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How long until the next vacation?
May 28, 2009
We'll be staying over my husband's birthday during our trip. I'm having a hard time figuring out what to do to make it different. Nothing big, just a little something. Since we're doing 3 split stays I thought it might be neat to have a delivery at each check-in of a cupcake or massive Mickey cookie or something like that in a birthday bag (since he loves those). I've looked into the personal shoppers & a local bakery but either they can't deliver food items, they can't make a mini bag, or they want $75 for a rice krispie. Any ideas?


Earning My Ears
Feb 4, 2007
I'm not sure about having it ready for display at each location, but you could order an Amazon Now delivery with whatever you'd like to give him, and set it up in the room when he's not looking. You could order all at once and split it up for each stay or order three times.

Best Aunt

"That's the best-est present ever!"
May 1, 2009
Personally, I think delivery is not a great idea. You'll have to pay for it. You'll have to wait around for it (either meeting the delivery driver or waiting around for Bell Services to bring it to your room.)

Is it just the two of you? If you have more people, you could split up at each park once a day and have someone go and choose a cupcake and bring it to him. Every park has at least one bakery or quick service place which has cupcakes, and there is a variety depending on where you are.

Is there something he likes better than cupcakes? You could make it a sort of treasure hunt. Each day you and he would go to a different place to get a beer, cookie, etc. Whatever he likes. No repeats allowed, must be a different variety every day. Then he could compare which is the best.


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