Beginner Vegetable Garden


Jun 12, 2012

I was trying to get some information on how to start a small easy vegetable garden. Does anyone have any tips or info that would be helpful to me. I am looking into making a raised bed. Mainly we are thinking about doing squash(yellow and zucchini), tomatoes, strawberries, spinach, and/or broccolli. Is it too late to plant any of these?


DIS Veteran
Sep 19, 2001
A coupla sites might be helpful to you:

Dave's garden requires a subscription for some forums, but the beginner vegetable gardening is free.

Depending on your location (both sites have location specific forums), it is probably too late for you to begin this year, but you can educate yourself for next year. OTOH, I'm in N. Central FL and starting my fall plants from seed. As a beginner, I'd suggest starting with plants. Another hint is to check your local garden centers, they will usually offer plants in the correct season in which to grow them. (I.E., I believe spinach and broccoli are "cool weather" crops). Good luck and have fun!


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