Using Platinum AP from Sesame Place at SeaWorld or Busch Gardens


Earning My Ears
Nov 14, 2011
We are considering purchasing a platinum annual pass to Sesame Place for the primary purpose of using it at SeaWorld, Aquatica & Busch Gardens. In the fine print, it says that it excludes separately ticketed events "including but not limited to Food & Wine, Howl-O-Scream, SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration and Busch Gardens’ Christmas Town." We were hoping to go to SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Tampa the week before Thanksgiving which is during their Christmas events. Both SeaWorld's and Busch Garden's websites say that admission to the Christmas Celebration or Christmas Town is included with regular park admission. I called SeaWorld to confirm it is not a "separately ticketed event" and that I would be able to use my SP platinum pass for admission -- they said I could but I'm concerned since it specifically names these events as being excluded.

Has anyone ever used a SP platinum (previously Super Grover) pass at SeaWorld or Busch Gardens during their Christmas events?


Earning My Ears
Jul 12, 2013
We did last year at Seaworld Orlando for Christmas with no problem. We also get preferred parking at other parks besides Sesame Place which is a nice perk.

Belle & Ariel

DIS Veteran
Aug 19, 2008
You can use it for the holiday events during the day. They have some separately ticketed events after park closing that you may not use it or any Sea World or Busch Gardens annual pass for.
We've had the Sesame Pass Super Grover which is now called platinum 3 or 4 years and have never been to Sesame Place. It is a great deal. Depending when you're going, if you can hold off buying it, it is on sale for black Friday at 20-25% off. It actually goes on sale as early as the weekend before Thanksgiving.


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