CBD Oil Lawsuit by Arrested Grandmother


The Mean Squinty Eye Works
Jul 6, 2004
Some reports have said she told them it was prescribed for her arthritis.

They don't have to be mind readers, but they can have a conversation about it, and make some calls to verify if there are questions that can be fairly easily answered, it's not that hard and they do it all the time.

We will have to disagree here.

Good grief, I can't imagine Disney calling to verify anything that is on any person. Are people not responsible for themselves and what they do and have on them?

If the grandma was incapable of knowing what exactly her medication is, then one of her family members should be stepping up. That shouldn't be put on Disney. No way.


DIS Veteran
Jul 2, 2016
Police report is publicly available. It indicates that the oil was removed from her bag by security and she asked “is there a problem?” When the security agent asked if the oil contained THC, she refused to answer. The security agent then enlisted the help of an off-duty deputy working in a private capacity at Disney that day. That deputy then enlisted the help of the Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy who was already on scene. That Deputy (on-duty, already on scene) then informed the woman that the oil would be tested for THC.
Well, her non-compliance is not going to help her. Just cooperate. They may have just confiscated it if it actually had THC instead of enlisting the help of an off-duty officer. Perhaps someone in law enforcement knows if that is true or not. If she did not know the answer, she could have just said that she was not sure.


DIS Veteran
Feb 28, 2016
Law enforcement apparently looks the other way about CBD oil all over FL, and they could've in this case, too.

Instead they arrested this normally law-abiding grandma, took her away from her family right from Disney property, kept in jail for 12 hrs :faint: , fined her, and sent her packing, even having to wait, probably terrified and yes, traumatized, in the middle of the night in a McDonalds for her husband to pack up their things at their resort since she wasn't allowed back on Disney property. IMO Disney was complicit in this situation. I doubt they meant to be cold-hearted, but they were.

It's funny how people criticize lawsuits until they're the ones affected.
Only those people who don't believe in personal responsibility.
If I break the law I'm not going to find some fancy lawyer to try to get myself a big payday because I was traumatized by my arrest.
I'm going to own up to the fact that I broke the law, and be thankful they decided not to prosecute. Heck, I might even thank them on my way out of the jail cell. But I believe in being responsible for my actions, I don't blame anyone else for them and I certainly wouldn't try to extort money from them when they were in the right and I was in the wrong. Clearly Grandma doesn't hold those same beliefs.


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