1 year olds First Trip - Advice needed and wanted!


Earning My Ears
Dec 11, 2014
Hi everyone,

I'm a disney veteran, but it's been a few years since I've been on these boards. I'm a newly single mom, due to DV, and trying to plan my LOs first trip. She will turn 1 during the trip (If we're able to go - still in a custody battle with Ex). Even though I'm not 100% sure we can go, I've very type A and need to plan. It freaks me out that we only have about 2.5 months before the trip.

I've done disney a lot. But never with a LO of my own before. My niece went at 1.5, but I wasn't responsible for her, LOL. My parents are coming with us. Our dates are 5/11-5/18 staying at Pop Century for 2 nights, then switching over to All Star Music for the remainder of the trip.

Any advice, trips, tips? We're planning 4-5 park days, and 1-2 rest/hotel days. 2 days at magic kingdom, 1 at EPCOT, and either 1 at animal kingdom and 1 at hollywood studios, or just 1 day at either animal kingdom or hollywood studios. Still haven't decided. LO will turn 1 on the 14th, so that will be one of our magic kingdom days. We do not plan to see/do it all. Planning to take it slow in each park and get to whatever we get to.

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Apr 4, 2017
Take a good stroller that reclines flat for naps. Don't worry about whether it folds up easily for the buses, since you'll have other adults to help. If you babywearing, bring a good carrier too. It will he helpful in lines.
Take plenty of snacks and a water bottle or sippy cup for LO, hungry kids aren't good for anyone, lol! A change of clothes and plenty of diapers and wipes are a must.
At this age (and for the next few years) kids are entertained by most anything. Be prepared to spend 30 minutes watching LO chase a butterfly, or have her be more interested in other people than the show/animals/attraction you are there to see.
LO may be terrified of characters, but they usually do better with face characters (like princesses).


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