Early risers, what's open/available?


DIS Veteran
Nov 9, 2012
You can pick up a copy of the navigator at guest services, they are usually located in a holder on the wall or on the counter.
Or just use the Navigator app. I haven't used a hardcopy one since they brought out the app. I like that it allows me to schedule and plan more than just the next day.

Does Cove Cafe have any free coffee available? Pastries in the case are included in the cruise fare, correct?
No free coffee. Good coffee, but not free. Yes, pastries and savoury snacks (usually 5-6 pm changeover from sweet snacks) are free.

So do you find the coffee on DCL that bad that you need to bring the packets?
Not anymore. When it was Nescafe (or whatever that was - certainly wasn't anything I'd characterize as coffee) it was disgusting. It's not bad now. The Nescafe was what sent me to the Cove Cafe in the first place. I still prefer it to anything else, but the regular coffee is now drinkable.


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Sep 26, 2006
Get one of the Mickey Detective Agency Game pieces earlier in the day and play in peace. Hint the art work that holds the clues are near elevators and stairwells so you won't be disturbing anyone. It would be a different way to get your exercise in if you take the stairs. There are clues on every deck.


Earning My Ears
Aug 4, 2019
Early morning is my absolute favorite time on DCL. My husband and daughter are still asleep when I sneak out of the room, get my horrible coffee from the drink station, and sit out with a book on the adult side for about an hour or so. It’s lovely watching the ocean go by while the ship is so quiet. Eventually my husband will text me that they’re up, or I’ll wander downstairs to check on them, and it’s off to breakfast and a full day of activity. Love that quiet time in the morning though.


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