Anyone's wedding being postponed due to Coronavirus closures?


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Feb 6, 2018
Wedding not postponed but we may postpone the Disney Honeymoon until December 2021 if it looks like masks will still be in effect next Summer. If they are still in effect in December, at least it will be cooler.


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Jun 10, 2020
My niece's 5/24 wedding was cancelled and rescheduled for 9/6. Half her guest are scheduled to stay at POR and that resort won't be open. Disney reminded her no more than 50 people in the chapel or the reception because it's indoors, state thing. She had 125 on the guest list, lost people because of the date change and down to around 90. At this point she is done worrying about anything. After the fiasco this week with booking parks and half of the guest that are coming don't have tickets yet and Disney not giving up any info she said the people who love them will be there and that's all she needs. Originally she wanted to get married in September t Sea Breeze Point and have the reception on the beach at Beach Club but got talked out of it by the groom and both sets of parents. Now it looks like her first wish just may happen. She did hear a rumor that Disney is cancelling all July weddings. My sister talked to the wedding planner yester and was told half the wedding planning staff is still on furlough.
To keep their planned date of 5/24 they got married at a venue on the river in the neighboring county with only the parents as witness because Maryland had a 10 person limit at the time. One more reason she think some people have backed out of the Disney trip since technically they are already married
I had a July wedding scheduled and can confirm that Disney cancelling July weddings is not a rumor. They are cancelling them. They are currently working on "postpone contracts" for the July weddings that are rescheduled. They are still working with a small crew so many of the planners have not been recalled yet.


Aug 1, 2010
If she is not already a part of one, I would suggest she join a Disney bride Facebook group. As of today, I saw people posting that their early August weddings were being cancelled by Disney. All July Disney weddings have already been cancelled.
Thanks for the suggestion. She is on a FB group that's where she heard about the July weddings.


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