Dad w/18 & 19 year old daughters - 4 nights. QS Dining Plan or no?


Earning My Ears
Jul 22, 2012
We will be on the go and, as of now, are signed up for the Quick Service Dining Plan. One daughter is a picky eater who will basically eat a plain hamburger, chicken or pasta, the end. I suspect we will eat sit down meals once, maybe twice, even though they are not on the plan. We are doing MCMCP on arrival day and will spend another full day in MK, with the other days split between HS, AK and Epcot. I will likely have a couple of adult beverages (which I understand are part of the QS Dining Plan) each day. We arrive Dec 19th and have made no dining reservations to date.

Does the QS Dining Plan make sense for us? What say ye?


DIS Veteran
Aug 17, 2005
It is hard to say. I think the best thing for you is to check out menus and think about which items your daughters will likely order. My family woudl be fine with the QS plan. We would make those credits stretch for three meals per day for us, using snack credits to fill in the blanks. We all get beverages with our meals, so no waste there. My DGD is 18 and she loved the specialty beverages the CS restaurants had, so her meals were "paid in full" even without alcohol. I have no idea how your daughters will dine and if their meals will be enough to cover the cost of the plan.

I know it's not fun, but for your situation, like many others, it is a math exercise and a bit of a guessing game to see if your family preferences are close to the cost of the plan


Jun 21, 2009
It’s hard for the dining plan to be worth the cost unless each person on it is ordering alcoholic drinks. That being said, on our last trip, we got the quick service plan with my 20 year old DS who is a picky eater and my 17 year old DD and were pleased with the selection/convenience.

I would highly recommend Pizzafari’s evening quick service sit down meal. Tons of food for a picky eater!


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