Universal Orlando Email Survey About Post Covid 19 Restrictions Could Disneyland Be Working On The Same Plan?


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Mar 13, 2015

Universal Orlando Asks Fans about Post-Corona Changes

April 17, 2020, 10:52 PM ·
Universal's theme parks are surveying fans about potential changes to parks' operating procedures once they reopen, including requirements for face masks and temperature checks.

The survey, which was emailed this evening, begins by stating that "once state governments permit it, Universal Orlando will reopen." It then asks "how likely are you to consider visiting if the park reopens following its pre-Coronavirus standard operating and safety procedures?" with responses ranging from "very likely" to "very unlikely."

The short survey goes on to ask respondents to respond to potential changes to resort operating procedures, with reactions ranging from "this would make me feel more comfortable" or "this would be a major problem for me." On the next page, Universal asks people to record their reactions if Universal did not implement the changes.

Hearing from readers, there appear to be multiple versions of the survey. But aggregating the questions, the suggested changes include:
  • Require all guests to wear face masks
  • Require all team members to wear face masks
  • Suspend X-ray conveyor belts at security
  • Require all guests to undergo a rapid Covid test (under 15 minutes for results). Only those with negative results could enter
  • Require all team members to undergo a rapid Covid test (under 15 minutes for results). Only those with negative results would be permitted to work
  • Require all guests to have their temperature taken. Those testing high would be refused admission
  • Require all team members to have their temperature taken. Those testing high would not be permitted to work until testing fever-free for 24 hours
  • Implement touch-free payment for food, merchandise and parking
  • Eliminate self-serve food options (e.g. team members would refill beverages)
  • Require team members to wipe down vehicles/seats between rides
  • Implement social distancing practices throughout the park (e.g. 6-foot distance when queuing, table spacing at restaurants, mobile ordering)
  • Limit attendance to 75% of park capacity
  • Limit attendance to 50% of park capacity
  • Limit attendance to 25% of park capacity
  • Implement a virtual line waiting system for all or most attractions
  • Suspend parades and nighttime shows
  • Close indoor attractions and shows

Many states and the federal government have now released guidelines for allowing businesses to reopen once the number of Covid-19 cases begin to decline in communities. As we suggested earlier this week, these many of these guidelines will require theme parks to change their standard operating procedures to comply.

Universal's survey provides specific examples of such changes. One cannot infer that these are changes that Universal would implement once it reopens its parks - only that Universal would like to know what the public reaction to these potential changes would be.

Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood are closed through at least May 31, according to the latest statements from the parks.


Feb 17, 2020
Interesting. Thanks for finding this and posting @BadPinkTink. I would have to think Disney will be looking at all or most of these types of protective measures.

I think there would be logistical nightmares associated with doing some sort of rapid covid testing not to mention what would happen to the medical information collected from such a test as well as a push back from the public not from the stand point nesessarily of the testing per se but from the stand point of the time it would take to do the test and get results back. Things like who would administer the test how and where they would safe guard the personal information collected. I think i read that the rapid test they are developing are blood tests which I would hope would require someone trained in such procedures.

Most of the other things are reasonable strategies. How people will react to them is another story and the purpose of the survey. Would be very interesting reading of the the results.


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Oct 25, 2015
I'd actually be completely comfortable with everything on the list and also if they did nothing on the list. I guess I am just feeling very comfortable with the COVID19 situation in general. If I get the heebie jeebies, I'll stay home.


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May 9, 2007
I'm down with the whole list. And if Disney is the one who is able to provide a test , where "others" in the USA have found it difficult to provide, at least people wouldn't have to continue to wonder what their status was. Yup. Sign me up.


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Sep 14, 2016
I don't have a specific problem with anything on the list, but I feel like logistically the virtual waiting line sounds like a good idea but would only cause serious crowding outside of attractions with people hanging around...which could be potentially worse. There's just not a ton of room to absorb people not in lines at DL.


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