Disney parks with an adult wheelchair user


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Aug 16, 2019
Hello, I am new here and just want to find out some information about Disney cater fro disabled , such as the rides and queues , the restaurants are they wheelchair friendly ?



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Feb 5, 2012
Let's start with the official page: https://www.disneylandparis.com/en-gb/guest-services/guests-with-mobility-disabilities/
Take a good read about the section on bringing a doctor's letter as proof.

Restaurants are all accessible for wheelchairs, and for the rides, it can differ per ride where you go.


And borrowed from @olafLover



In DLP there are two type of priority cards, the Easy Access Card (orange) for temporary disabilities and the Priority Card (green) for permanent disabilities. To get a priority card you have to show proof of your disability at guest services (or bureau passport annual if you have an annual pass). Proof of disability can be an European Parking permit for disabled people or an European disability card. A letter from physician is also sufficient. The letter must be written in French or English, be printed on official paper or contain a stamp of the physician and can be no more than 3 months old. Whether you get an orange or a green card is completely at the discretion of the CM, there are reports of people using the same letter and on trip getting a green card, while the next trip they get orange. If you use a letter, make sure it’s noted why the disability prevents you from waiting in line and if it’s permanent. Without proof of disability, you won’t get a priority pass! Make sure your entire party is present when you apply for the card, the amount of people allowed to accompany you on the ride may depend on it. They will mark the tickets of the entire party. A maximum of 4 people are allowed to accompany you on rides and one person at the parade and shows.

More information about the specific rides can be found here:


Easy Access Card (orange):

The easy access card, for temporary disabilities work kind of like a fast pass, but for all rides. Show your card to the CM at the entrance or the disabled entrance of the ride. Here you’ll get a return time noted on your card. The return time will be the current wait time, minus 10 minutes. At your return time, you can enter the ride via the disabled entrance. You can only have one active ride on your card at any given time.

Priority Card (green):

With the priority card you’ll be given direct access to the ride. Show your card to the CM at the entrance or the disabled entrance of the ride and you’ll be allowed on the ride.


You can rent a wheelchair in both parks. They are on a first come, first served basis, but you’re allowed to take them from one park to the other. They are very basic and not very comfortable. Good enough in case of an emergency, but if you can, take your own or rent elsewhere. Mobility scooters aren’t generally used in Europe and you can’t rent them on property.

Character meets:

Organized character meets with a priority card are organized in a fast pass like kind of way. Go to the handler of the character (with the entire group of people who’ll want to meet the character!) and show the card. The CM will note your name on a list and you’ll get a piece of paper with the time you can return. Because the piece will have the number of people in the party in it, it’s important everybody it there while you make the appointment. At your return time, show your paper to the CM and after one or two families it’ll be your turn to meet the character. Be advised there are a limited amount of time slots available and they do run out! If you really want to meet a character, make sure you’re there at the start of the session.

Meet Mickey and the princess pavilion have a separate entrance and their admission will be similar to rides.

In Walt Disney Studio’s they are currently using the Lineberty app for almost all meets. The priority cards are not valid at these meets. You’ll need to make a reservation in the app like everybody else.

There is nothing in place for the roaming characters. You might get lucky and encounter a CM who will honor the priority card, but most likely you won’t.
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    Aug 16, 2019
    It's my daughter in law she has cerebral palsy , she get PIP she can provide official letters for PIP , she was awarded for 10 years so I wonder if she will qualify for the green pass .


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    Feb 5, 2012
    Cerebral palsy is permanent, and should be eligible for green. As mentioned in the conditions on the Disneyland Paris website, the letter from the doctor should be 6 months old at most. It only has to confirm the diagnosis with a signature & stamp. So no need to dig up the papers from 10 years ago. Whenever she has a check with her doctor within 6 months before arrival, I would bring it up.


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    Feb 3, 2016
    Just wanted to add the quick service restaurants and food counters will also honor the priority cards. If only WDW and DLR would do the same…


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    May 28, 2019
    Hi Wellybob,

    I just went in May with my Mom who needed a wheelchair due to all the walking and her having CHF & COPD. She is 75 years old and her birthday was the reason for the trip.

    We brought our own travel electric wheelchair and aside from having a snafu (not knowing we needed a pass to use a wheelchair as you can't get one for just having a wheelchair in the US) everything went very smoothly. She had no problem in the restaurants or stores or anything. You will be in good hands at Disney with your daughter-in-law. :rainbow:

    Have a GREAT time!
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    Aug 30, 1999
    We took mom and mother in law last year with mum's own wheelchair. All I had to do was show her blue badge to get the green card. We had direct access to every ride except POTC when you go to the cast member at the front and get a time to return. Ratatouilles was an issue because there was a party of dibbled kids in that day so there were already 6 groups of disabled guests waiting and they only filter the disabled guests in a few at a time so we were warned that the wait would be longer than the actual line.. Oh, and don't forget that areas get in free and disabled guests get a discount. We had a group of 4, 2 disabled guests + 2 carers so 4 of us got in for less than the price of 2.


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