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    Jun 16, 2005
    considering getting the all day dining add on, but how does that work exactly? We wouldn’t want an entire meal every hour, thinking we would want to use it more for snacks & drinks. Is that an option? Wasting food by having to get an entire entree just to get a drink is ridiculously wasteful.

    Also, we would purchase tickets at Undercover Tourist website—I’m assuming we’d go early to exchange for the armband?

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    You can get part of a meal.

    At your first meal stop, you will get a wrist band.
  3. Disneyfan754321

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    Feb 19, 2019
    We bought a two day so we used the ticket everytime instead of the wristband.
    Water was 3.75 and sodas even more.
    They are basket meals, like 3 chicken strips /chicken sandwich and fries 4 cookies or a cup of fruit or cake or jello
    It was one of the best parts of our trip to seaworld. My husband had brisket, ribs, sweet sour chicken, burger, chicken strips, turkey leg and a meatball sub. The best advise I got was take ziplocks. They really came in handy at the hotel i opened my back pack to find cookies and oranges and more. You dont have to take the meal just take the sides if you wish.
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    We did it in 2016 but I am eager to hear from those who have been more recently. For us it was a good value overall since we had hungry boys who ate like bottomless pits. We ate at Voyage Smokehouse for bbq and burgers at Spice mill. We did get some iceees, and we got chicken strips and fries to share during a show. On the second day we ate at the pizza place for lunch and I think Mango Joes for dinner. Sometimes we took our cookies for the road but honestly we ate so much at meals that we didn't snack much.
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