Disneyland Hotel Suite w VIP pass or Ultimate FP?


Jul 1, 2009
Planning first trip to DLP in 2020 (summer - right before French schools out but after most UK get out). Assume it will be busy. We live 1 hr from WDW, are DVC, and been to DL as well and definitely love everything about FP ability! Not a fan of the "old school" paper way (did it in DL a few years back and made it work) but am interested in the Ultimate FP at DLP. However, see if you stay in a suite at Disneyland hotel you get a VIP pass that seems essentially like a Ultimate FP. We definitely want to stay at an on-site hotel and leaning towards Disneyland Hotel (kids would love the new Avenger one but no idea of actual opening)
  • We should arrive at DLP by noon on Thurs. Have all day Fri in parks and then leave park Sat around noon. Would it be worth getting Ultimate FP for the Thurs and Sat if only there for half days? Wanted to see if one could do the non FP rides and not be waiting hours in line for those?
  • Can we get Ultimate FP for one day of stay? Are they paper? Would be interested to see how they work. Also, am I looking at the numbers correctly that for a family of 4 for high season the UFP would be about $800 per day?!
  • Other option would be to stay in Disneyland hotel Suite and get the hotel VIP pass (seems just like Ultimate FP). Definitely cheaper than 3 days of Ultimate FP for 3 days plus hotel. If anyone has stayed in suite would love to get perspective if the "extras" there are worth it (I know it is all relative but any input is appreciated!)
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Feb 5, 2012
You basically have 1 full day, I would get it for Friday and use the other days for the shows and smaller rides.
The non FP rides rarily get lines up to an hour. I wouldn't do 3 days of Ultimate fastpass, that seems like a waste of money. Even for a once-in-a-lifetime visit, in my opinion.

Yes, you can get an Ultimate FP per day. Never used them, but as far as I understand, at Guest Hall you can exchange your confirmation for a wristband.
Yes, your pricing is correct, 150EUR p/p = 600 EUR, depending exchange rates $800 could be correct.
But would you need to be able to do the rides unlimited times? What about the 1-time FP, and use EMH and off-times to re-ride those? Is it worth it? It's 8 rides.
Keep in mind, DLP is not as condensed as the Magic King or Disneyland Anaheim, it takes a bit more time to get from one end to the other.

Check @lurkyloo's report, her visit is fairly recent and she stayed in Castle Club, but I don't remember the specifics.
As far as I know the only extras will be the distance to the park and the hotel VIP pass. Also check New Port Bay & Sequoia Lodge, their suites also include a VIP fastpass. Furthermore, you get the same perks as 'regular' concierge guests with lounge access and breakfast in a separate area with a few more options and a slightly bigger room.
Hotel New York should re-open summer 2020, but I wouldn't put my money on DLP for making their deadlines.

Oh, one more thing, please check other countries websites for better prices. The US website usually gives the most expensive offers.
Booking via another countries allowed and on this board encouraged :)
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Jul 15, 2004
Suites never have discounts on like normal rooms. Also a heads up French school holidays tend to start before the UK except Scotland who break earlier than the rest of the UK

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Feb 22, 2007
Have you looked at which rides have Fast Pass?
As already mentioned there are very few and most can be ridden during EMH which you will get 2 mornings staying onsite.
In my opinion its not worth buying the fast pass or paying for a suite to get VIP pass unless you want to ride something over and over again

Disneyland Park
Thunder Mountain - now open during EMH
Space Mountain - open during EMH
Buzz - open during EMH
Indiana Jones - rarely a queue especially as its hidden away
Peter Pan - open during EMH
Star Tours - occasionally open during EMH

Tower of Terror
Ratatouille - open during EMH and often quicker to use single rider if children old enough
Flying Carpets - rarely a queue
Rock n Roller coaster - not sure when this is due to close
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Apr 15, 2015
If you really want the Disneyland Hotel, have a look at the Castle Club rooms (if possible with park view). They're slightly cheaper than the suites, but (other than the room size) you get the same perks: access to the Castle Club lounge for breakfast, drinks all day and cakes in the afternoon; direct access to the floor from the park entrance (there's a lift that takes you straight to the Castle Club, right next tot the turnstiles), and of course the VIP fastpass which gives you unlimited rides (pretty much like the ultimate fp). The service in the CC is wonderful, and honestly, just to enjoy breakfast in the lounge overlooking the park... It's heaven.

Otherwise their suites are really nice, we once stayed in a junior suite, which was not in the Castle Club itself but in the main area, and it was really quite something. We had a big living room area, a separate bedroom, and a huge bathroom.

If you're going for the suite option know that the Newport Bay Club also has suites, but of course you loose the great advantage of being right next to the park. The price difference though may make those extra 15 minutes walk worht it... Same goes for the Sequoia Lodge.

Both the NBC and SQL have also club level rooms, but those do not include the VIP fastpass (you do get a 'hotel fastpass', which you can use just once on one ride)
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