Using apps at the parks/resorts

Jul 23, 2017
I hope this question isn't inappropriate or against the rules of the forum in some way. If so, please take it down and I apologize.

I am curious to hear any experiences from other gay men using Scruff, Grindr, etc. in WDW at large to meet people. I am NOT talking about random hookups. I am talking about using these apps as an easy way to find other gay Disney fans because of the ease/immediacy of a location based app and because not everyone uses these boards.

I will be making a solo trip in October and I was thinking it might be a good resource to meet gay families/singles/any Disney fans that would bring conversation to an otherwise solo endeavor.

Any insight?


Mar 24, 2017
If you were very specific in what you were looking for, I don't see a problem with it. However, I know when I'm in park, I am using my phone for pictures and video, not for anything else. I barely respond to texts.

My suggestion: use Kik. There is a clean Disneyland group there. Not jumpingly active, but there are people there.


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