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Jul 16, 2008
Next weekend is long for me. Friday off for Nick's graduation (why would they have a college graduation on a Friday morning at 10:00:sad2:)and Monday off for the holiday.
76 degrees that's our normal water temperature.:rotfl2: Don't be afraid to get in now.

I don't see our pool opening for awhile. It's been unusually cold . Mornings in the 40's and highs in the 50's with a lot of rain.
:cheer2::cheer2::cheer2: Hooray for Nick! I'll bet he's excited...as the whole family should be! That's awesome. There are some morning college graduations here too...and weeknights too. So many to "get in" they have them at all different times. The "hardest" one we've ever attended was for a member of our group, The MOB, when youngest DD was in high school. This mother had gone back to school at nights and it took her a LONG time but she finally made it. Her graduation was 8 AM Saturday morning! :faint: As for the pool water...:eek:...need to add a couple more degrees for me to be comfortable. :rotfl: You HAVE had a cool spring o_O...may be July before your water warms up enough! It will probably be Memorial Day...or later before I'll have time to give it a try...BUSY next week...Monday~Student Awards Day at the High School at 9 AM and the band concert at 7:30...the band director is retiring so it's his last concert. That previously mention group, The MOB, gave him "hell" :rolleyes1 during DD's senior year so some of us are going to "terrorize" him one more time :goodvibes. Tuesday is Scholarship Awards for the Seniors at 9 AM and one of the soccer seniors is signing her "Letter of Intent" to play college soccer at 11 with a signing ceremony and Tuesday night is the Academic Awards Banquet; Wednesday I'm having dinner with 2 old friends; Thursday I have an afternoon doctors appointment with a dermatologist for yearly checkup and having the family over for dinner for the May birthday's of both son-in-laws; Friday have a hair cut appointment and the Princess in "Nancy Kerrigan" at the annual 7th grade "Wax Museum" presentation in the afternoon and Saturday/Sunday both girls play in a soccer tournament in the Houston area! :faint: I'll be ready to relax by the pool come Memorial Day! ::yes:::tink:

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