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Feb 8, 2010
The purpose of this Assignment is to get out and have fun using our cameras, maybe learning a few things along the way, so pictures should be new as often as possible (though if you have a relatively new picture that fits a category, you can use it). All cameras and skill levels are welcome.

This could be one that we run for the year. No prizes can be rewarded other than recognition for a job well done!

Where possible, please use pictures taken from 15 April 2014 as the intent of this assignment is to get out and about. However, given that this is running from the start of 2014, if you do have a recent (2013’ish) picture already on file, by all means post it – especially if you would like to share your best pictures taken during 2013!
If you post a picture, please share what you did to take the picture irrespective of whether you shoot with a point and shoot or a dSLR or phone camera. For those with a dSLR, please include your ISO, aperture and shutter speed; as well as a brief description of anything that might help others learn from your experience.

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Thanks for my avatar, Mary Jo!
Feb 8, 2010
What I’m Focussed On – Water

Water, the source of life. 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. It can be a solid, liquid or gas with a multitude of different forms on Earth: water vapor and clouds in the sky, seawater in the oceans, icebergs in the polar oceans, glaciers in the mountains, fresh and salt water lakes, rivers, and aquifers in the ground.

This assignment is all about Water. Your picture should have water as a major element in the picture. It can be a picture where water is flowing, ‘frozen’, sparkling clear, milky movement and in any context. It could be a picture of a water drop, splash, fun!

Please share your shots!


Additional reference for Point and Shoot

References for a Phone Camera

So if anyone else finds references, please post the link!
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    Aug 22, 2010
    Croton Bridge.jpg by Havoc315, on Flickr

    This shot was actually done as in-camera panorama, held in portrait. The result is simply a very wide regular shot. For cameras with good in-camera panorama, it's a nice way to make your lens just a little wider.

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