What are the best stores at MK and best souvenirs?


Earning My Ears
Dec 3, 2019
What are your favourite stores at MK, specifically for rare plush? What are your favourite Disney souvenirs? Any recommendations?

Sargeant Tibbs

DIS Veteran
Jan 9, 2015
I don't know about rare plush. If the Emporium doesn't have it, then maybe some of the stores at ride exits will?

My favorite store in MK is Momento Mori, but that's because Haunted Mansion is my favorite ride. My favorite souvenirs are often free, or pictures, or come from Mitsukoshi in the Japan Pavilion at Epcot.


DIS Veteran
Feb 28, 2014
The Christmas shop in MK is a must for us. We get a personalized ornament every trip. We make sure to go early enough in our trip so they have time to personalize and deliver to our resort. I also love the emporium. Just SO. MUCH. STUFF. lol

My daughters are into the stuffed animals and I always have at least one friend who asks me to look for one she can’t find anywhere else. I haven’t found a single shop that always seems to consistently have the rare ones. It seems to be very hit or miss, but now that there is a product locator in the app they are much easier to chase down.
  • CynBeth

    DIS Veteran
    Apr 17, 2011
    The Emporium at MK and World of Disney at Disney Springs. Not sure if they still have it due to the construction but the big gift shop at Epcot I forget the name.


    Annual Passholder
    Jul 26, 2018
    The Emporium is huge and has a general mix of stuff. If you are looking for more selection of one specific theme/character/attraction, then check out the attraction gift shops. We love POTC ride and the movies, so we've bought lots of stuff from the gift shop at the Pirates ride over the years. If you want a splash mtn shirt or Brer Rabbit plush, check out the gift shop at splash mtn exit. Sir Mickey's had princess themed stuff recently, I specifically remember cute Ariel stuff and the "dinglehopper".
    I love disney coffee mugs and attraction specific tees/tanks. My DD has always loved smaller plush. I'm not sure what's considered "rare" plush right now, but she did get the plush dog from the pirate's ride holding the keys at the pirate's gift shop. This was several years ago, so not sure if they still sell it there.
    The Christmas Shop in Liberty Square has has lots of ornaments. You can have one personalized. And I've even seen some available that come already personalized so if you like what they have, it can save time waiting for your personalization or having it sent to you.
  • The Foolish Mortal

    May 28, 2017
    With my screen name, its obvious that Memori Mento is my favorite. I am not a huge fan of souvenirs, but when I do want something, its either from MM or usually the Mouse Gear shop at Epcot.


    Earning My Ears
    Jul 5, 2019
    What are your favourite stores at MK, specifically for rare plush? What are your favourite Disney souvenirs? Any recommendations?
    My favorite plush place is the gift shop at the Winnie the pooh ride as i like Eeyore and they usually have a plush there i don't see anywhere else in the park or online.
    As for other souvenirs, we do end up with some more pricey items, we buy from Uptown Jewelers, the Art of Disney and Crystal Arts/Arribas brothers. They all have beautiful things. And I have some awesome Haunted Mansion china dinner plates and salad plates from Momento Mori.
    if you are in Epcot, the Mitsukoshi store is a must.


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