Where In The World 21. We are now completely legal!!!

  • goopysolelady

    DIS Veteran
    Jul 16, 2008
    Park, resort or other?

    98 :crazy2:

    I have to go back to work on Thursday. :sad:
    ::yes::...and today it's so humid I CAN'T BREATHE!!! Currently, it's only 92 but the "real feel" is 101. :cool: Allergies abound this morning; even Lady Boo's eyes are "matted". Redstorm said there is possible tropical development in the Gulf which would explain the "tropical humid feeling". It's GROSS today...hope it gets better this afternoon!

    I was wondering if today was your first day back so glad to hear you at least have until Thursday! DD has teacher training and "get to know your peers" day today. Had to make Chicken Salad for 19 for her to serve at lunch :faint:; Redstorm just delivered it. She's been working on her summer physics project all morning but think she's finishing it up. She ended up cutting up the "pool noodles" I had here to make her "track" :idea: after paper towel holders and architect tubes failed. Guess it's a good thing I'm a "pac rat" :rotfl:; she "raided" my closets and garage for ALL her supplies and "tools"! :rotfl: ENJOY THE NEXT 3 DAYS; dang the summer went by fast! Seems like it was just a week or 2 ago that you got out of that office! :crazy::tink:

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