What age do You go to the Parks alone?


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May 5, 2001
Hi all, I have been searching the forums for advice on 2 teens (16 actually closer to 17) going to the parks alone and not having many results so thought I would come here. At what age were you going to the parks by yourselves? We are staying at CSR and I will be attending some convention events during the day. I was thinking they can get up a little later and take the bus to Epcot 1 day and Hollywood Studios another. I would have them come back to the resort to swim in the afternoon and we would head out together late afternoon. We also have 2 days where we would explore together before heading home. One of the teens is a Type 1 Diabetic with a pump so I want to be realistic when approaching her mom with this idea.


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Oct 25, 2013
I was 16/17 when I was off to the parks by myself! Got a lot of "you all by yourself sweetie?"-s from bus drivers and attractions H/H, but had the time of my life. Disney makes it super easy to get around and the security is great, I never felt lost or unsafe.
  • southjerseymom

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    Nov 17, 2004
    I let my guys walk from Beach Club to Epcot our last trip. DD was 12 and DS was 14. Kind of pushing them out of the nest. No busses so I was happy with that. They went over for about 2 hours. Great bro and sis bonding but I think they were happy to come home to me and DH. Fast forward to last summer when I had to let DS go off to Philmont Boy Scout Reservation for 12 days with no contact for 8. Torture. But, got to give them those wings. They are the future.


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    Sep 14, 2010
    I went to Disney with my school's music department my Freshman year of high school (I was 14) and we essentially were in the parks on our own all the time. They wouldn't let us travel without a group, but we basically never ran into adults ever or had to be around them and honestly, with that Disney bubble thing going on (having the bus system, monorail, etc.) where you can always get where you need to go and have multiple ways of meeting up, there's no safer place out there to test the waters. This is also coming from someone who probably would be described as "still-attached-by-the-umbilical-cord". Also, when I was 16, I went on another school trip to NYC and we were on our own there a lot as well, no qualms about it (except when trying to figure out where certain meeting places were). They should honestly be fine, but it's all up to them on their comfort limits.


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    Feb 2, 2015
    My son is 14 and sometimes we have him alone with cousins at a different resort and sometimes we have him and his step-siblings (12,14). He has gone alone on transportation (monorail back to resort after EMH and buses to springs for dinner). Our typical day begins together, then the kids take off and do their thing at some point, we meet for dinner at Epcot or Springs, we watch a show/fireworks and they head off again for EMH. We've never had an issue and love that our kids feel comfortable/confident getting around and a bit of independence in a pretty well controlled environment. I rest confident (misplaced, maybe? but...no one tell me if so!) that if something very bad were to happen, they have traceable magic bands on.


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    Aug 27, 2016
    I am about 16 years old and I am allowed to be in the parks by myself as long as I keep my parents informed on what's going on. This Saturday I will be at the parks by myself for Dapper Day and I find it a really awesome experience!
  • Mousefan mom

    May 21, 2015
    Last year my son was 13 and wanted to come meet me in a park...I asked a CM if I should wait at the gate for him, and they told me it wasn't a big deal and he'd get in. He did, it was fine. After that we started allowing him to go through the resort. This year, at 14 he is super excited to have a bit of space. We usually start the day together, but if he gets tired and wants to go back to the resort or go to a different park than us, we are planning to allow it. He has a cell phone and will have a magic band. I think things like this are important for kids to start learning some independence, etc.


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    Feb 4, 2017
    I went alone when I was 19/20 on my DCP! I recently flew to Florida by myself to visit some DCP friends. I'm 21 now.
  • Bug Gal

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    Aug 20, 2017
    I may be a little different than most teens since I was 17 when I went away from my Mom and home to start my career as an Apprentice Jockey. I was home schooled my whole life and finished my schooling a year early so I could start on my dream on being a Jockey. This required me to moved out and first move from our Arizona home to New Mexico where I stayed for a bit and now I am located in California. Here is my advice for you as a Mom and for the other Mom as well. You both are the ones who know your kids the best and are they mature enough to go into the parks alone and handle themselves appropriately. In my case it was going to be for a long time where I was going to be away from my home and my Mom and she knew my dedication and desire to this sport was enough to let me go without hesitation. So ages 14, 15, 16, 17 it doesn't really matter unless you feel they can handle it and you know them the best.


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    Oct 15, 2006
    Yes I agree you have to know maturity of child. I will be bringing 3 of DD friends for a sweet 16.
    I have no problem at all with them traveling throughout Wdw using the transportation. I booke BLT so transportation will be easier.
    My DD is also very familiar with the parks so that is not even a concern.
    So point is unless kids are immature with zero sense of direction and would be embarrassed to ask a CM for help, no problem:-)

    Simba's Girl

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    Jul 28, 2000
    I'm of the opinion that if your teen is old enough to get a job and old enough or close to old enough to drive or even vote then they can absolutely be allowed to be on their own at Disney.

    Miss G.

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    May 29, 2017
    I never thought about what age I would go alone. Could I take a guess at going alone for myself at the age of 22?


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    Aug 25, 2017
    We travelled to WDW when i was 16 and took my friend who was also 16.
    We stayed on property at POR and used the buses to get in and out of the parks, my mum (who's very overprotective) was happy with that and us going to the parks on our own at that age. She just didn't get us stay past park closing into the late MK extra magic hours.

    I would say from about 15 years old onwards is fine, as long as theyre not too immature for 15, and extra okay if staying on Disney property. Ive never once not felt safe on a disney bus/hotel or in a park.


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    Sep 6, 2003
    I started going with just another friend when I was 12.
    The rules now are you can not enter the park alone until you are 14. A 14 year old can take someone younger in. So as long as there is at least someone 14 with you, a younger one can enter.

    OP, your kids are plenty old to be going on their own.

    My two that have gone on their own were 14. I was fine with it since they grew up going to the parks.

    Some 14 year olds may not be mature enough, each kid is different.


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    Jun 7, 2017
    Our oldest daughter went alone for 1 or 2 hours in DLRP when she was 10yo.
    But she could call us with her cellphone, and it was the 20 time we went to DLRP, so she does need a map.


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    Sep 23, 2009
    My oldest was about 16 when she went off on her own. It was our third trip. She loved the freedom but liked being with us too. On our last trip our two now 14 year olds went with her on different occasions but I'm not sure that really counts since she is technically an adult now. On our next trip with them being 15, 15, and 12 I think I would let them go on their own for a while. We are a very 'together' family so they don't usually stay gone lone.


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