Which resort would you pick?


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Oct 21, 2006
IM trying to decide which resort to stay it prior to our home oh VWL. Would be for 6 nights.We have 13 nights and DB has not stayed at any resort except VWL and BLT. There will be a 10 and 12 year old tagging along. I would like to stay somewhere new But out of all would not mind going back to AKLV due to the animals, atmosphere pools and community hall for the kids.
Anyway our choices so far are:-
Which do you think would be best for entertainment;location and transport as we wont have a car. The girls love swimming . A hot tub is a must.
Going 16th may 2015 DB birthday whilst there he he!
Would appreciate any tips and opinions.

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Mar 25, 2014
VGF is stunning and expensive, if you can afford it, then it is the place to stay.

BCV has one of the best pools ever and it is not on your list, but check it out.


May 29, 2007
Another vote for BCV, I'll be there this May. That said anywhere on crescent lake is great IMO, so if you prefer BWV then that would be a nice choice too.

As PP said, GFV is going to be expensive points-wise and availability will be tight, but would undoubtedly be awesome. Only seen the lobby area myself, but that was pretty neat!

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Mar 3, 2000
We've just come back from Kidani Village and our home resort is Boardwalk Villas, so I'll comment on those two.

Kidani Village

Some don't like it as it's a little further from the parks than other resorts, but we never had a problem. The bus service was excellent, never waited more than 10 minutes. It may take 5 minutes longer to get to the Magic Kingdom, but so what? You're on holiday, enjoy the journey.
The pool is nice, but we preferred the pool at Jambo House, it was quieter.
The big attraction is the ability to view the animals from your balcony, of course.
Very peaceful place, much quieter than Boardwalk Villas.
Sanaa restaurant very nice.

Boardwalk Villas

Location cannot really be beaten. Walk or get the boat into Epcot and Hollywood Studios.
If you have a Boardwalk view there's plenty of fun to be spent on your balcony people watching. Entertainment in the evenings.
There are more dining options right on your doorstep.
Two swimming pools. A big advantage for us as the quiet pool is nearly always less busy.

Overall I would stay at the Boardwalk over Kidani, but that's just my preference. I will almost certainly stay at Kidani again some time in the future as we enjoyed it very much.
It's hard to go wrong with any of the DVC resorts, it just comes down to what sort of environment you prefer.



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