3 days at DLP Sept 2018 - advice needed

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    My DD16 and I will be in Paris 3 days before the Disney WBTA in September. We haven't visited DLP before and DD doesn't remember Paris. I think I have our choices narrowed down to 2 hotels, Vienna Dream Castle or Hotel Élysée. Any recommendations? Dream castle has free breakfast, but seems to be further away from transportation. Hotel Élysée looks like a great Location. We tend to eat out of grocery stores in Europe more than restaurants.

    We will be using trains, we know we want to go into the city at least one day, and spend at least one day at the parks. We have annual passes at WDW, so we are most focused on what is different at DLP. Thoughts?
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    Dream Castle has a free shuttle bus to DLP, DLP has a train station with train to the city, so transportation wise it would be good. Determine beforehand which you want to do most (the longest during a day?), the travel to the city is convenient, but it does take some time, so if you want to visit the city and do one day of DLP, stay in the city, if you want to visit DLP, but spend one day in Paris, stay near DLP.
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    1. When you book Disneyland Paris through Disney , either by phone or through the website you are booking a hotel and park tickets package. This is different to the American Parks
    2. You will get park hopper tickets for your arrival day and departure day
    3. Both Vienna Dream Castle and Hotel Élysée are partner / good neighbour hotels, they can both be booked through Disney website for the hotel / park tickets package
    4. Vienna Dream Castle is located on the east side of the property. It is located in a row of partner hotels and has a frequent free shuttle bus to the parks.
    5. Hotel Élysée is located to the west of Disneyland property,in a purpose built village called Val d'Europe. It is actually a further distance travel time wise to the park entrance. The front door of Hotel Élysée is opposite an entrance to the main large shopping mall. To get from Hotel Élysée to the park entrance you would need to get a regular bus or the regular train. It is one stop on the regular train to Disney
    6. Hotel Élysée has a basic breakfast, I stayed here in February 2016
    7. I would recommend staying at Disney, and taking a day trip to central Paris, rather than staying in Paris and taking a day trip to Disney. This is because of the numerous trip reports I have read both here and on another forum about the train back to Paris after a long park day. The journey is about 40 minutes, depending on where you are staying. The train can be very crowded leaving Disney.
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    We're actually staying at Dream Castle in March for a long weekend, from what information I've gathered there are regular shuttle busses to and from the Park/Train station.

    Additionally, you may want to look into a train called the TGV (link below), it's a superfast train that can get you from the airport (CDG) to Paris in 10 minutes!


    Funnily enough we're also on the WBTA cruise in September too so we'll see you on board!!
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    May 9, 2017
    We stayed at Hotel E'lysee in November, and have booked again for February. It is a very nice hotel and an excellent location. It is what I would describe as a 'business hotel' with big rooms, comfy beds and a cocktail bar. It is right opposite the train station, which is one stop away from DLP and very easy to use. Or you can save a few Euros and use the free shuttle bus. There are loads of restaurants in the square around the hotel, and a massive supermarket (Auchan) in the mall right next to the hotel. We loved it there. Can't comment on the Dream Castle.
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