricks Day in Disney

noodlesmum - Santa Fe and a Baby

ruthiebabie - Milestone birthdays in the most Magical Place on Earth

kizzabel - The "Can We Come Too?" Trip Report

ExpatDisneyLover - First Solo Trip

ICECUBEQUEEN - First trip to DLP...First trip abroad!!

April 2010

A-T-G - ATG in Gay Paree

sabrecmc - Castle Club Trip Report

May 2010

karenmoloney - Trip Report 2nd - 8th May

Mum to Belle - Girls Only Trip Report

Kittina - Le trip report !

northwest1965 - 1st Disney experience for Stepchildren

Rosabelle - Somebody give me a title for this TR!

Johnny boy - May Trip Report

davewasbaloo - Baloo's Trip Report for DLP May June 2010

susannah365 - a week of disney magic

LoodlesNoodles - The three princess' (and one prince) hit DLRP: A Trip Report.

June 2010

jothp - Half term fun trip report

Brummig - Disney in our camper van

lynchio - 1st visit

KAYJAY1975 - 'a fab few days at dlp'

ExpatDisneyLover - Second Solo Pre Trip and Trip Report Complete

alyssa810 - 8 Parks in 9 months

delstuart - Trip report - warning contains mild horror

July 2010

Stargatebarbie - All In This Together

ntink - 1 great day @ DLP

August 2010

hildasmuriel - The One with all the Weather

September 2010

dlpSteve - The 3 years in the making 10th trip to DLP

October 2010

DLPdaft - The Painted Faces Halloween trip report days 1 and 2

DLPdaft - The Painted Faces Halloween trip report day 3, MNSSHP and last day

Ms Poppins - Halloween at DLH

hildasmuriel - The One Where We Stayed at The Kyriad

November 2010

loladelorean - 3 Big Kids Return to the Magic

staceylc - Brady Bunch Trip Report

ben1993 - Disneyland Paris November 2010 Photo Heavy Trip Report!

December 2010

sarahb74 - The "who said it wouldnt snow again this year" trippie!

hildasmuriel - I'll be home for Christmas............ or will I?


January 2011

ThBa - 4 Germans and a mouse

karengr - OMG " you didn't take the kids" trip report!!

lil stitch - The 'I can't believe we're in the DLH' Trip Report

February 2011

madmish - Trip Report

J Marley - The Third Trip its Thrills Thrills Thrills ** including a review of the Paris by night coach trip **

Linda67 - Ridin Solo Une Personne Sil Vous Plait

karenmoloney - Disney trip - staying at Marriot 12 - 19th Feb

mamaboogie - They let us in! Trip report!

Disneyfanswicklow - Feb Half Term

susannah365 - return to the magic - feb half term

March 2011

MickeysFavouriteGirl - The "we're going no matter what!" TRIP REPORT!

Isila - Our first magical trip

rottie155 - The Most Magical Week

ICECUBEQUEEN - Our Honeymoon at DLP...But we're taking the kids and Mum too!

kizzabel - Birthday Madness

DLPdaft - No Cookie for Shareholders Daughter

miss bell - Cowboys, Rides and a lot of Magic

April 2011

sweetlovin' - Paris and DLP Kids 1st Trip Overseas

dpleith - Edinburgh to DLP

davewasballoo - The Baloo 3 week European Adventure

May 2011

karenmoloney - Last minute trip to Disney - as it happens

jakaru - Trip Report May 2011 (or "Confessions of Holiday Wimps")!

goodmorningirl - Americans in (Disneyland) Paris - May 2011

Ware Bears - Cinq-0 avec Monsieur Mouse

princessmummy - "All Passed Up" Half Term Trip Report

June 2011

jothp - The four princesses and a pirate trip report

Mum to Belle - Magical Moments Trip Report

LoodlesNoodles - Doing Disney, Like A Boss

July 2011

rottie155 - Nan's Magical Weekend

Ms Poppins - Summer at HNY - 25-28 July 2011** including a review of the Paris daytime coach trip **

August 2011

Lizboo - WDW Vet's First Trip to DLP for b'day with LOTS of pics

September 2011

tinks 1989 - Can't wait to be walking down the middle of Main Street USA

annichan - Two Germans Dine Disney in Europe

October 2011

emanlu - The Girls Only Halloween Trip - mid-October 2011

November 2011

cap'njack - The Day Trip - Johnny and Dave Rescue Duffy!! - 1st November

kizzabel - We are going to the Zoo

DLPdaft - 10th trip to The Magic - fireworks, Christmas and fun

karenmoloney - Christmas Trip Report Live from the Marriott

Mum to Belle - It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year 16-18th November

Rienchen - 2 nannies on a mission to find Mary Poppins in Disneyland Paris 18th-20th November

Jakaru -Our first 'real' Christmas! Nov 26-30th

December 2011

megarasweet - Christmas, a birthday, and one very big question... Now with a taste of London! December 2011

Disneyfoo - Disney Christmas in the DLH (with a brief review of the Studio tour} late December 2011


January 2012

ThBa - The Best Autograph Book Ever

Linda67 - All the Single Riders

Jeffs76 - BEST DAY..... EVER (well 3 days really) 27-29th January

February 2012

Rachandgarry - "holiday to the Mickey Mouse" Trip Report

RoseBug - A Magical, Royal 3rd Birthday Trip!

purdy2233 - Freezing February 8-11th 2012!

tinkerbells mum - We ate how many croissants!!!!

honeyb35 - Trip report 12th feb 2012!

March 2012

Mndisneygirl -A Bird's Eye View of London and Paris March 4-9 2012

tinks_1989 - Our little Mouseketeer 2nd trip Trip Report

Isila - TR No.2 14th-19th March 2012

HappyPanda - Princess Olivia's 1st DLP Visit - March 2012

JohnnySharp2 - Johnny,Julie & Joshua - 26 March 2012, DLH

April 2012

Mndisneygirl - A Bird's Eye View of London and Paris - 4-9 March 2012

scoobysnax - DLP Trip Report

Happy Days - dad & daughter do Disney Dreams at Disneyland Hotel

smallpig - we just can't stay away from DLP 28th April - 1st May

May 2012

Fiona35 - The Chilled Out weekend!!

Ms Poppins - Abbey's Birthday Trip

Katney - Trip Report 06.05.2012 - 10.05.2012

Mrs Mickey -40th Birthday trip 7-11 May 12

MelanieRavenswood - The one where we got to ride at the front...ALOT - 13th-16th May

rottie155 - 'Dream'ing of a Disney Birthday

HFJohnson - DDs Birthday Trip 20/5/12-23/5/12

brummig - The 'rain, what rain?' trip report

June 2012

ROBEAR84 - The 'I can't think of a suitably magical title for this TR' - TR Half Term June 3-7th 2012

DLPDreams - The 'double surprise' TR

loladelorean - The one with Dad - 4-8th June

jothp - The 'we need to stay at the DLH' trip report 4-9th June

HappyPanda - Just the Two of us - 6th to 10th June

DLPdaft - The Growing up trip report June 10th-13th

gtrist4life -Disneyland Paris Belated 25th Anniversary Trip Report - 10-15th June

sammie1884 - Daddy's 30th Birthday surprise

Ms Poppins - Twice in two months!

RoadTripFanatic -Our first trip to DLP -27th June

July 2012

Neeny17 - Our Paris/Disney Adventure TR

Vala - Phantom Manor Pin Event trip 12-16th July

giuly09 -Birthday trip with a bit of thrill and pixie dust in the end

stargatebarbie - The one with no lotso 21/26th july

a Dream is a Wish - First Trip with my Princess TR - 26th-30th July

MazdaUK - The walking back to happiness trip report, 28/7-1/8

August 2012

trpltongue - 4 Americans in Germany Birthday trip report 3rd-8th August

RoseBug - Pixie Dust and Magic - DLP Trip Report 14th-17th August 2012

flic - My first trip report, 23rd-28th August. Our Minnie Mouse magic holiday

Metsoskil - Europe with kids in 21 days & 4 backpacks 29-31st August

September 2012

Christieand - The Art Of Timing It Right

loladelorean - When in France - 9th-12th September

maryr1roz - Better late than never? - September 2012

TCO - Arlo's first holiday trip report

tinks 1989 - Mini Minnie's 3rd trip 25th-28th September

October 2012

Hannikins - I need to sell a kidney... but I'm going! London and DLP - early October 2012

kizzabel - But who'd ever think to look for me here? 22-24th October 2012

November 2012

Vala - Halloween - October 30-5 November 2012

rhenkt - trip report from California passholders - 6th November

loladelorean - Long overdue photos from Nov trip

figaro2 - Magic everywhereeeee! Christmas with the little ones TR - 15th-19th November

A Dream is a Wish - Dylan Mouse and Princess Chloe's Christmas TR 20-23 November 2012

December 2012

tinks 1989 - Christmas at Disneyland


January 2013

singsweetnightingale - In A World of My Own - 7-11 January 2013

kizzabel - Mam, Can we go now? 22-25th January 2013

February 2013

zanzibar138 -A Naive Aussie's TR

DLPdaft - Tales of the Unexpected 14-19 February 2013

Brummig - DS 10th birthday trip (that makes 16) - February 2013

March 2013

arieliwish - DD 18th Birthday trip 14th-17th March

HappyPanda - A Dream Come True - 16th-20th March

simplyshaz - Our dlp trip 17th-20th March

tweak89 - Texas to Paris and back again!

ThBa - Magic Everywhere - Where Dreams come true - 25th-31st March

April 2013

stargatebarbie - Our budget bonus easter trip 1st-5th April

christieand -Our April 2013 TR

May 2013

lcj19 - 4th Trip to DLP to Celebrate a 3rd B-day - 5-9th May

rottie155 - Who Needs Rides Anyway - Most Magical Trip Yet - 15th-18th May

Aussie Wendy - Exploration of new worlds by Capt'n Wrongway Wendy

cinderslg - Sequoia Lodge 15-19th May

June 2013

nirrakel - UK Searles do Disneyland Paris!

July 2013

Ms Poppins - Summer Dreams at HNY Day One 21st July

Ms Poppins - Summer Dreams at HNY Day 2 22nd July

Ms Poppins - Summer Dreams at HNY Day 3 23rd July

Ms Poppins - Summer Dreams at HNY Day 4 24th July

August 2013

A dream is a wish - Back to our happy place 1-5 August

September 2013

October 2013

kizzabel - Kiz, Jem and Jim's Adventure along the Rio Grande 6-11 October

November 2013

rottie155 - Jingle Shells 13-16 November

December 2013

Ms Poppins - Christmas Dreams at HNY 2-4 December Day 1

Ms Poppins - Christmas Dreams at HNY 2-4 December Day 2

Ms Poppins - Christmas Dreams at HNY 2-4 December Day 3


January 2014

Renowen - Its still Xmas in Disney! 5-9 January

February 2014

March 2014

April 2014

DLPdaft - Spring Festival fun in the sun 9th-12th April

May 2014

kizzabel - second star TR 19th-23rd May

June 2014

July 2014

August 2014

September 2014

Royal Consort - Episode 3 of Disney Around the World, September

C3PO DLH Norwegian half-term, 28th Sept-3rd October

disneynat79 Surprise for my Princesses, 29th Sept-3rd October

October 2014

Cruzinmaniac WDS Daytrip 8th October

Ms Poppins Big Birthday Halloween at HNY 12th-16th October

November 2014

December 2014


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  • DLPdaft

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    <font color=royalblue>Cannot stop singing "Just li
    Jun 3, 2007
    Caz30 - Back from our first trip!! - March 2010 -

    Fwapp - Our Second Trip, 15-17 Feb 2010 -

    IsobelJackmummy - The mission to find Belle - Feb 2010 -

    grizbuzz - February Break Trip at Sequoia 2010 - - magical birthday trip 18-22 jan 2010 -

    Ware Bears

    Bring me that horizon
    Jan 23, 2003
    :wizard: :wizard: Index is updated :wizard: :wizard:

    Thanks to everyone who posted their links here and three cheers for Elaine (DLPdaft) :cheer2: :cheer2: :cheer2: for finding the links for others.

    If anyone would like their reports added to the index please post the links on this thread as it's not only nice to revisit trippies but also so much handier for new visitors.

    I still can't get the hang of having a separate trip report board :blush: and it's now made me realise how many trippies I've missed reading. I think this is going to be me over the following week :surfweb:


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