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    Welcome to the Dining Boards!

    Please familiarize yourself with the DIS Guidelines.

    The DISboards support Disney stated policies. Any posts contrary to or bypassing stated guidelines will be removed

    Posting Guidelines

    Signature Guidelines

    Infraction Guide

    Update on Long Threads from WM Alex:
    1. Threads will be closed at 250 pages (3750 posts)
    2. Any existing thread over 250 pages will be locked as is.
    3. The really long threads that were removed will come back over the next week or so. I have to shut the boards down to cut them up so I will try to do it during "off hours". We are also trying index them so people will be able to reference them.

    "As a Disney travel planning site, discussions about Disney's policies and rules are very welcome here. However, discussions of or instructions for ways to circumvent those rules or "cheat the system" are not appropriate and will be deleted."
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