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    Can someone explain to me the wifi charges and how they work? I think we get 50mb free right? What are the charges after. I looked on line this is the only thing I could find.

    • Wireless Internet Access
      Connect@Sea offers Internet packages based on your online needs. Instead of paying by the minute, you pay for the data you use. So, for instance, streaming movies will consume a lot more megabytes (data) than reading email. Using the onboard WiFi, connect anywhere on the ship and chat, post pictures on social media or simply stay connected while at sea.

      You can share a single Connect@Sea package. Simply login to your account on any device that you want to use to access the Internet. Multiple devices can use the same package simultaneously. The combined usage is tracked on one meter, which can be monitored via the browser window.

      For the most up-to-date rates, refer to the information provided in your stateroom or contact a Connect@Sea representative, located inside Promenade Lounge on the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder or on Deck 4, Midship aboard the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy.

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    Once the free 50MB is gone, it's gone. If you want more, you have to sign up for it--so no need to worry about suddenly being charged without realizing it!
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    A warning about the free 50MB - it goes FAST. You need to turn off all background refresh on apps on your phones. Set your email and browsers to not load graphics and pictures automatically. And don't use a laptop. I made the 50MB last for 3 or 4 days, but if you have one app that is refreshing in the background it's gone in less than an hour (depending on the app...).
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