Jundland Waste Traveler
Oct 15, 2014
To all my Brothers and Sisters in arms, whenever you served, Thank you.

88-91 Army, 91-92 PA Nat. Guard, 95-2001 Pa Nat. Guard.
  • DL1WDW2

    Aug 5, 2019
    I went to the MK today for the Flag Ceremony.
    Thanking all service members that protect our daily life.
    I want to thank DIsney also for honoring our military and the American Flag every day at sunset aka 5:15 ish ...
    I also found out On Veterans Day the MK has a flag raising ceremony inviting castmembers that have served in the military, local military and police/ fire dept and a bagpiper before the park opens. ( The Flag must be raised when first guests arrives at the MK).
    Hope your day was honorable.

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