What to do to prepare to apply for a Disney professional internship??

Xochitl Solorzano

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Jul 20, 2018
I'm a first year Mechanical Engineering major at Cal Poly Pomona and I want to make sure I have the best chanses of getting accepted for an engineering internship at Disneyland or WDI when the time comes. What are the best things I can do now to prepare and up my chances of getting one??


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Jan 12, 2000
So my DD went thru this process last year and recieve a PI not in ME. She has three majors so she had experience for mutiple roles which she applied for. So each role she applied for she talyored her cover leter AND her resume to highlight with what they were looking for. It was a hell of a lot of work but paid off. Remember your resume has to get thru a computer resume reader so use "keywords" that are in the job description and not to craxy of a format. Do not embellish because it will come back to bite you during the interview. During one of interviews they asked her if she had she experience on a specific program and she said sorry never heard of it which was the right answer because it does not exist! Be honest during your interview, but show your passion!

Follow on the PI Facebook page for the PI term your applying for. Look at past PI hopeful pages for interview questions.

The interview with the recruiter is usually the "walk me thru your resume questions". Remember they are looking for "keywords" to take notes on to pass on to the hiring manager. So for example if your role needs excel skills say what advanced functions you have used in past internships/clases, ie Vlookups. If you are rusty on a specific skill consider looking at a quick Coursea class.

PRACTICE INTERVIEW QUESTIONS!! PRactice with people, let them ask you anything. They want to see how you think on your feet.
KNow your answers to behaviorial questions. Write post it notes to remember what you want to say. and have them where you can see them during your interview.

Finally, find the old job descriptions so you can see what they are looking for! Hope this post makes sense,:).


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