DCP Application Question

Lauren Sinclair

Earning My Ears
Jan 24, 2019
I plan on applying to the Disneyland program for the Fall term today, however with the chances of them declining me I would like to apply to the Disney World Fall Advantage term on the same application. Since the Disneyland Program is supposedly more competitive considering the amount of students they accept, if they see that I applied to Disney World as well then are my chances of getting declined by Disneyland even higher than without applying to Orlando?


Pluto's Prince (Haters back off!)
Sep 14, 2010
It doesn't really matter. I applied for both last year for the Summer program alongside the Fall programs with Disneyland as my preference but considering WDW. The preference is primarily what they look like. If they accept you, it will always be for your preference. I've yet to hear of ANYONE who applied for both and didn't get their preference or if they didn't, they were just outright NLIC'd. The application pool is so huge so Disney unfortunately has to make those choices. In short to answer your question, no, it doesn't really change anything, it just changes what questions they will ask of you during the PI if you get to that point. Best of luck!


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